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  1. thanks for the positive feedback, have friends near carcassonne but sorry, will be moving to brittany, better for soft english horses, you are right about not getting good coffee in france. we noticed that most of the market stallholders seemed to find a local hotel if one available to get their coffee . also  dont want a cafe/bar as we are hopeing to slow down a bit, dont want to make a fortune ,just enough to get by, also thought  it would be a good way to integrate into community. thought maybe selling coffee near to university might work, french youngsters are great fun and always willing to try new things. anyway im sure that sarkosy is going to make it easier for people to start a new business venture.    hear lots of bad things about beurocrasy but im sure thats the same everywhere, hey we are going to give it a go anyway, better to fail trying, isnt that what they say
  2. okay ron ,no not a wind up , but i think you will find that finding out about something starts at the beginning by asking questions, actuallydo not need the income to survive as this would be extra income , still thanks for the input, if anyone has any practical help, I would be very grateful
  3. i wonder if it is possible to live in france but register business in england, wanting to set up mobile coffee van in france, regulations seem very complicated, so i wonder if it is easier to do it as an english business?
  4. am moving to france to set up mobile coffeee van,  does anyone know of regulations concerning licence, trading , where allowed to trade etc. do not seem to be able to find info anywhere on web, cheers
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