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  1. Thoughts!!! This 1 euro rubbish selling makes my blood boil!!! For many months now I (and many others I am sure) have had relentless phone calls offering this service. Yesterday for example I had 14 calls and today I have had 9 and counting. They stop about 8pm.... I have gone ex directory but still they come. I have answered calls and "politely" explained I don't want this but still they call.. Apart from ripping the phone out of the wall I really don't know what else to do. I have left the phone off the hook at certain times of the day but then missed important hospital calls. I can't win!!! If this was anywhere else it would be classed as harassment and intimidation. Real experiences. Some friends had this done. They are in rented accommodation and the owner organised it. Polish gentlemen turned up who were very polite and pleasant, but when they had gone my friend went into his sous-sol to find they had put insulation on the ceiling covering all the lights completely !!! Surely a fire hazard, if the lights were left on for any length of time!!
  2. We had the same problem a few years back. It was simply the fact that they had not spelled our surname correctly on their checking in system. Explained what was wrong to them and it was swiftly rectified, no word of apology mind!!!
  3. "the following driver ends up stopped, half a metre from my back bumper,".... That's normally the distance between cars driving at 90km. I hate to look in my rear view mirror these days as the car behind is usually so close I can see the whites of their eyes!!! Have to say this is by in large young females! (dreadful drivers who rely far too heavily on their brakes and reflexes).
  4. David - UK interest goes into box 2TR on 2042 form. Also, can I say a big thank you to all you clever people out there for your assistance with my first on-line declaration. After reading through this thread a few times I finally ironed out all the answers and niggles !!! Cheers folks...
  5. NormanH says "mention that you are titulaire...... etc. I can't find anywhere on-line to do this. I went to the tax office yesterday to ask a question about the "Tax applicable" (Field 234 on the 2047k) and the man in the tax office shrugged his shoulders and said he had no idea!!! (so much for asking the experts!!!) I also posed the question as to where I could write a message (thinking of my usual S1 note) and was told it is not possible to write any kind of message on-line. I was about to sign off on my on-line declaration, but now I think I need to go away and rethink "should I use blue form 1AS or 1AL for my private and state pensions.
  6. Many thanks for the reply. You are right, if I put 0 in there it lets me continue, but is "0" correct? It would be nice if it was!!!
  7. Filling out tax return on-line for the first time and thought I was doing quite well until.... Pink form - Interest Interest (as little as it is!!) declared in box number 233 and box 231 states "Royaume-Uni" as it comes from the UK, but I can't get past this page as on-line it asks me to fill in box 235 "Taux Applicable" Sorry but I have no idea what this should be. Any help would be much appreciated. Thank you.
  8. I think sometimes the problem is Ebay rather than Paypal, especially Buy It Now items. A lot of Ebayers will only post to the address on the PayPal registered card. So if you are using a UK card with a UK address but want your item posted to France you will come unstuck with some Ebay purchases. Well this has been my experience anyway... All this comes down to stolen cards etc.... I am told.
  9. Thank you Angela. Why use 3 words when a paragraph will do..... haha...
  10. How do I say/write in french "knock for knock" as in a small car accident. Oops!!
  11. Having received an S1 form during the 2014 tax year, do I need to send a copy with my tax return? Also is there any little box I need to tick on the 2042K form? Thank you one and all for all the valuable advice I find on this forum.
  12. Thanks everyone, 2TS it is then. It was the 8 year part that threw me, thanks for the explanation Parsnips, it makes perfect sense now, well not perfect but....!! Regards
  13. Just filling out my pink and blue tax returns. I notice that the wording has changed alongside the 2TS box on the blue form where I normally put my interest payment. Before is said "Revenus de valeurs mobilieres et distributions" but this year it says "Produits des contrats d'assurance-vie d'une duree inferieure a 8 ans et distributions". Should I still use box 2TS for interest or should it be noted elsewhere? This is just straight interest from a UK bank, not much I might add!!! Also apologies for not using accents on the french wording... Thanks.
  14. You can open an off-shore account from a French address e.g. Isle of Man. The questions is what type of account? I have opened a savings account from here, but not sure about requirements for a current account.
  15. Oh, I never thought of that one !!! They don't call you Chancer for nothing then... lol
  16. Well - I passed that one with flying colours !!!
  17. Thanks, I will download from the link kindly posted by Nectarine.
  18. Hi, After waiting for my pink form (2047K) I cannot decide whether it has been lost in the post !! or I don't need one any more. My Blue form is a 2042K (slightly different form OP). My tax return is quite simple, private pension, annuity and some UK interest. Anyone got any ideas whether I need a 2047K or not?? Thanks for your help.
  19. Up 13% and vignette blue reduced from 100% to 35%. What I don't really understand - OH is covered 100% because of cancer, but mutuelle tells me he still needs cover !
  20. I found "Paul" about 3 years ago when OH was is hospital in Bordeaux for a week and I was by my myself in the Ibis and don't particularly like Ibis restaurant food. I stumbled on Paul on my second day and have to say I really enjoyed all the food on offer, whether it was the sandwich outlets in the main shopping area or the restaurant in the shopping area at Meriadeck. Didn't realise they had outlets on the autoroute.....
  21. Without getting into watts and volts and all that stuff (That is the OH's job!!). He bought 8 of these things to replace the 8 halogens in the kitchen and all I can say is "not good". They may save electric, but the light was grey and flat, not at all like the lovely warm light you get from those little GU10's.
  22. Just thinking.... (assuming it was a large Intermarche) Plug in TV with remote control to myself and added bonus of opening any DVD's that took my fancy !! Then on to a nice big warm duvet all to myself (bliss!!) and then maybe a nice supper of cold cuts and fresh bread. Sounds good to me.
  23. Thanks BJ. I eventually found it buried on page 4 of 7 (all the other details were on page 1 !!) Sorted - Thanks again and Happy New Year
  24. Not sure whether this should be a question for "house renovations" or "french finance" !!! I have to send back a signed form to enable ERDF to complete works. With this form I also need to send 50% or 100% payment. The form says I can either send a cheque bancaire ou postal (I assume postal is what we would say was a postal order). Or I can pay on-line. So thinking, what a good idea I will pay on-line with my UK credit card, I went to the ERDF site. Got on well for the 1st couple of pages, but then on one page it asked for Raccordement No, total amount, did I want to pay 50% or 100%, my postal code and then something called payment code. I have no idea what this payment code is. I telephoned the EDF english help line to ask and they could not get into the on-line system so could not help me !!! this is the on-line page - http://www.erdfdistribution.fr/ERDF_Paiement Has anyone used this and can tell me what it is. (I think it is 4 characters long) Any help would be much appreciated.
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