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  1. pardon me for asking a silly question..... the limit for a car to board with the cars are 1.85m the car im looking at is 1.8610 (according to the spec) i know that at the uk end theres a wooden arm that swings out to measure. in the meantime (and eurotunnel are unhelpful) is there any leeway to be had do do i just join the chelsea tractors? ty kim
  2. if you come back to th uk, most diy shops have one for about £40 complete kim
  3. oh well 7dayshop.com from 1 sussex resident to another
  4. http://friends-of-jake.blogspot.com/2009/04/playing-for-peace.html
  5. i am also amazed who many good deals you can get in the uk on line. for example i have just bought a ryobi log splitter in the uk, on line, by googling the product name. I found it, with free delivery for about £100 cheaper than in the shops, in either country and £100 cheaper than many other places on line. An of course the one in France came without a mains lead...grrrr Have members looked at a Guernsey site, where i get a lot of electronic bibs and bobs from, which are clearly expensive en france kim
  6. to use a uk fridge in france, would a plug change be in order or simply use an adaptor? ty kim
  7. nothing asked of me today, although french border control were in their booth in uk today and asked for my passport and on the way back, the french subjected me to an explosives and drugs swab kim
  8. isnt the purpose of the questions to see if the answers given are consistant with answers they already know? im going on the tunnel tomorrow ill report back kim
  9. hi i was recommended an ex pat who came and examined the work i needed to be done.....namely the removal of 2 fairly high poplars (sic) near the house. i was told i needed a tree climber not a tree surgeon. i had tried contacting the pas de calais tree surgeons in yellow pages, but without reply in the end i transported 2 east sussex tree fellers out who dis the job and welcomed a days work and a bbq if you want the details of  the ex pats, but properly reqisered, email me kim
  10. cant go wrong with a dell, bought mine on ebay, new kim
  11. ive just tried to book a eurotunnel day trip and thought id use up a frequent traveller ticket as they are in need being used. am i doing someting wroong, as it cost out more expensive than an ordinary day return? kim
  12. id use a british builder any day and would take and have taken the risk. ive found french builders , workers, and suppliers generally to be absolutely hopeless though having said that recent experiance of an english  builder working in dept 62 indicates he was/is worse than useless. maybe its just me, but being close to uk, i wouldnt hesitate it taking someone out from the uk kim
  13. well good luck, theres certainly a need in france i had no luck getting the locals to show any interest an ex pat told be i needed a tree climber not a tree surgeon in the end i took two guys from the uk kim
  14. hi sorry cant help, save to say that i took mine out from the uk on monday, he charged me £300 for the day, i drove him and his mate and the took down two 50 odd foot poplars, tree climbed and stacked the logs up. you may need a tree climber to take the tree down in sections hope that assists kim
  15. thanks hopefully its being done next week its been a bad experiance trying to find someone i suspect i will bring someone from uk next time kim
  16. lol ill take that as a no thanks then kim
  17. I have an Epson Scanner, with a back light and im in the process of scanning old negatives where the pics have long since been lost.  i have owned a dedicated negative scanner but would recomment a flat bed scanner, keeping dust specs off the negatives is always a problem, although i use a attached programme called digital ice which helps clean them up. if i were you id take them into a shop and they might put them onto cd, or email me as i dont mind scanning them putting them on a cd and mailing them back at postage cost kim
  18. agreed, anything with a honda engine lasts for years kim
  19. hi if i were you id fill up in the uk at say ashford off the m20 20 minutes before the tunnel. the exchange rate means theres not a great difference these days otherwise most people fill at the petrol station immediatele you exit the tunnel kim
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