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  1. "

    Aujourd’hui un propriétaire ne peut plus dire “ce n’est pas de ma

    faute”. On est passé du DPE informatif au DPE juridiquement opposable.

    Un vendeur ou un bailleur est désormais responsable solidairement avec le diagnostiqueur du diagnostic réalisé et on peut agir contre les deux” explique Maître Corinne Frappin, avocate en droit immobilier à Paris."

    I do not see how a vendor can be legally responsible for an error in the diagnostique, unless it is due to the owner's having knowingly provided false information about the construction and hidden insulation of the building, whatever Mrs Frappin says.

  2. [quote user="Ian"]  ...................... @nomoss: Ecoparcel won't quote me for anything outside the EC. ........................................[/quote]

    By the EC do you mean the EU?

    You said you wanted to ship to Sweden, which is in the EU, and I have used them to ship to family in both Denmark and Sweden.

    EDIT: I didn't notice you said to the US as well.[:$]

  3. [quote user="David"]
    Thank you everybody, especially nomoss who has given some very comprehensive and helpful advice.  I am trying to absorb this, it is good to know that the department is on the ground floor, and I presume they have a loo there.  So the main difficulty seems to be parking.  I am trying to follow nomoss' advice on Google street view.

    Many thanks indeed.

    I have found that Street View in that area is not "joined up", so when you get to some junctions it doesn't allow you to take all the possible routes.
    I just exit Street View and dive back in on the street I want to see.

    Incidentally, if you turn L into the parking area which I recommended, just before the last set of traffic lights at the N end of Jean Jaurés, and almost opposite a petrol station on the R, you can then turn R into a bit of parking area with a 2-way centre strip.
    This is very often almost empty, as there is no other entrance, and it's still not too far from the Prefecture. You can turn round in it and go back out again if necessary.
    The street down to Jean Bringer is not quite as steep as further back.

    I'm not yet in a wheelchair, but have difficulty walking, so I'm always investigating the best parking places and routes on Google Earth.
    I very often print off a section of the aerial view to navigate by.

  4. You have the correct address, the Prefecture is at the N end of the street.
    It is a narrow one-way street. There are some parking places near the Prefecture, but I've rarely seen any vacant.
    The entrance and the section you need are at street level - there are a couple of low steps on the way in, but there is usually a guard outside or just inside the door who I'm sure will help you.
    There is large dedicated parking (paid for) area on the W side of the main road, Blvd Jean Jaurés, which is one way, S to N, and part of the one-way system around the city centre. Parking is usually available at all times. I'm afraid I've never noticed any blue badge places, but I'm sure there are some.

    There is another large parking area on the N side of Blvd Barbes/Cdt Roumens, which is part of the one-way system on the S side of the city centre, but it's a fair way from the Prefecture.

    If you search for "prefecture of aude, carcassonne" on Google Earth you will see its location and the nearby street layout. If you the go to Street View, this will give an idea of the route to negotiate - the small streets from the parking area to Jean Bringer are downhill and a bit steep.
    The area within and outside the one-way system are both a maze of one-way narrow streets, so if you don't know Carcassone, best get onto the one-way system and follow it round until you reach Jean Jaurés. Once you get onto it, get into the LH lane so you can turn L into one of the parking entrances, preferably the last one, just before the traffic lights at the N end.

    The parking area centre strip is one-way N to S, so if you go in at the furthest N entrance, you can check out the whole area for a free place and turn back onto Jean Jaurés to try again if necessary.

    EDIT: I've just remembered there is a large underground parking below Gambetta Square at the S end of Jean Jaurés, which you drive around on the one-way system.  I've never used it, but it's also a longish way from the Prefecture.
    We´ve been here since 1999, but usually only go into the centre of Carcassone for the Prefecture, and always park where I suggested above.

  5. [quote user="chessie"]
    Nah, nah, nah, nah -  


    Does not matter where the TRUTH comes from does it -..
    You can have all the links you like - but there is the truth.
    But because it is in the Guardian you will take it as gospel then ?

    Now - what are your views about this decision by the wonderful eu ?
    You happy about it ?

    It is there, it is the truth - if it makes you uncomfortable then be honest.....



    First prize for a flippant, non-informative reply [:D]

    BTW, I don't give a monkey's whether it's in the Guardian or the Red Flag.

  6. [quote user="anotherbanana"]It works so well in Spain that they have to have political prisoners to enforce it. And the Basques waged long and bitter campaign to get a degree autonomy.[/quote]

    Spain at least will never cut loose from the golden goose as long as it keeps providing for those in charge.

    Hiking in the mountains we came across a brand new road, turning off from a remote country lane, and bearing a large notice announcing how much EU funding had been used to aid in its construction. It led to a dead end in the middle of nowhere.

    Oh - there was a huge country house and estate there [;-)]

  7. [quote user="NormanH"]
    I have dual nationality
    While I am on French soil I am considered as 'French'

    un Français binational ou plurinational ne peut pas faire prévaloir sa

    ou ses autres nationalités lorsqu'il réside en France.

    So I voted in a French election as a French national on the issues I have 
    posted images of.


    That seems too complicated for some to grasp [:D]

  8. [quote user="Lehaut"]I found my QR code without a problem, not so with my wife. Happened to open our Ameli account to investigate the problem again and found, next to my name a red exclamation mark and this paragraph opposite.

    "Vos droits à l'Assurance Maladie vont prendre fin prochainement. Merci de fournir avant 10 jours vos justificatifs pour continuer à être remboursé. Veuillez contacter votre caisse d'Assurance Maladie."

    I have not received an email informing me of this situation. If I had not checked our account I would not have seen this. My S1 has been registered with them and the system works fine. No such remark is associated with my wife's account, even though she gets her "rights" through me.

    I emailed them last week for an explanation, they have forwarded it onto another department. it might be worth looking at your own Amelie account in case this is a widespread problem. Hopefully its just a Lore Atlantic glitch.[/quote]

    Thanks for the heads-up, Lehaut.
    I just checked both our Ameli accounts, and there doesn't seem to be any problem. (Touches wood)

    In fact, our second application for CSS has just been approved.

    Maybe it's just a case of whether or not there has been any positive activity by the person covered?

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