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  1. We have a friend who's daughter works for a vet and she said that Prac-Tic was new and supposed to be better than Frontline; sounds as though it will do the trick. We going to try Advantix first as we had ordered it before we heard about Prac-Tic but it seems as though theres a fair sellection including the collar, although that doesn't sound too bad as a first choice. 

    The emergency week-end call out for the vet could make your wallet gasp, they can do a fair impression of a wounded bull where charging is concerned without any excuses. Ours charged £7.50 + vat for a signature on a prescription form, which is illegle. We checked to see if he stocked Advantix, but he didn't and couldn't get it in small quantities so we ordered on line but they required a prescription. He got around it by calling it a 'Medicine Decision Fee' on the invoice, even though there was no consultation. The treatment is non toxic and does not conflict with any drugs and the receipt was attached to the prescription form, which was already filled out, showing that it was bought and paid for.

    We have been with the practice for five years and always paid on the nail, even when the charges were, to say the least, enthusiastic. Like when the Luke was bitten on the back by another dog, five minutes in the sergery, an injection and a course of antibiotics....£110!!

    Strictly speaking he can get probably away with charging an MDF even though there is no justification, but we may drop a line to the RCVS to see if it brings any results. Fortunately we have not yet done the Pet Passports so, needless to say he should enjoy his £7.50 as he will not get the opportunity to enjoy any more of our money.

  2. Our Labrador Luke was allergic to Frontline when we tried it on him a few years ago and, as we are planning to move to the promised land shortly, we have been reading up on pet related items (among other things) and come on the problem everyone seems to be having with the ticks.

    Has anyone else had a similar problem with Frontline and if so how did they get around it? Is the French version of Frontline the same as the English? What are the alternatives and how good are they in comparison? Our Collie Ben seems ok with potion but will his thick undercoat be more of a problem to the ticks or us, that is, should we give him a short back and sides to make it easier to find the little blighters??  

    Alternatively we could stay in the UK and see if we could find a shepherds hut in the Highlands to renovate thats near our price range.

    Any advice, facts or opinions would be greatfully received.

    PS. Ayone heard of Prac-Tic by Novartis, is it as good as Frontline???

    Adrian & Penny

  3. If you can do a scan with Norton using your mouse, it sounds as though it is your keyboard that's causing the problem, but as the others have said....best do a virus check. PC-Pro tested AntiVirus programs in this months issue....Norton scored 68% the highest score was Kaspersky with 98%; Norton was ranked 11th out of 13. Click on this link to get to the Kaspersky site and then select free scan, they will tell you if you have a virus but you will have go for a free trial to remove them. http://kaspersky.com.

    Good luck!

  4. Having just read your post I noticed this and thought that it may be of some interest, it comes from the 'Help' section of the Car Mechanic magazine. The writer does not say which engine, ie 2.0 or 2.2 but it is diesel and I would have thought that the peripheral dangly bits would be the same.

    He says that he bought a three-year-old Pug 807 with 123k miles on the clock and among other things has the engine management light coming on with a display reading 'Antipollution Fault'.

    Car Mechanics say:

    "..........as you may be aware, there are regulations restricting the emissions from vehicle exhausts, and over the next few years, these restrictions are going to be even more strict, especially regarding the particles (particulates) being emitted by diesel engines.

    Under present technology, the most effective way of removing these particles is by use of a filter. But this in itself creates a problem in that eventually the filter needs to be cleaned or replaced. Citron/Peugeot (PSA) have developed a comprehensive filter cleaning, or as they put it, regeneration system.

    On the vehicle this involves heating the exhaust gasses up to around 450-500 degrees centegrade as they enter the filter, so as one of the hottest parts of the exhaust system is the catalytic converter, the logical place to put the filter is at the back end of this component. However, even there it will not be hot enough, so an additive (Eolys Fluid) is used to increase the tempretature. This built in and electronically controlled additive system injects a proportionate quantity of Eolys Fluid every time the fuel tank is topped up. This regeneration process takes place every 300 miles or so, is automatic and takes two to three minutes.

    The filter stays effective throught the life of the vehicle. Cleaning by water under pressure should be carried out every 80,000 km at dealerships to dispose of any remaining deposites. At the same time the Eloys Fluid will also be topped up......." They go on to diagnose the readers problems.

    One question that does spring to mind, they say that the system '....injects a proportionate quantity of fluid every time the tanks is topped up....' so if you are in the habit of chucking twenty quid in at a time, does it add a dash of dollop or wait for the full monty? 

    Anyway, even though I own my own scewdriver and hammer, I'm no expert but it does sound to me that, with regular (and correct) servicing, these parts should not have required replacing.       

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