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  1. How market forces dictate prices. I need to go to France on saturday, to take some furniture etc over. The Tunnel seems to be a no go at the moment for a day tripper and in any event delays are uncertain. P&O quote £126 for a day trip and Sea France £160+. ( Usually £50-60). I telephone to be told space on the ferry was at a premium......ouch... i think i will wait   kim
  2. well i thik i will give up the tunnel until its up and running properly...   god i hope that sea is calm   kim
  3. hi im sure each case turns on its particular facts, and may include verbal or written agreements. in your case i suggest your words..we accept your offer... would be sufficient but depending on what the wording of the offer is?   in a case where and offer is made and a cheque enlcosed, i suggest that cashing the cheque is accepting the offer.   however, i specialise in criminal law...ha   kim  
  4. hi i need to travel on 12th october and was told not to book. they are apparantly reviewing their position on a weekly basis and i was told to leave it as late as possible before booking. i was then advised by them to go by ferry....   kim
  5. hi   eurostar and freight recommenced today on a limited basis no cars until backlogged started   kim
  6. Eurotunnel chairman Jacque Gounon - who earlier said they hoped to return to half capacity during Friday - said the north tunnel, where the fire took place, would be closed for several weeks. The BBC's Europe editor, Mark Mardell, said Mr Gounon would not speculate on the cause of the fire, saying only that nothing had been ruled out or in. He added an investigation could only begin once the affected area had cooled down enough to enable the removal of the train. France's transport minister Dominique Bussereau told French radio station Europe-1 the cause appeared to be "something accidental".   kim
  7. i was there yesterday, turned up to get the shuttle back to uk to find the booths closed.... we sat in a queue for an hour before being given a ticket for p & o, and 40 mins later we were boarding.... very impressed. kim   ps as at 7.08 am  the fire isnt out... not be surprised is the tunnel isnt shut for weeks....
  8. hi most cam/video mags in the uk have loads of companies advertising their conversion services     kim
  9. sorry just a quick query....   Having returned from the states with some unused bucks, which is the best method to convert them to euros? 1. convert them to £ and then to Euros. 2. take them to france and convert them there. 3.give them to my mate who is going to the states and get them converted to euros there.   thanks for any advice   ty kim
  10. hi   i have the same nuvi. and ive found it to be great. yes ive gone down a tractor tack in france once, but i knew i was on the wrong road and should have diverted. however, the advantages are great, and its got me on the right track more often than not, in france, holland and belgium. and hey. i just updated my maps kim    
  11. i hope this isnt a sign of things to come..low cost airlines, cutting too many corners as the credit crunch crunches     kim
  12. hi   i live in east sussex and do exactly what you are suggesting, but have bought in dept 62 and dont to move to france permanently.   sorry i dont know about the law there, but a shuttered house seems very secure and id have more concerns about my uk property than vice versa...ha   hope that helps, pm me by all means   kim
  13. kimg

    weed killer

    i use a blow torch type thingy. zaps the weeds and great fun     kim
  14. yes welcome home...   i suspect your knowledge of french road traffic accident procedures has been enhanced...ha you both get well soon   kim
  15. hi yes you are right, i just got my little refund, ha   kim
  16. yes i agree, turn right at calais, and amble down the coast, st valery is a must.   kim
  17. hi tescos is in city of europe and sainsburys at auchan. i think they only sell alcohol   kim
  18. hi   yes it depends on the value of the camera. whats wrong with it? not much goes wrong, battery apart.   kim  
  19. i agree and i always think if im ever going to be wiped out it will be on that road from dover to the motorway, if  an artic doesnt get me on the round a bouts   kim
  20. Im furnishing a maison seconde slowly in Dept 62. Living otherwise on the South coast of UK, I bought locally and the firm delivered for free to France.  It was just before xmas and he combined it with a booze cruise...He has said if I spend £1000 again he would do the same.  It was new, solid oak and I couldnt find the like in France The beds and the 3 piece suite I bought locally in France.  They were delivered and assembled for free, and although 1/3 more expensive than the Uk, I dont have access to a van etc, so I thought it was money well spent.   Hope it helps   KIM
  21. Turning up early for my shuttle back to the UK, I thought Id stock up at the terminal, only to be ushered onto the next shuttle.Everyone was being directed straight to customs, regardless of their letter, and werent being allowed to stop. I can only think they were experiancing a lull, with a sking surge rapidly approaching? kim
  22. Hi I bought this for £22 on ebay amstrad drx550 I havent had it fitted yet, but its recommended for places with bad receptions. Also read the reviews, I think they come under different brand names Hope it helps KIM
  23. I bought an Amstad on ebay, ereryone is upgrading to HD so they are going cheap. Hope it helps KIM
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