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  1. If you're fully vaccinated no test is needed to enter France, just make sure you have your vaccination passport available.
  2. We have an barn attached to the house which we have re-roofed and created new door/window openings but, for tax purposes it remains a batiment agricole so we only needed a déclaration prealable and our taxes foncieres didn't increase. With the agreement of the planning office, we wrote out and signed an 'attestation sur l'honneur' saying we that if we wanted to convert the inside for living purposes we would apply for the appropriate permission. We have done some work inside, just to make it into a storage/workshop area (aka dumping ground?). Having said all that, this was done about 17 years ago so rules may have changed and IMO they are (or were) pretty laid back about rules in the Gers?
  3. Thanks for the quick reply. 2op has got a tick from me too.
  4. OK, getting clearer, thanks. As our low income means we won't pay tax, I'm still unsure whether I should tick 2OP or not bother. From what I've read contributions sociales are payable either way.
  5. Just came across this thread and interested to see the recommendation that lower income households should consider opting for box 2OP. We haven't paid tax in previous years because our income comes under the threshold but, of course, there's no escaping social contributions. Would it make any difference if we use box 2TR or 2OP, assuming we would again come under the tax threshold? We have Carte Vitales, not S1s.
  6. I've received an email confirming a dégrèvement but no official document has been issued so when I go to pay online they're still along for the original amount ??
  7. Have been to the tax office. They confirmed it was their mistake and will rectify it when everyone's back from holiday?
  8. Answered my own question thanks to parsnip's posting on the other current uk rent posting. Article 6 of Double Taxation Convention
  9. In preparation for my visit to the tax office, can someone tell me WHY social charges aren't (supposed to be) charged on UK rent? I know it has something to do with the Double Taxation treaty but we pay it on bank interest and dividends, so where does it say that rental income is any different? I remember a lot of discussion on the same subject on this and other forums some years ago, but I'll be blowed if I can find it now!
  10. bkm7, very similar to me. I'm still awaiting a proper reply to my email query. I went to the tax office - silly me, closed in the afternoons. I rang on Thursday and was asked to re-send my original email but, of course, no reply as yet. Looks like I'll have to go in perso, when they're open this time?
  11. No, nothing relevant anyway. There's a paragraph about choosing to be taxed individually, rather than household, but nothing else.
  12. All I can do is quote what it says on mine under the heading "informations concernant le prélèvement a la source en 2019" (I declared in 4be and 4bk)(see my own posting/problem): Taux personnalisé qui sera utilisé par votre organisme collecteur...pour le prélèvement à la source sur votre revenu net imposable. Taux pour le foyer 0% Does this help?
  13. Yes, that's what I did and have done in previous years.
  14. I have, and it does! I've received an acknowledgement to my email. Hoping for a favourable reply, though i would have thought everything's computer generated these days and mistakes impossible...?
  15. Thanks Debra. I'm beginning to see it more clearly. Yes the rent amount is shown in Reductions d'impot section, Montant declare column as 'Credit impot sur rev.etrangers'. What is different this year is that this isn't carried I over to the opposite page under 'Détail des revenues' so when you arrive at 'Total des prélèvements sociaux nets' the amount payable is almost double that of last year (on similar earnings). We come under the tax threshold but, of course, pay social charges on our other income.
  16. Yes, exactly that: 4BE, 4BK and 8TK.
  17. Thanks for replying Mac. I do hope that doesn't mean I've made a mistake on my declaration. I'm sure I just followed what I've done in previous years when I did receive the credit impot.
  18. Thanks Pat. I've sent off an email to tax people but, knowing there are many of us with similar type of income, I wondered whether same applied to others. I'd be interested to know whether anyone HAS received a credit impot on this year's tax statement...?
  19. Just received this year's tax assessment. I haven't received a 'credit impot revenues ètrangers' on my UK rental income this year. Any idea why not or anyone else in the same boat? Have I made a mistake or has something changed??
  20. Your 'translation' may not be totally off the mark Angie. There's a lake in our village and I'm told one can fish there without a licence because it's privately owned and fishing is allowed by the owner.
  21. In my experience frozen yeast doesn't bubble or fizz anywhere near as much as when it's fresh (hardly at all, in fact), but it still does the job.
  22. We thought 'scam' when our letter arrived about 6 months ago but after a bit of Googling and, as they weren't asking for any private details, we sent off the form. Didn't hear anything for about six weeks then noticed a reduction of 16€25 on the next bill and a similar reduction on subsequent bills. Only applies if your income comes under a certain level but it was offered/given to us automatically, not something we asked for.
  23. In answer to your first question, only mobile calls and SMS within France and DOM countries are included. See: http://boutique.orange.fr/sosh-mobile-livebox Edit: For some reason, the link doesn't take you to the page I was looking at and for the moment I can't remember how I found it, but it definitely said 2 hours of calls in France and to DOM countries.
  24. We completed our first UK tax return earlier in the year which has already been processed and tax refunded. All we filled in on the 'Residence, remittance basis' form were questions 1, 9 and 10. I think the tax adviser on the phone told me that it didn't really relate to us - more for people born outside the UK.
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