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  1. Since you do not pay CMU de Base,  it is hard of not impossible to verify your statement other than a direct person to person comparison. Regarding the warplanes, did they ever see combat.   ams
  2. I think you have missed the point, let me try and explain to you. Anyone does of course include me and since I do not agree  and that fact is self evident then the use of the term is incorrect and therefore can be interpreted as I have done so. As indicated I am not bothered one way or another, just making a point. Being pedantic, does the 3% incease relate to you in the U.A.E.   What's with the war planes do you work with them. !!   ams
  3. It is a pity that you can not see what is clear to me. On the other hand you have expressed an opinion that could easily be seen as insulting and breaking the rules of the forum. "interpreted by ANYONE" would imply that I am nobody and that my opinion does not count. The use of the word anyone was unnecessary and provocative.   I am sure that you meant no offense, however I am pointing out that sometimes one should be carefull in making generalised statements. No need for further comments, and as long as SD does not respond to my posts I will not respond to his or perhaps hers.   ams
  4. Again I am forced to correct you. It is a pity that you can not read english correctly, for if you had that ability you would note that I said OUR mutuelle will pass on the increase at the next renewal. So again you are manlipulating what was said, as to why, other than arrogance, I have no idea, perhaps you will stop clutching at straws and finally admit that you were trying to be "funny " with your 4cent response and in no way being helpful to other readers that may not have been aware of the increase. With the fall in peoples income because of inflation and the steep drop in the rate of exchange many people are finding great difficulty in making ends meet, responses such as yours are no help to posters. I am sure you have the ability to understand what I am saying, but are reluctant to accept that you are wrong.   ams
  5. I took your advice and re-read the forum code of conduct.   Insulting would appear to be one of the "things" that one must not post in a message.   The definition of insulting is to behave arrogantly. May I ask you to look at the first post by SD, clearly an act of complete arrogance not only a demonstration of arrogance but factually incorrect since it trys to imply that private insurance for health will not go up by 3% as stated in my post.   I would suggest that an even handed approach should be the order of the day for a moderator.   ams
  6. What you consider as highly insulting comments I see as factual statements, the reason I deleted the comments was that you appear to be an extremely sensitive person.   It would appear that my efforts to reduce your sensetivity have failed as you seem to have adopted a cry baby approach.   ams
  7. Sometimes it is not worth trying with certain types of people.   Goodby and good luck   ams
  8. Gosh you seem to be very sensitive,    Still think on the bright side you saved 4c on your mutuelle.   By the way your mutuelle at €1,000 seems cheap for 2 and expensive for one. What coverage are you getting. Is it for 2 or 1.   ams  
  9. Bottle of wine in a supermarket, I guess about €7, so €84 means nothing to you.   ams
  10. Sorry to rain on your parade, the legislation takes effect on the 01.01.2009, so you will be paying next year.   ams
  11. Just another 3% tax introduced by the great left left left wing president of France Nico Sarco has arrived through our letter box this morning. His measures introduced on the 29.09.2008 to reduce the defecit in the assurance maladie will mean that our mutual will pass on the 3% to its clients at the next renewal.   Rather than Sarco the great womens man and socialist cutting the huge waste out of the system, he creates another 3%  tax.   ams
  12. I have no idea of the type of construction of the pool.   However the details that I have are as follows.   1. In ground pool. 2. 10x5m 3. Geothermic heating. 4. Everblue swimming pool. 5. Diatom filter system. 6. Liner 1.5cm reinforced.   I had brought the water level down to below the skimmer levels in preperation of going abroad. The pool is covered by a 2.5m abri, so it never freezes or collects leaves etc.   At present the water is brown and is nearly at the top of the skimmers. It is still raining, however the sun is expected soon and the next 5 days appear to be rain free. I will start the filtering system tomorrow (sat) and then fully clean it and restock with diatom filter powder. I guess i will bang in clorine quick to clear the water and play around with the ph etc until I restore the balance. The liner could be a huge problem if it creases or stays bloated. Had another look at the liner, it is bulging all around the pool., either water has got behind it or the water table has pushed it up or both or something else. I wonder if my insurance will cover the costs. I guess time will tell, just a matter of waiting for the rain to stop. Anyone with a huge brolly. !!!!!!!!!!!! Any advice will be appreciated.   ams
  13. Thanks for the quick response. We have checked the house and found no visible water. All of the internal pipes appear ok. Behind the boiler which is outside the house in swiming pool shed we have found some rusty coloured water. The house is 8 years old and was built by a georthermie company as a show house. No alteration have ever been made to the house.   Hopefully the problem can be resolved without taking up tiled floors. I will let you know shortly after the engineer comes next monday at 9.00am. The hot water tank is just a proposal at present, but would appear to make commercial sense.   thanks again   ams
  14. On the boiler if that is the correct word, their are two dials, one relates to the pressure in the outside pipes and the other relates to the pressure in the pipes in the house that are laid under the floor. We have no radiators. The two pressure gages are always between 1 and 2. The problem is with the gage for the pipes inside the house. The pressure gradually drops from 2 to 0.5 over a period of about 5 hours.   When we visited the installers today we told them about the problem and whilst we explained the problem we noticed that they also installed geothermic hot water systems and solar panels.   The engineer is coming on monday morning to look at the system, however we are concerned that the system may be damaged between then and now, should we turn the system off etc.   Any advice will be appreciated.   ams
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