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  1. My son would like to train as a traditional

    plasterer and is looking for a maitre to take him on.  He is keen to learn and a grafter and we can

    provide references to that effect.  He

    will be 17 in

    September. He is fluent in English and French. 

    We are based just south of Maricac (32). 

    He would spend one week a month at the Chambre de Metiers in Auch. 

    Please let us know if you know anybody who

    might be in a position to help – French or English.


    Christian 0562 08 26 10

  2. Where can I found out about possible help with private school fees?

    We have twin sons who are at a private school because of Epilepsy.  The Médecin Scolaire said that they couldn’t go to our local college.  The fees are not much, but they are stretching us something rotten.  



  3. I have just set up a forum on the internet for makers and owners of swimming ponds to share information and swap ideas.  It’s divided into a making and maintenance sections. It’s really intended for self builders, but I am sure one or two pros will contribute.

    The address is:  www.swimpondcentre.com/phpBB3/

    I hope that it is OK to post this here, the forum is not a business, it's just a place to swap expertise.


  4. Hi

    I would like to set up a forum.  Does anybody have any sugggestions on the simplest and cheapest way to do this?  I have reasonable amount of IT experience, but almost not database experience.


  5. I have searched high and low for Boules de Napthalene.  I have tried several hardware stores, Gammes Vert, Super Markets, but all I can find are the modern equivalents that don't smell.  Does anybody know anywhere that they are sold?.............as close to Marciac as possible.


  6. Does anybody know of a good fuine deterrent?  I think that I heard somewhere that there is a preparation available from chemists.  It's something like they can't stand the smell.  Anyway does anybody know what it is and whether it works?



  7. We can't get broadband in our commune.  A company called Alsatis has just offered a 2GB wifi alternative, bundled with a telephone deal.  It all seems very reasonable, but has anybody had any experience with Alsatis and does it do what it says on the side of the box?



  8. I have been registered as Proffessionale

    Liberale for the past 5 years; I pay full cotisations and am registered for TVA.

     However my work is beginning to dry up,

    so I need to make plans. 

    I would like to set up a business in which

    I can continue to do what I am doing now (furniture and product design), but

    supplement it with other things.  i.e. 

    • Cabinet Making
    • Building
    • Gardening
    • Export

    I hope to earn in excess of the limits set

    for a micro-enterprise, so I am thinking of setting up either a SARL or an EURL.

     I have visited the APCE website, but I

    still have some questions.

    1. What is the simplest way to set up?
    2. Apart from the initial administration costs, is it any more expensive

      or tax inefficient than being a Proffessionale Liberale?
    3. Does anybody know the advantages/disadvantages of SARL/EURL’s? 
    4. Do I set up as SARL/EURL and register it as doing as many

      different activities as I can think of?
    5. I know that different departments treat this is slightly different

      ways, does anybody know about the Gers in particular.

     Many thanks,


  9. I have an old JCB digger that I will want to sell in a few months.  Does anybody know the best place (apart from Le 32) to find adverts for these?  I want to start looking at other adverts now to get an idea of the value of the digger before I advertise it myself.


  10. We have had a mobile on SFR for 2 years now and the telephone is now getting a bit tired.  Does anybody know how you go about getting your phone upgraded?........or don't they offer such a thing in France?

  11. If a UK resident, who owns a house ‘En Tontine’ in France, dies leaving debts to a UK bank and to the

    Inland Revenue, are the bank and the Inland Revenue entitled to claim against

    the property?  Or is the surviving

    partner in the ‘En Tontine’ quite

    safe from any claims?



  12. We are trying to get a digger down from Wales to the

    Gers.  Can anybody recommend a haulage company?  It would be best for us if we could get a part

    load on a truck coming down anyway.


  13. VOIPbuster now charge for calls to UK landlines. No warning, they just started charging. There is a link to VOIPcheap on the VOIPbuster website and the pages of the 2 sites are very similar. Peculiar
  14. We use Patrice Reigler and have done for 3 years. He speaks English and when we had a claim, dealt with it efficiently..... and he's a jolly person to deal with! I can't remember where his office is, but we do everything over the internet or via telephone, so his geopgraphical location is irrelevant.


    0243 052 182
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