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  1. Hello, Would a fully qualified time served electrician with both construction & maintenance papers issued in British Columbia Canada find it difficult to set up as self-employed in France? It would not take me long to write the C&G exam here if it were to simplify things by having British qualifications,but would this be necessary?Alternatively,would it be better to try and get a start with an English speaking (or English owned ) shop to learn the ropes for a while.I would be interested in domestic electrics mostly.Are there Sparkies out there in France who would be so kind as to post advice? My Wife has twelve years experience as a vetinary nurse,but my occupation is our primary concern at present.My French is poor I would say,(I'm at the point where I understand what people are saying if they speak slowly,unfortunately,I understand it about 45 seconds after they've spoken!) Ha-Ha. Before anyone asks,it's not true that Canada is a bilingual country.That is just Federal Gov' crap to enable the Quebec tail to wag the Canadian dog.Anyway,thanks in advance for any and all info'sent.We love the forum,it's very informative and entertaining! Thanks John & Denise.
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