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  1. im no expert, but window shopping at the many corner cycle shops, in most villages, seem to suggest good value for money and high spec, thought the makes seem a mystery kim
  2. hi im hanging on as long as i can before cashing up, as i need to complete my purchase on 5th november. the pound is going down....... will winning the world cup on saturday with hamilton winning  in brazil, be the feel good factor i need? heres hoping kim
  3. hey now look guys, im learning.....haha ok 81,00E any better? kim
  4. hey a little advice please i have received the above document from the notaire, prior to completing on 5th nov it includes.....quote-part de taxes foncieres:  8100 euros does this sound ok? ty kim
  5. yes i agree, secondhand car salesman patter  comes to mind... i keep thinking, they want my money because they have tagets to meet. kim
  6. hi richard im about to complete on a property near st pol, 10 mins drive away kim
  7. hi a friend  has his eye on this area to buy, id be grateful for any views / feedback ty kim
  8. hi just checking if you have settled in ok? kim
  9. hi while im sure details are exchanged, ive never heard of regulations, allowing enforcement in uk, and even if there was, the uk requires you to be notified with 14days, if you arent stopped at the scene. i think you might be ok, as the dvla, have enough troubles  enforcing uk speeders kim
  10. hi thanks for advice, and yes ernie, i opened my flex last month kim
  11. hi sue im  with you..lol ill wait for you buy buy buy call hehe kim
  12. hi yes he can drive in uk, if its a dvla licence, im not sure they had an authority to take it, bristish police wouldnt seize a foreign licence, save to exhibit it in proceedings. as to whether he needs to disclose it, its not an endorsement, but depends on what the specific question is, but i suspect not. i suggest he applies for a dvla duplicate. kim
  13. I am completing on 5th November so the Notaire needs to be in funds by the end of October.  I have the funds in UK and proceeding via a Currency broker.  I am obviously being affected by the poor exchange rate, and I am being advised to commit myself at todays exchange rate as the view is it may not improve in the next month. I know its a risk  and my gut feeling is to leave it as long as I can, for an improvement. Any views are appreciated. KIM
  14. i did the same as neally, worked for me, who the manager and i struggled to communicate, tho boy did she laugh when i mentioned free banking kim
  15. Hi Im looking/about to buy a holiday/bolt hole in Northern France. Im the proud owner of a Morris Traveller and hope to use in abroad. Being over 20yrs old Im having trouble getting road assistance cover, certainly with the AA, any ideas? Secondy I was there yesterday, in a Lille rented hire car, and what with the steering wheel on the wrong side, driving on the wrong side and reading a map, I missed the speed camera and was flashed.  Is there film in the French ones or are they digital and if so, will I be persued? Finally, I need to travel from UK fairly regulary and see criticism of the Tunnels frequent traveller deals.   Any other advice that could point me to any deals better than about £55 each time I go? Many thanks KIM
  16. sorry if this has been flogged to death but im about to commit to a holiday home. i clearly need a french bank account and i assume its best from reading threads herer and elsewhere to go to a local high street branch local to your house with the required documentation. my question is in this age or mergers etc, is there no uk bank which enables a seemless transfer of funds with its french partner? ty kim
  17. hi well ive found a house, sorted the finance, what do i do next? is there any guidance as to whether the price is a good one or is it rule of thumb? it looks like a buyers market as to the number of properties on the market? do i make a much reduced offer? i should have asked when i visited how furnished or otherwise will it be? can anyone assist as to the average ultimate cost on top of the purchase price? sorry too many questions kim
  18. hi thanks for you great advice sc, the house i found is great, better than when i live in the uk, im reassured by your comments..thanks i think ill go again next week and if i like the surrounding area, ill put in an offer kim
  19. yes i agree, but looking for a happy medium. ty kim
  20. By way of an update I travelled down to Hastin today, met the agent and visited the property, came back to Calais, ate, bought some beer and cheese and got the shuttle home.  a 200 mile round trip. A great day out, the property was fab and hey theres an Audi dealership down the road... On the downside Hestin, the nearest village down the road, 15 mins away, had an unpleasant smell about it..  a combination of muck spreading and a sugar beet factory apparantly... Funny I thought that the other interested buyers in the estate agents were english too.. The property is great, the area is average, not a lot to do, though I havent explored Arras to the East and Amiens to the South. I think a cooling off period is needed, is it all worth it as a holiday retreat/let sorry for the ramblings. kim
  21. oh well im going over to Hesdin to look at a property 3pm monday, so we will see kim
  22. cheers very helpful info kim
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