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    oh got it i thought that was the same as yellow pages
  2. kimg


    huh? sorry not up to speed on the lingo kim
  3. kimg


    hi can anyone recommend a tree surgeon in dept 62 or in and around hesdin. ive tried yellow pages without success ty kim
  4. hi im loong for a builder to install a wood burner (no chimney) in the hesdin/st pol area. ty kim
  5. this thread has quite depressed me, im off for a beer kim
  6. im off to twickers tomorrow, at £70 a ticket it better be a good game kim
  7. im with wendy, i got it for all the same reasons.... though damn i threw my silver bag away im going to france tomorrow , so i will see if it works...... kim
  8. mines down the drive, they cant be reading it, grrrrrr im not living there kim
  9. i use a weed killer come blow torch which seems quite good kim
  10. hi im neally there, could someone just help me with two things: 1/ do i send the direct debit mandate to the bank or sanef 2/i cant see the address of sanef on the form thanks kim
  11. i cant get a rebate i livin uk with a m/seconde ty kim
  12. [quote user="woolybanana"]Scan Anderson 10. Cook on top, yes. If it is for a residence principale then you get about €1000 back on tax if you have the model with full pierre ollaire. 79% rendement.[/quote] thanks looks good if i buy in uk, no im not living in france full time, anyone know if compatible with french fixings etc? kim
  13. sorry to thrash this topic around again, but im in the process of installing a woodburner. im looking for something with a flue/pipe at the top rather than the back, 9-10kw, preferably with a side and front loading. it needs to be attractive as it will be freestanding without a fireplace. id appreciate any recommendations...i rather like the look of a DEVILLE IRIS, but cannot find any right ups thanks kim
  14. pity you arent in 62 i need 2 trees cut down kim
  15. its called...a letter before action, i doubt an insurance company will take anu notice of it good luck tho kim
  16. i was at the match today as a guest but i have a pair of tickets for eng v france for £140, the pair, lets hope the quality will be better kim
  17. i bow to your superior knowledge, it looked better to me kim
  18. i have a panasonic vhs/dvd/hd combo a great piece of kit but costly it will do the job and apparantly enhance the vhs quality as it converts it to digital kim
  19. ive bought a bungalow so i need it to compliment the electric heating in the lounge kim
  20. thanks so many things to remember kim
  21. thats settled now i need an installer ha kim
  22. very helpful dog they look great kim
  23. yes thats what im looking for kim
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