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  1. [quote user="Lori"]
    Sadly, this comes as no surprise to me.  We see gatherings where we live too; unmasked, no distancing.  So far, not into the thousands yet. [/quote]

    THIS article goes some way to summarizing a certain Napoleon wannabe and mentions what Lori has been stating all along. 

  2. My first experience of purchasing from the UK since Brexit trade deal.

    I'm in the process of building a '68 Fender Telecaster 'replica' guitar from scratch. This model was my first ever 'new' professional axe.

    It has always been my intension to make this build as authentic as feasible and to that end, apart from parts I already possess, I have sourced original Fender bits wherever possible.

    I'm now fast approaching the paint spray prep, paint spray colour and satin finish, and although I am able to source nitrocellulose guitar paint here in France it is only a 'shade of' and not the Butterscotch Blonde original color I need.

    On Sunday last I placed an order with a UK company for the required products, which  because they were being shipped to the EU, would not attract UK vat.  This afternoon I was mailed by FedEx, the carrier, with the charges I was required to pay.

    Import/tax charges - €13
    Administration - €18

    Also, included in my order was a pair of locking strap buttons.

    Total cost if purchased in France -  €76 incl delivery and vat

    Actual cost purchased from UK  - €87 incl delivery, Fr vat/duty and FedEx admin.

    Pre Brexit the UK order would have been €87 - €31 + UK vat (€11.20) = €67.20.

    The delivery is scheduled for tomorrow and I will be receiving authentic products which is what I wanted.

  3. Following trials in the USA and Chile, AZ vaccine has shown to be almost 80% effective in protection of contracting covid-19 and 100% effective for keeping you out of ICU should you be unfortunate enough to contract it.

    That's good enough for me. However, history has shown Macaroon, Sperkle and Fon der Lyin' will do their damnedest to pick the bones out of the results. After all their seeming desire to further increase the death rates, up, far outweighs any findings' science may produce.

    Update: two weeks on from our 1st AV jab, I have suffered no discernable symptoms or discomfort whereas my wife was considerably under par for 3 or 4 days and on the Monday she developed what is now known as 'covid arm'.  The redness and soreness lasted about 5 to 6 days, but there are still signs of the solid swelling in her upper arm. However, this condition appears to be diminishing daily.

    Hope that helps.

  4. It's irrelevant that the EU has recorded 577,310 deaths, so far, because the important issue here is that collectively they've successfully achieved 'sticking one up' AstraZeneca and its life-saving vaccine which should assist in increasing the death rate for the region.

    So a 'chapeau' is seemingly in order for Macaroon, Sparkel and Ursula fond er lyin'.

  5. Surprise, surprise. The EMA clear AZ vaccine, the one they never condemned in the first place, for immediate use and have basically told the EU, particularly the rogue states to basically 'get their fingers out' and return to vaccinating its citizens instead of letting them die.

    I suppose we will, no doubt, be witnessing dismissals of senior medical advisors to at least 17 country's governments.

    Ha. Don't make me laugh.

  6. Given there are, on average, 30,000 annual deaths due to road vehicles in the EU, can we now look forward to European governments to halt all driving whilst data is compiled and scrutinized as to why these figures are what they are, based on a population of 750 million.

    Let's not lose sight here that since the beginning of the pandemic 2.6 million people globally have been reported dead as a result of covid-19.  How many are likely to die from blood clotting disorders which may or may not be attributed to covid vaccination with AZ. How many are likely to die through lack of access to a covid vaccination? Is Pfizer, Moderna, Sputnik or Johnson & Johnson risk-free?

    Meanwhile, because of the appalling Eurocratic errors in the vaccination programme rollout, deaths and the threats of further lockdowns continue to rise. I certainly am more than satisfied that my immune system is building up a resistance against covid reaction, if caught, following my AZ vaccination last week.

    Make your own minds up.

  7. Ultimately anyone with a fully functional frontal lobe will realise that the only 'clots' for concern are the endless supply of protagonists who's only aim in life it would appear is to 'diss' AZ.

  8. 23 people died, following the Pfizer jab during January, in Norway. 10 people died following the Pfizer jab during January, in Germany.  I have yet to read of the Norwegians or the Germans introducing a temporary halt to that brand of vaccine.

    The contraceptive pill and flying can both be a cause of blood clots within the body. As far as I am aware people are still participating in sex and flying, quite possibly in reduced quantities at the moment due to the pandemic.

    Norway aside, it strikes me the EU countries are just continuing their political bias against Brexit and the success of the UK rollout of their vaccination programme.

    One must also query what happens to all those who have received the first jab of AZ  (self included) and are awaiting the second one?  Will we just be thrown under the bus?

  9. A combination of:-

    A slight rise in inflation prompting a possibility of a rise in interest rates.

    A rapid rollout of covid-19 vaccinations meaning lockdown will be lifted sooner rather than later with a resultant boost to the economy by releasing £100 billion of UK savings amassed due to covid.

    Chancellor's budget more positive with support and investment than the markets were expecting.

    Up and until today the $ has been rising and the £ has been trailing this rise.

  10. [quote user="Graham and Brenda"]I have been on there daily looking for an appointment but every centre de vaccination in Charente says none are available[/quote]

    Whilst taking our 15min recoup session following our jabs last Sunday we were in conversation with a guy sitting opposite to us and it transpired that he was not a resident in our department but had seen rdv's available in the department on Friday evening and had successfully booked one.

    His wife did not have an rdv as she didn't feel she could legitimately press the 'Accept' button to confirm her eligibility. However, the admin staff suggested she should hang-about outside in case of a no show.

    Perhaps you would be advised to spread your wings?

  11. [quote user="chessie"] 

    He could easily go and live with his single sister back in the UK - she'd love to have him !!!!!!


    If this is the answer to your sanity then when travel restrictions relax both of you take a break and drive to the UK to his sister's and take only clothes/things yourself that you can do without.

    Ensure you retain both passports in your possession and when you feel it will be an opportune moment announce that you are just nipping out to the shops/ post office or gas station etc. Jump in your car, head to your port of departure from the UK and once on the ferry telephone the sister and wish her well and tell her to look after him as you could be awhile.

  12. [quote user="Lori"]
    Congratulations Cajal ! 

    Will you please come back to let us know what, if any, side effects you have?

    Thank you.


    Firstly, I must say, of all the injections I have had over the years and there have been many, the one I received yesterday was the most comfortable I have ever experienced. I felt absolutely nothing during the whole procedure.

    Well, any side effects for myself I would say are negligible. I took a paracetamol last night, about 10pm for the hell of it, as that is what is recommended if there are reactions. Ironically, my sleep pattern was severely disrupted, now whether that was due to the paracetamol or side effects I guess I'll never know, although I do feel slightly lethargic today.

    However, unfortunately, my wife has suffered some adverse reactions. Just before bedtime last night she was overcome with a bout of shivering coupled with chest pains. She said it was not cold shivers but seemed more neurological, and she suffered a worse night than myself, and today she feels pretty grim. I managed to persuade her to take a paracetamol earlier and right now she is resting.

    Hope that helps

  13. I used THIS

    outfit  in 2016 with no problems.  I just posted my glasses to them with the

    prescription, and they were returned reglazed.  If you are using a

    French optholmo request them to measure your pupil distance and have it

    included on the prescription as it is not always standard practice here

    in France.
  14. [quote user="mint"]

    Cajal, can you please explain how you can arrange a RV for May for the jab.[/quote]

    Ok, this is the chain of events of how I or should I say my wife snagged me the May and June rdv's.

    For the purposes of the explanation I would add that I underwent a triple heart bypass 7 years ago and I am not yet 75.

    At the beginning of February I called the doctor for a repeat prescription appointment and whilst talking with the receptionist I asked if I was eligible for a vaccination in view of the bypass. She said to ask the doctor for an 'ordonnance' and to call this telephone number if he issued one.  The telephone number was not a 08 or 09 but a geographical local number.

    At the appointment on the 11th I asked the doctor if I would be eligible for the vaccination, he said yes, and printed off a pre filled 'ameli ordonnance' titled "Eligibilité à la vaccination contre la Covid-19"  containing all my details.

    That afternoon my wife informed me that she had called the geographical telephone number and had got straight through to a person who allocates appointments for the Pfizer vaccine and she explained the situation to her. Following the obligatory sharp intake of breath she allocated me the 1st at the end of May and the 2nd in the middle of June, on the afternoon of my birthday.

    My wife informed me of this success whilst I was 25 foot up a ladder finishing off a spring clean of the inside of the gutters. Needless to say my response to the good news was somewhat muted until I had both feet firmly back on the ground.

    Hope that helps and good luck. The reversal of the AZ vaccine decision could help your efforts. I would take it if offered.


  15. Boy, am I glad that I am not and have never been fat. My weight is pretty well much the same as it was when I was 25.

    Having nailed a 1st rdv for May to receive a Pfizer jab I will be on a roll of success, fortunately, not a roll of fat.

    Read all about it HERE

  16. Well, well, well.  What goes around comes around.

    It would appear that the 'British variant' of the virus is about to bite Macron and Merkel on their asses as it continues to accelerate and spread across France and Germany.

    They should have gone to Specsavers then perhaps they would have been able to read the Scotish data on the safety and success of the AZ vaccine.

    It would seem Austria has read the report as they have decided to reverse the decision to not offer AZ to over 65's and will do so from now on.

    Full report HERE (Guardian lovers will need to swallow their pride.)

  17. [quote user="EuroTrash"]On the last point, yes it did escape my notice - what changed with FoM in 1992? [/quote]

    FoM, in 1992, now included 'goods and services'.  That then enabled agents to book bands, consisting of musicians and crew of European origin, throughout the EU on a nod and a wink and a signature on a contract.

  18. [quote user="EuroTrash"]


    They couldn't just go there and play gigs now.

    Just as the Beatles or any other non German resident were unable to do so in 1960 without the the correct visa and carnet.

    It might have escaped your notice but the EU freedom of movement did not evolve until 1992.

  19. [quote user="EuroTrash"]

    One example: young British musicians and artistes who are facing the prospect not being able to perform anywhere outside the UK and Ireland without a lot of hassle and expense. Touring and meeting other young musicians and other audiences is so important to their development.[/quote]

    The hastle and expense of having to travel to Hamburg to perform didn't appear to hold the Beatles careers back too much.

  20. [quote user="Ken"]Perhaps you could help me? I have contacted FF and asked how I can find the list of threads (discussions) on the site. They (it) hasn't replied!!

    I'm new to this and I have found various discussions but it is a very haphazard way of mowing around. I feel sure that must be some sort of list (threads) but finding it!

    I would appreciate it if you can help.

    THIS link will take you to an index of the full list of forum catagories and their topics/threads which you will be able to trawl thru'.

  21. [quote user="mint"]
    I live in a village of less than 500 and for both local and national elections, the turn-out is between 95 and 98%!  That hardly points to a lack of interest does it?[/quote]

    I don't believe there is a correlation between someone, every few years, placing a cross on a ballot paper and also necessarily having an interest in politics.

    Just out of interest, how many of the 95% - 98% voting French residents of your village can name a French politician apart from the president?

  22. [quote user="Mr Huge"]Here in 34 we've had no post all week, although there is a Significant Birthday coming up and there should be lots of cards. Is this just us, or is it a general problem?


    Maybe This will go some way to answering your query?

  23. [quote user="alittlebitfrench"]

    Global warming perhaps ?

    You could not pay me enough to live South of the Loire.

    It has been a 'tad' cold this year but wait to the summer.

    Can't go out...and all that. You can go out in the cold.

    Take your pick. I know I what I would pick.

    Global warming will economically save the UK in 10 years time.

    Our abode faces southwest. At the height of summer the thermometer regularly breaches

    50°C although, granted, it is in direct sun on a wall. Heat has never halted me from going about my everyday life.

    In '78, between tours, colIeagues and I hiked 330 miles from Vegas to Mammoth Lakes via Death Valley and in '86 I repeated the hike with my wife.

    In '82 after a tour I went on a three week organised trek across the Sahara through Egypt, Libya, Algeria and Morocco.

    At no time did I stop and think 'wtf am I doing?'.

  24. [quote user="anotherbanana"]People, my dear Cajal, people.[/quote]

    That would go some way to explaining it, with me not being a people sort'a person.

    Strange, when I checked this thread the first time it addressed you by your original name and avatar coupled with an icon as opposed to the term Moderator. I thought "Ah, he's rescued his original details". Apparently not it would now seem. As I said - strange?

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