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  1. thanks very helpful i wouldnt get a rebate as its a maison seconde ty kim
  2. i want to install a woodburner using a flue or such like as theres no chimney. im in dept 62. do i need a builder to install or if i go to a woorburner sales outlet is there an all inclusive service? ty for any advice kim
  3. honda h100a fell off it twice with no one else involved and at lol speed. decided it was time to learn to drive a car ha kim
  4. hi cheers i live in the uk and i check the my french post regularly. i think i was forgotten, ill chase it up ty   kim
  5. Hi I bought my house in december 2007. I have since received and paid one tax, but no sign of the above.  Do i leave it on the basis it will catch up sooner or later, or should i chase it up, and if so to whom? im in dept 62 ty kim
  6. This is really cool...   SOME FILM MAKER HAD A GREAT TIME TRAVELING THE WORLD MAKING THIS. I HOPE YOU ENJOY IT AS MUCH AS I DID. http://nl.youtube.com/watch?v=Us-TVg40ExM  
  7. thank you, most helpful   note to self:  search the whole forum before posting anything next time     kim
  8. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/england/bradford/7810480.stm
  9. david most good quality paper scanners have a facility to scan negatives and slides.   i have an epson perfection 4870 photo, which is now  2 years + old and that has such a facility.   most also have software which repairs and improves that oriiginal image, especially if its faded with time.   kim
  10. BBC reportthis evening Tuesday, Breaking News, 2 prospective buyers pulled out, firm to be closed down.   RIP KIM
  11. id put a dehumidifier in, dry it out and then see whether it re appears?   kim
  12. well i set myself a budget, picked an area, in my case,within easy driving distance of calais for weekend stays. i then googled the area and came up with an immobilier and studied his site. i then came over for a couple of day trips and bought the 1st house id looked at, having found it on line. easy money for the estate agent huh   kim
  13. i feel that harry rednapp needs to enter government in the same way mandy did....then this slump would be sorted and we  would be back in europe...........     kim
  14. i agree i didnt find it absolutely hilarious  i found it totally absolutely hilarious.     kim
  15. phew wtg i think glock did better ha   kim
  16. im sure there will be no cheap fares until the tunnel is back to normal   kim
  17. its unusual, probably a combination of people who dont like sailing, on rougher seas, booze cruisers prior to christmas and the reduced tunnel services until february?     kim
  18. Can anyone suggest the best way to keep the chill off an empty house. I have owned my  Dept 62 home for a yesr and have noticed a couple of damp patches appearing.  It is left locked up for a maximum of a month at the time though i try to give it a good airing when im there and leave the inner doors open when i am away. It is suggested i use a couple of small caravan heaters on a timer. Any suggestions would be appreciated.   kim    
  19. phew i thought the site got credit crunched   kim
  20. A fire-damaged freight train has been driven out of the French end of the Channel Tunnel at a walking pace. Several destroyed lorries and vans were on board, but the second half of the train with more trucks on board is still to be removed by Eurotunnel. In all, 27 vehicles were destroyed and several drivers needed treatment for smoke inhalation following the blaze on 11 September. Eurotunnel says it will be some months before services return to normal. A spokesman for the operator of the Channel Tunnel said it would not take as long to repair and fully reopen the tunnel as it did after a fire in 1996. Five of the six sections of the tunnel damaged by the fire in the north tunnel have now reopened and rail traffic is increasing. It is not yet known what caused the fire, but French officials say the blaze was near a lorry carrying chemicals. Thirty-two people on a lorry shuttle service were led to safety after the fire. Fourteen were treated for minor injuries, including smoke inhalation.
  21. An entire French airport had to be evacuated when a British woman tried to board an aircraft with a bomb in her hand luggage.
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