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  1. Thank you Martin 963 for your clarification. I have now bought a Humax box (from Amazon France; Amazon Uk won't deliver to France)
  2. However the manual for the Cahors TVS8100 claims that it has 7 day EPG!

  3. OK - I checked previous messages. Presumably the Humax box records but you can't do catch up for things you haven't recorded.
  4. Sorry What is Crabtree catch up? Our internet is very unreliable so we can't use that. I presume the Humax box uses satellite?
  5. Thank you for your replies. Yes we are in the South of France and we do have a large dish, but we had no problems with our Sky box before - apart from the usual loss of connection which I understand everyone had. I'm wondering if he hasn't set it up right bit it it good to get feedback from the forum before I go back to him.
  6. Our local retailer has just installed for us a Cahors box which we were told would record English channels. We can only see the programme that is on and the one following it – so no 7 day TV guide as specified in the manual. Our retailer told us it was the fault of the satellite provider that we could not get the 7 day guide

    Previously we had a Sky box but were paying £45 per month for not a lot of features, although we could record on it. The main reason for getting this one was to set up recordings as we did on the Sky box.

    I would be grateful for any comments.

  7. Recent article in the Times suggests Marseillan may be the new St Tropez (as it was in the 1950s)


  8. Why do people come to the Languedoc? We get most of our bookings from people who have been coming to France for several years and are looking for a new area to visit. So I would recommend  national / international web sites - not for me to say which one, although we use Chez Nous and find them very good. We did try http://www.aweekor2inlanguedoc.com/ when they had an offer for free advertising, and got one booking, but decided not to continue with them when the free period ended.

  9. I have now received a cheque - from a school in Cardiff, who of course know nothing of it. OK I was a fool to have gone this far, but while I was well aware of all these scams I didn't know they operated in the property rental area. And do all your clients have good English? Mine usually do but I wouldn't be surprised if they didn't.

    Perphaps there are some other people in this forum who are not aware of these scams. This may be useful for them.
  10. I pointed out that there were only 30 days in November. That doesn't make it a scam (multiple !!!)

  11. I've received an enquiry from the restezenfrance web site for a booking for the whole of November. The wording is similar to that in other scams reported in this forum. The enquirer lives in Canada. I've been waiting for his cheque for 2 weeks but am now pretty certain it's s scam.

    see below

    Am sorry that i could not get back to you on time i have a little

    problem with my mail,confirming the rental i will be sending the rental

    payment to you so to confirm our booking for the date and the time that

    we intends to stay,I don't quite understand more about the air port i

    will like to know how far is the nearest air port to the property?,how

    long its will take us when we will be arriving into the City that the

    property is located,I will be in need of a Cadillac Car American car

    when we arrived for rent or say hire for maybe 1 month and few weeks.i

    hope ill be able to get car hire within the area which the property is

    located for our daily movement so that we can really enjoy our self's

    staying in your property, Booked dates will be.

    Checking in date will be Nov 01 09.

    Checking Out will be Nov 31th 09.


    thing is OK by me and i must confess to you tha t am really pleased

    staying in your property i hope we enjoy having a nice time in your

    property, i want know more about the monthly bills of the the property

    utilities etc.


    cost will be 2400Pounds, In my first mail i inform you about the Pc

    that ill be using when we arrived in the property,and at the present

    time i have booked for(2 brand new pc) so that every thing will be OK.

    and more also to enjoy our stay, its been long time that i have booked

    the (Pc personal computers)from the person charge and its cost

    4000Pounds with the delivery and i have decided that i will be sending

    the payment along with the rental cost which will be 6400Pounds. the

    payment will be sent to you by a French check and its will be cleared

    in your bank in few days and when its been credited to your account you

    can have the rest sent to the seller of the Pc,we are coming on a

    Holiday trip we got got married some couple of months ago and my wife

    is 7 weeks pregn ant and we intends to stay for long 1 month we will be

    going to Germany Spain Chez Neltherland Swizerland we are 2 i cant say

    we are 3 until the baby has been delivered.



    booking confirmation my full name is Mr Kean Campbell 42 years old my

    wife is Mary Campbell 39 years old and my wife home address in Canada

    8412 96th Avenue Surrey BC V4N 3P8 Canada.

    Payment Option Euro Bank Cheque/United State Cashiers Check, hope its O.K?

    Name that will be on the French Cheque*******

    Address of the receiver*******

    Full Address*******

    Cell Phone Number**********

    Home Phone Number*******

    Office Phone Number***********

    Property Address Needed*******



    Procedure i ought to have use my credit card but i don't know how its

    works in Europe but i will prefer to make the payment sent to you Euro

    Bank Cheque that will be O.K i mean cleared in your account in few days

    ,you might want to know more better about the Pc contact the person in

    charge [email protected] maybe further to the delivery

    instructions ,Let me have the booking form or you can send the booking

    form by email attachment.What is your full name so as to issue the Bank

    Cheque and your home Address to send it to and also fax number and

    phone numbers.I will also appreciare if you can call me on our British

    Mobile phone +447011163986.+447035921974


    Mr Kean Campbell & Rosemary.

  12. I personally prefer French chocolate to English, but it’s strange

    what the British get nostalgic for (these are for some expat friends). I will give it a try anyway.

  13. Does anyone have any ideas as to whether this would be permissible? I'm flying from Bristol Airport and am not sure if I'd be able to buy them after security clearance there.

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