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  1. I forgot to mention to put an advert into all your local vets as well, as people who are waiting always study the adverts posted there. The link to the FFE forum is http://www.ffe.com/cgi-bin/yabb/YaBB.pl and there is a topic 'Vends Cheval'. Good luck.
  2. On the wood eating bugs I tend to agree with BJSLIV, and I would recommend you get an expert in straight away. As for the octagonal bugs, they are Weevils in English or Punaises in French and they do stink! They are also very fond of rice. So if you store your rice in bags rather than closed containers be careful. Other than that they are harmless.
  3. Why can't they sell the horse themselves? Requests like that always make me wonder. Anyway, being constructive now, you can a) advertise the horse in the various mags like L'Eperon, Cheval, Cheval Loisir etc., and b)you can put an advert on the FFE Forum, they've got a topic for sales.
  4. I would agree with Mrs MDW that it is only worth it if you are of a particularly strong religious persuasion or if you are going for a good reason. Lourdes itself is not very pretty and it hasn't been improved by the millions of pilgrims who come along nor the various Irish pub landlords. I would say that a visit to this side of the Pyrenees is well worth it and if you come over this way tie it in with a visit to Lourdes. There are many more worthwhile things to see if you want.
  5. It's brilliant! I'm reading it at the moment.
  6. Ohmigod, I was terrible!!! Got 31%, what a shame!
  7. Actually, I think Cary has got a point. I think that there are a lot of Brits who still subscribe to the English mags rather than wading through the French equivalent. I am a 'L'Eperon' reader, as I fing the other French horsey mags just too trivial to read. I also subscribe to the REF in order to be up to date about comptetitions, but I don't know if you would be able to advertise in that as you are probably not (I'm assuming) a member centre of the FFE. Other than that I would just try to advertise in as many local newspapers or village papers as possible.
  8. How funny that I should notice this thread this morning, as I am sitting here freezing my tiny little bottom off because we have run out of oil last night!!!!! I'm currently waiting for my friendly oil delivery person to show up. The problem is that I didn't really pay attention and the oil level in our tank is extremely difficult to judge. We've now used 1500 litres in 2 months.
  9. [quote]<<Zinedine Zidane????? Give me strength, he's about as beautiful and sexy as my dishcloth!>> Where can I buy these dishcloths??? You have to tell me!![/quote] Well....I won't just give my secrets away, you know. But seriously, I just don't like the glowering, grumpy look. He's a fantastic footballer though. Also, as you can see from my preference for Michalak, I'm somewhat of a cradle snatcher!!!
  10. I've just had another look, and......Zinedine Zidane????? Give me strength, he's about as beautiful and sexy as my dishcloth! And whilst we are looking at sports personalities, where is Frederic Michalak? He's about as sexy and good looking as it gets on a pitch, and those legs.... Anyway, still grumbling about no Colin Firth,
  11. Well, I'm sorry to say that I really cannot agree with most of the choices, as half of the ones actually on the list are virtually dead! AND WHERE IS COLIN FIRTH????? No list is complete without him,, as far as I'm concerned. I like George Clooney though...
  12. Hi - has anyone got any experience of adding several new telephone lines to a property? We want to put 9 or 10 seperate lines into an apartment building we own. FT are being their usual unhelpful selves.
  13. Haven't you got an outbuilding where you could put her at night, so at least you won't hear her....
  14. Best Moment of 2004 was my 40th birthday party, when first of all, everybody, French, English and German, started singing a song they had composed about me, my family and my life here (and the fact that it was a very nice song!), and secondly when they gave me the text, with pictures in a frame, which must have been a lot of work to put together.
  15. I think you've got yourselves into a very bad situation. The fact that there is no formal agreement could actually work against you. The best advice is not to ask on this forum but go to your Mairie, explain the situation to them and see if they are prepared to help, and get legal advice as soon as possible.
  16. Hi Nicola, I've posted a reply two days ago but it seems to have disappeared. Anyway, the short answer is 'No'. However.....I've got a friend who is a McTimoney (she used to be one of the instructors at the college) and she visits me once or twice a year to treat all the 4-legged family members and some of the 2-legged as well. I have also succeeded to convince some of the local horsey-community to have their horses treated and we always have lots of people to see when she's here. Her next visit will be towards the end of March and you could always come over with your dog and have it treated, if you are not too far away from me.
  17. I don't have any problem at all with the way they learn to read here, as my eldest daughter was reading a book for herself before the end of CP and her little English friends who we saw throughout the year certainly weren't able to do that. Apart from that, to my knowledge, England is the only country that teaches with a phonetic system, and it is only a different approach, and not necessarily a better one. I also second what Sue said, that our children actually are lucky because they have the best of both worlds. Our children learn what they are taught at school and when they come home we teach them to think for themselves.
  18. What a good job that we discussed the didease on this forum not so long ago! It made you look up as soon as there was something out of the ordinary. Well done catching it that quickly. Your dog should be absolutely fine as it seems that you caught it in time. I've had a horse with the same problem earlier this year and he recovered really well. Good luck,
  19. You have to wear the yellow vest WHENEVER YOU GET OUT OF YOUR CAR ON THE ROAD OUTSIDE URBAN AREAS, i.e every motorway, countryroad etc. The vest must be in an accessible place so you can put it on before you get out of the car. You also have to have TWO TRIANGLES, NO MATTER WHERE YOUR CAR IS FROM. Here's a story from my physio: He was driving from here to Spain to do some shopping, and he was stopped on a country road just outside a town. The policman asked if he had his vest and he said:'yes'. Then the policeman asked if he had the two triangles, and he replied 'yes'. The policeman then asked him to show the triangles and my physio got out of the car to show the triangles in the boot of his car. Now, get this, he was fined because he didn't put on his yellow vest when he got out of the car in order to show the triangles! There's a story for small-mindedness!
  20. I've got the washing balls and used to use them on all my washing but I wasn't happy with the results. They didn't do an adequate job at stain removing and my whites turned gray. They also broke after a few months and when I queried this with the company they replaced them but told me that the balls are not designed to be used on 'all' your washing, but now and then only. I now use them for towels but have gone back to washing liquid (concentrate) for the rest.
  21. Yes, Quillan, you are right, all machines in France are with cold fill only. The reason is that most people still have their water heated by electricity and a washing machine heats the water up faster than their hot water tank and it uses less electricity. I've had my hot water tank changed to solar power and oil burner (supplemented in the winter), so for me it is much more economical to have a machine with a hot water intake. Consequently, I'm hoping and praying that my washing machine, which came with us from England, doesn't pack up in a hurry!
  22. Go to your nearest Darty and look at the new Whirlpool with an 8kg drum. I would compare the price of a machine here to buying a new one in the UK, because I don't like the fact that machines here in France only have a cold water inlet.
  23. If I'not very mistaken, it doesn't matter where your property is whilst you are resident in France. Your property automatically falls under the French inheritance laws if you are resident here, i.e your children will automatically get their share which makes a will useless.
  24. My dog is vaccinated against heartworm, but I live very far south. On the Frontline, I've been using it on my dog for a few years and I find that it has stopped working. He still gets fleas and I will now change to a product called Advantix, I think. It's been recommended by a friend who is a vet and she says that she's heard of a few cases where Frontline is not working anymore.
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