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  1. i just wondered which radio band wave etc is best, sky apart. im in 62 and get a fairly good reception on AM and listen to 5live in the car. for the house i believe a need a 2 band DAB, although technology is ever changing? grateful for any advice. kim
  2. i completed in november, can anyone advise how long the paperwork might take for me to get mine? ty kim
  3. peter i will be interested to see how you get on, im in the same boat, but im going to buy a godin, and hopefully someones coming to have a look. it seems that most in the road didnt have chimneys but have built one one rather than a metal flue kim
  4. hi ive inhetited an electric oven which is passed its sell by date. i was going to clean it, but i think its best left. can anyone please advise as to whether if better to buy locally, (62), or bring from the uk, and in the case of the latter would it be compatible? ty kim
  5. i would suggest you set a budget and then look at whats in that range. go into the shop and feel them and then go to the net, look at a dedicated site such as jessops or 7dayshop.com and research futher. theres not much to choose, panasonic is a maket leader in the mid range, and looks trendy or for a dslr canon or nikon. ignore digital zoom, check whats the latest media card to use and look for the costs of those cards as you will either not be supplied with a memory card or it will be of small capacity. remember its unlikely to come with a case.. i have a sony which is easy to use hope it helps kim
  6. i couldnt log on for much of yesterday from uk kim
  7. yes ty i think theres one in lille. id like to order in uk and deliver in france... im sure thats a step too far kim
  8. yes, im looking for some my morris traveller, as the light unit is sealed im surprised there isnt a yellow version... oh well stick ons it is then kim
  9. well im with CA (without the Britline), having just opened the account. i was unimpressed having driven from the uk specifically on a Saturday to pick up my cheque book and card to be told they hadnt ordered the book, even though various emails had indicated it was ready for collection.  I needed it for the Monday when the Bank wasnt open, so I had a wasted weekend. Kim
  10. Hi The house I have just bought has a shutter with a broken cranking handle. The shutter is in the down position, and looks like the handle has broken off at the top in the moveable joint, looking like the bit in the housing needs replacing as well. Can you advise me please as to the correct terminology and where abouts a replacement part is obtainable from Many Thanks KIM Pas De Calais
  11. hi thanks signed up today with no major hiccups, save for the aged notaire needing to check again, having 1st thought the money hadnt arrived.... as for the house, looks fine, missing the loo paper holders......the soad dish holders and the odd light fitting. she left the kitchen...phew how i just need furniture cheers kim
  12. cheers all on the 7am shuttle, and the immobilier is meeting me there 1/2 hour before meeting the notaire kim
  13. hi thanks im going with the immobilier ty for info kim
  14. Hi Im going over to sign on the dotted line on Monday, and trying to ensure everything is ready. My only concern is that I havent had an inventory.  My French is poor and the seller doesnt speak english.  When we had a chat via an interpreter, wasnt very productive, and when she said she was leaving the fitted kitchen , but taking a favourite light fitting, we didnt progress a lot further. The house is unfurnished, so im unsure whether she will want me to pay for something at the signing, or everything is going? Ive mailed the immobilier, without success, (he will sort it out) and the Notaire(without reply) Any thoughts are appreciated or am I worrying about nothing? KIM
  15. well. im over to sign and take possession on monday, with my immobilier interpreting. im told the signing will take an hour.....probably explaining which bit i have to sign ...stupid anglaise lol kim
  16. seen thorntons at channel tunnel and in lille kim
  17. theyd better be i have one kim
  18. im no expert, but window shopping at the many corner cycle shops, in most villages, seem to suggest good value for money and high spec, thought the makes seem a mystery kim
  19. hi im hanging on as long as i can before cashing up, as i need to complete my purchase on 5th november. the pound is going down....... will winning the world cup on saturday with hamilton winning  in brazil, be the feel good factor i need? heres hoping kim
  20. hey now look guys, im learning.....haha ok 81,00E any better? kim
  21. hey a little advice please i have received the above document from the notaire, prior to completing on 5th nov it includes.....quote-part de taxes foncieres:  8100 euros does this sound ok? ty kim
  22. yes i agree, secondhand car salesman patter  comes to mind... i keep thinking, they want my money because they have tagets to meet. kim
  23. hi just checking if you have settled in ok? kim
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