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  1. [quote user="Dog"]

    There are various sites that give this information - take them with a pinch of salt.

    France Telecom, Neuf and another all said I could have ADSL after paying and stting up a direct debit a month later they say 'Oh sorry'. Then you have to try and get your money back and stop the direct debit.

    There is a site that tests for all the providers - just don't take it as 100%.


    Oooh that's a worry. I was expecting to be told I couldn't have ADSL as I am quite some way from teh exchange but at the mo have been told I can. I have signed up with Teleconnect, who are messing me around so now signed up with SFR who are also now saying it will take much longer to install than I was first told.

    Why couldn't you get ADSL in the end? And what have you done instead - are you on dial up or satellite? I also need it for work so it is preying on my mind.


  2. Anyone have experience of either? I originally signed up with Teleconnect out of laziness only be be told two weeks and several phone calls later that there is some problem with their supplier so they won't be able to get my broadband up and running till the end of Feb (no one bothered to contact me about this - it was only my persistent calling which meant I found out at all). So instead I signed up for an SFR neufbox which is probably a slightly better offer but mainly as they told me it would be a maximum of 14 days. I've now been told it will be more than 28 days. I really need an internet connection for work. Any ideas which one is likely to be quickest/best? How long is normal to wait?

  3. I've just signed up for an SFR Neufbox for about 34 euros per month which includes free calls to most of Europe and some other places and no line rental. But I've just been told it is going to take more than 28 days to be up and running which was NOT what I was told on the phone....
  4. I'm looking at using either Burke Bros or Hunts. Any opinions about either please?
  5. Can anyone recommend an installer please?
  6. Stefan - have PMed you - we will also be in the Ariege!
  7. Longshot I know but can anyone recommend someone to build a pool in the Ariege?
  8. But it would still be more expensive if you have more than one computer surely? Also our area isn't coverered by 3G...

  9. ooh - I'd be interested in this too as am planning to order for same reasons.
  10. Hello - I'm moving to Ariege in July with my kids who will be 4 and 6 by then and having read this:


    am having a momentary panic about whether they are going to have a horrible time at school. Just wondered how long yours took to settle in/if you wish you had stayed in teh UK school-wide/something else?

  11. Hello - I know there are other posts on sat internet but I can't really find naything on this: does anyone know if there I would be better off getting mono-directional or bi-directional sat if Ihave to go down this route? I know the latter is more expensive but if it is more reliable/faster I'm happy to pay as I need it for work. I'm also a little unclear about the fair usage policies - I don't really know how much I need as someone who uses the internet for general browsing most of the day for work but don't download films etc (which I believe you can't do over satellite anyway?) If anyone had any experience or knowledge I'd be really grateful. Thanks!
  12. Does anyone use it? Is it any good? I think I am unlikely to get ADSL at over 5km from the exchange but need something reliable for work.
  13. Thanks. The only numbers I have are in the two nearest villages - in one ADSL is an option, in the other it isn't. Hence the uncertainty.......guess I'll jsut have to wait and see!
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