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  1. Thanks for that. Have tried the cut and paste option offred by Anton. What is "Thunderbird"? Is it an option to type directly into an e-mail? Is it down-loadable?
  2. I know you can use symbols or special software to write a document in French in WORD on a qwerty keyboard. Anyone know how to write an e-mail in French using gravs,acutes etc.?
  3. Is there any exemption after reaching a certain age for owners of a holiday home or will the tax always be due for both elements i.e. house and television?
  4. Madeira Jon - symbols are fine in a WORD document - but you can't access them for an e-mail. This was my problem. Have now added the Avistoft software and it works fine on my WINDOWS XP operating system.
  5. When I write a word document I can use "symbols" to obtain French characters with accents such as acute, circumflex - but I don;t know how to invoke "symbols" when writing an e-mail with my qwerty keyboard. Can anyone offer any info regarding writing e-mails on a U.K. keyboard?  
  6. Why don't you contact the DVLA? Unlike France, this is a "pne-stop shop". As a start to contact them, do you still have the Btitish registration number?
  7. For the men: this is the link re prostate cancer - news.bbc.co.uk/2/health/5132546.stm
  8. Thanks for that, Clair. I've had a look in pages jaunes and now found a few to try not too far from our French base.
  9. I haven't noticed any health food shops during previous visits to the Elne/Argeles area. Without naming business names can anyone confirm that they exist in this area?
  10. For the men out there - it is also deemed to be very benefitial in preventing and slowing prostate cancer. There are several threads on this if you google "pomegranite juice"+"prostate cancer". Will try the health food shops when we come out. Thank you for that.
  11. My husband swears by Pomegranite juice. We're coming over to Argeles area again in a few weeks time. Do we have to bring some out in a hold bag or can it  be bought locally?
  12. There is a theory that drinking pomegranate juice regularly is good as a preventative against prostate cancer - but can it be bought anywhere near Argeles?
  13. Le Grand Bazaar in Elne has now sadly closed. I bought some very useful things there including some cosy "couverture polaire". Any ideas where I can buy this brand now?
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