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  1. [quote user="Théière"]The fact and it is a well documented fact that  the same calorific value from different foods has a different effect on the body and something that is exploited by food companies to keep you grazing on snacks etc that you have no idea why you keep craving. [/quote]

    Classic oxymoron.

    If you refrain from those extras in the first place, the cravings should cease to exist.

    It doesn't require a degree in quantum physics to realise that what you don't shovel into your face you won't need to offload one way or the other.

    And remember, it's irrelevant whether you eat a two-hundred-dollar

    lunch or a two-dollar hot dog, toilet-wise, the results are the same.

  2. [quote user="Daft Doctor"] My request to have an address to which I could write a letter of complaint and try to reclaim the money I am continuing to overpay was ignored. [/quote]

    The address you require is within the section:

    'Déposer une réclamation Sosh ?'

    M Stephane RICHARD is the president of Orange.

  3. We both had our 2nd AZ jab appointments last Monday morning. Unlike our first visit, this time it was mobbed out with people queueing and our time slots of 10.30/36, both went out of the window to be replaced on a first come, first served basis. However, the seating and queuing arrangements did not reflect the new system, so it became a requirement to eyeball and recollect who was already there and who followed us into the reception area, but it all seemed to work ok and in a civilized manner.

    As we were receiving the AZ vaccine, Pfizer was also on offer, the receptionist clearly wrote '2nd fois AZ'  at the top of our paperwork and highlighted it a with yellow marker pen. Unfortunately, the nurse administering the jab had obviously not read this and as she was about to jab me, I asked her "AstraZeneca"? She replied "No, Pfizer".  There will be no prizes for guessing whose sleeve came down quicker than a hooker's draws. (am I allowed to say that?) She did maintain that she had asked me, but as she had her back to me whilst loading the syringe and was also wearing the required mask, we will never know. The AZ injector nurse then took over and that was that.

    The irony was that it confirmed and reinforced my reluctance to initially reject Pfizer as the more precautions required with any procedure can also result in more human error mistakes.

    As a footnote I would draw your attention to bear in mind the well known 'Sergeant Phil Esterhaus caution when receiving your jabs.
  4. Thread Drift

    [quote user="mint"]
    Yes, I too would like to have a few people round eating outdoors.  Both our parasols have somehow got broken during storage.  We haven't been able to buy new ones locally on account of sales of "non-essentials" not being allowed.[/quote]

    Along with Google, Lidl is also your friend.  May 13th HEREClick on the picture to enlarge and use the mouse to manoeuvre around the images

    Middle aisle stuff, in Lidl, doesn't appear to come under the auspices of 'essential goods' apparently.

    I bought one of these a couple of years ago.  Excellent quality although the cover material faded quite rapidly because of the intense sun it is subjected to down here.  I lopped one of the feet off and made some pole brackets to enable me to bolt it to a wall as its location doesn't require moving.

  5. If you have access to another vehicle or mode of transport, or you have a helpful friend, try getting hold of some of THIS or an equivalent brand - no guarantees, but could be worth a punt.

  6. [quote user="EuroTrash"]I really wish someone would explain to

    me how they can say with confidence that Norway has totally stopped

    using AZ for valid health concerns, the UK's special friend across the

    Atlantic did not approve it for genuine health concerns, Germany and

    numerous other countries have limited its use for valid health concerns,

    even the UK has slightly limited its use for health concerns,


    As far as I

    am aware the main concern to health, through receiving an AZ vaccination

    is the possibility of a reaction that could cause a blood clot with low platelets to manifest itself and

    therefore the receipt of an AZ jab is now generally being restricted to

    55-year-olds and above.

    The incidence rate of

    this occurrence would seem to be somewhere in the region of 1:250000.

    However, the incidence rate of a similar occurrence for a woman who is

    using the contraceptive pill is somewhere in the region of 1:1000

    annually. Wow, how many saw that coming?


    expect we will soon be hearing announcements on recommendations to the use of the contraceptive pill, including that Norway will be issuing a total ban for all

    age groups and with the others placing restrictions of its use to

    55-year-old women and above.  Oh? Hang on a minute.........
  7. [quote user="Gardengirl "]There definitely seem to be big differences of opinion or crossed wires, cajal.

    My husband and I are both under the care of our local hospital’s cardiac care unit here in the UK and both had our second OAZ vaccinations on 27th March. Didn’t even have sore arms to show for the jabs, either.

    You state that you received your jabs in the UK, so assuming you are British, you will no doubt be fully aware of The British Heart Foundation.  I found their site while googling some info re covid/heart issues.

    THIS is a page from their on-line magazine faq section, updated 26th April, which is very informative for people with heart conditions and their concerns/questions in this situation.

    I found an interesting stat under the:

    "Is it safe, and how effective is it? Is the coronavirus vaccine safe"? question.

    Millions of people have now had the vaccine and the number of serious

    allergic reactions have been very rare – fewer than 1 in 50,000 people

    in the case of the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine, and fewer than 1 in 100,000

    in the case of the Oxford/AstraZeneca vaccine.

    Based on the above stats, it would seem, according to the BHF, there are twice as many incidence of issues for those receiving a Pfizer jab than for those receiving the AZ jab.

    Someone, somewhere, must be operating a very successful cover-up job given the adverse publicity afforded to the AZ product.

  8. Well, the system would have been in receipt of two extra AZ 2nd doses if we were to heed our mt's instructions.

    My wife was diagnosed with an 'anomalie cardiaque' earlier this year and is on medication for the issue.  Since last October we have been under a young 30 something suppléant mt from the hospital in Nice as the regular mt has been on maternity leave.  He was fully aware that my wife and I had received a 1st AZ jab back in March and that the follow-up would be given in early May and that he was also not aware there would be any problems for us. The last time I saw him back in March, he was thoroughly p*ssed off with the system as neither he nor his wife were yet eligible for a jab and with the nature of their profession, they both felt rather vulnerable. (France eh?)

    Today, my wife visited the regular mt, who has now returned from maternity leave, for a 3 month follow-up prescription for the above.  When it became clear, to the mt, that my wife was about to receive her 2nd AZ jab (May 9th)  she pretty well went ape-sh*t saying because she has a heart condition she should immediately cancel the AZ jab, wait 3 months and then have Pfizer as the 2nd jab. Once she was over the onslaught, she enquired after my situation, having undergone a triple by-pass seven years ago.  The mt's response was that I should do the same and cancel my 2nd AZ jab.

    From the surgery to the pharmacy is a two-minute walk, so before coming over to the car to reveal this bombshell she went to collect her medication.  While in the pharmacy she mentioned the mt's instructions to the pharmacist who was horrified that this had even been suggested by the mt to her.  The pharmacist, 30 something, like the suppléant mt, was also p*ssed off as, unlike the suppléant, she had already received her 1st AZ jab and had subsequently been informed that because of her age she would not be receiving a 2nd AZ jab. (France eh.)

    When my wife returned to the car and relayed this saga to me I just guffawed and said "Cancel the 2nd AZ jab? Yeah right, I should cocoa."

    As posted on another thread, I had cancelled two Pfizer 1st and 2nd appointments when I found I was able to snag an AZ jab.  The reason being because this is a procedure which is  handled by the French authorities and ultimately by the European Commission, and I was aware that following production of the Pfizer Bion-tec vaccine it must be kept, stored and transported at a constant -70°C (-94°F) and in view of the administrators, who were overseeing this required procedure, it was a no brainer for me to cancel Pfizer and take AZ.

    At 10.30  on the 9th of May I will be at the vacs centre, sleeve rolled up ready to receive a 2nd dose of AZ and at 10.36 my wife will be adopting a similar stance. Now I know why they are referred to as "quacks".

    doh! edited to add - to those temperatures.

  9. [quote user="Lori"]
    It is looking like we have found the next roof over our head.  Should be confirmed within the next 48 hours.[/quote]
    The best of luck to you both. A good decision to return home to the South, you won't regret it.

    [quote user="Lori"]I presume cheques for the amount of a car are not accepted, though I have no idea.[/quote]
    Although two years ago, it wasn't a problem for my wife.  She refuses to buy new in view of the depreciation the minute you exit the car lot.  She traded in her existing model along with a cheque for €26,000 for her 12-month-old acquisition and no explanations were required. I can only speak for this particular dealership.

    [quote user="Lori"]So, can anyone offer us any tips for buying a used car?[/quote]
    I am not aware of your take on dealing with car sales folk, but in my wife's case it required a firm and assertive attitude to deflect the hustle they adopted in attempting to steer her into taking out one of these rent/own deals.  This is where you basically rent the vehicle at a predetermined (extortional) rate for three years and at the end of the period there are three options open to you.

    1. Start the three-year cycle over with a new vehicle and contract.
    2. Purchase the vehicle (now second hand) at a prearranged, at the commencement of the contract, extortionate price.
    3. Hand the vehicle back and walk away heavily out of pocket.
    Apparently it is a sales technique, imported from Britain, and the French love it. It has had the advantage of shifting all the wrecks, that one time cluttered french highways, as 'new' is now more accessible. If you can afford it, avoid this like the plague.

    Good luck.

  10. cajal

    Hearing aid

    They say "what goes around, comes around".  On May 3rd, the aid I referred to above, is back at Lidl and still only €19.99  HERE

    I imagine not everyone has cash to splash on health aids and this would afford someone in need of hearing assistance an opportunity to test the effectiveness of an aid at a realistic price before contemplating lining the pockets of high street sharks.

    If I ever became in need of the use of an aid I would certainly give the Lidl offering a trial run to enable me to initially test run my requirements before allowing myself to be ultimately ripped off by these shysters.

  11. [quote user="mint"]I don't want to pay over 20 euros for weights.


    2 rolls of THIS and you'll only be 14 cents over budget with 4 mts extra to play with.

  12. THIS seems to be reasonably priced for 3.5mts. I have no idea if 20g will be heavy enough.

  13. cajal

    Prince Philip

    [quote user="Ken"]Perhaps you should follow the regulations that apply in the U.K. and save yourself from making asinine remarks.[/quote]

    Thanks for the suggestion, but not being a resident of the UK, I think I'll pass.

    I had to google asinine being the dimwit I am. However, I believe my remarks are no more fatuous than your very own.

    [quote user="Ken"]The rule governing funerals is different to many rules regarding gatherings and is limited to 30 people.[/quote]

    There you go. Why would I need to follow the UK regulations when there are obliging posters like you who are willing to give their time in explaining the regs to me.

    [quote user="Ken"]I can assure you that it isn't some ' ordinary Joe' making the rules but ultimately the Prime Minister.[/quote]

    I never for one minute assumed it was a mere 'ordinary Joe' doing the prime ministers bidding for him. If you stopped for a second and absorbed my comments you would, perhaps, have worked out that I was referring to myself as a viewer of global tv transmission of UK family funeral. 

    [quote user="Ken"]I would have thought that most obvious!

    As for regarding something that resembled a serene family funeral perhaps you should have watched something more than just clips. I doubt any normal family funeral would have had soldiers from many British regiments attending as guards of honour plus the military bands. Perhaps your family funerals do, I wouldn't know!

    The British 'do' ceremony very well, possibly better than any country and should it have been a 'full' ceremonial funeral for such a well respected man as the Prince then it certainly would not have been a circus.

    I thought the highlights I watched of the event were serene and tastefully done for a grieving family following the death of one of the heads of that family.

    You are obviously very swept up in the British way of pomp and ceremony, as is your right to be, and I would agree that they always make a sterling job of it. However, funerals are very different events to weddings even though the same families can be a part of both. 

    Your statement that  "should it have been a 'full' ceremonial funeral for such a well

    respected man as the Prince then it certainly would not have been a

    . I can't see the media of today missing an opportunity to transform a state event of this nature into a circus about personalities rather than the end of a family era for a much loved and respected man.

    The full ceremonial thing, in my opinion, would be far better performed and more appropriate at a memorial service rather than at a family funeral.

  14. cajal

    Prince Philip

    Thanks for the replies.

    I haven't really followed the regs regarding the  UK un-lockdown, so I didn't realise there was an inside and outside procedure.

    That being the case, THIS is the nearest supermarket to Windsor Castle.  I imagine it would have had within the premises, on average well in excess of 30 customers, possibly wearing masks and perhaps social distancing at any one time during the course of the day in the week leading up to the funeral, down the road, on Saturday and also up to the present time.

    Who actually proposes these rules and regulations?

    From an ordinary Joe's perspective of the clips I viewed it appeared to be a more serene ceremony and fitting for a family funeral rather than the circus it would inevitably have been had the usual global 'dignitaries' been in attendance.

  15. cajal

    Prince Philip

    Perhaps some kind soul would be willing enough to help me out here?

    I watched some highlights and some segments on the news, however my quandary is that QE2, the head of state of the UK and NI and the world's longest serving living monarch was permitted to accommodate 30 mask wearing socially distanced guests to be able to attend the  funeral of her late husband and yet a few miles down the road, the pedestrian and traffic free roads of Soho in London were wall to wall with hundreds, if not thousands of non-mask wearing non-socially distanced revellers, whooping it up like there was no tomorrow.

    What am I missing here?

  16. An extract from Wednesday's Washington Post. HERE

    Norwegian officials were the first to report people dying after being

    inoculated, saying in mid-January that 33 people age 75 and older had

    died a short time after receiving the Covid vaccine developed by Pfizer

    Inc. and BioNTech SE.
    After a review, a committee of the World Health

    Organization said that the fatalities were “in line with the expected,

    all-cause mortality rates and causes of death in the sub-population of

    frail, elderly individuals.” The committee concluded that the

    risk-benefit balance of the vaccine “remains favorable in the elderly.”

    The U.K.’s Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency reported

    that, through March 21, there were 283 deaths shortly after injections

    with the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine,
    421 after the AstraZeneca shot and

    nine where the brand was unspecified. The deaths were mainly in elderly

    people or those with underlying illness, and there’s no suggestion the

    vaccines played a role, it said. However, that report preceded the

    agency’s April analysis of blood clots after vaccinations, in which it

    reported 19 deaths among 79 cases.

    Germany’s medical regulatory body, the Paul Ehrlich Institute, said

    after an investigation that the deaths of seven elderly people shortly

    after receiving the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine
    were probably due to the

    patients’ underlying diseases.

    In the U.S., which is using vaccines from Pfizer-BioNTech, Moderna Inc.

    and Johnson & Johnson, the Centers for Disease Control and

    Prevention said that as of April 5, there were 2,794 reported deaths

    among inoculated people, a rate of 0.002%, and no evidence suggests a


    Authorities in Hong Kong, which has mostly deployed a vaccine from

    China’s Sinovac Biotech Ltd., have reported six deaths among more than

    150,000 people inoculated. None have been connected to vaccines.

    Fortunately, for syd, he doesn't have to explain to the families of the above deceased that it was a good call to receive his vaccine of choice.

    The world is still waiting for scientists to develop any vaccine that is 100% safe and effective for all recipients

  17. cajal

    Hearing aid

    [quote user="Alan Zoff"]

    I said that was odd as I was still holding the batteries for the aids which weren't even turned on.[/quote]

    Boom, boom.
    You could say his test fell on deaf ears, either way.

    [quote user="Blodwyn"]I feel pressured to spend more than I want to. I could manage it, but

    it would make a big hole in my bank account. Any thoughts?


    I've noticed Lidl have aids occasionally. €19.99.

    Nothing to lose at that price.

  18. [quote user="alittlebitfrench"]I would think long and hard about moving to the south of France........

    Go North OP. The weather is the same.[/quote]

    Ah, the North. Isn't that where Paris is?

  19. I would say this is it: HERE

    Edited to add agents photographs. Click on the string of images at the bottom, on the site, to show enlarged image.

    If you look at the agents photo 2  and the street view, both the rear of the property, you will notice the similarities. The shrub against the wall and the lower roof to the left.

    Also, if you look at the agents photo 4 and the satellite view  HERE you will see the solar panels on the higher roof are identically laid out in both images.

    The images of the pool, far-end right, both show the dimensions to be wider to accommodate the steps.

    The address is:

    8 Chemin de Laval
    La Redorte

    Hope that helps.

  20. [quote user="Ken"]Just as well he said it yesterday and not today!!!![/quote]

    Exactly my sentiments when I heard what he had to say.

    Had he chosen to make the announcement during 'poison-jour' it would have given more credibility to the incredibility of the announcement, if you get my drift?

    Here within the western world, the absolute first and foremost responsibility of any leader and their government is to the safety and well-being of its citizens and residents.

    'Napoleon wannabe' will be judged, yet again, of failing miserably both in his policies to assist the control of covid-spread and the perpetrators of the spreading.

  21. Log on to your UK Amazon account.

    Open Account and Lists dropdown menu.

    Select Your Content and Devices.

    Under country settings select Change.

    Enter the address you want to use in the country you want to change to and click Update.

    The above works to enable books to be purchased from other countries, so you should be able to access your existing content as you have basically transferred your existing UK account to France.

  22. [quote user="anotherbanana"] 

    Some have taste and can talk knowledgeably about the old Stanley Yankee [/quote]

    That'll be me then.   I still have, and occasionally use, the one I bought back in 1975.

    Top tip. If you own one, fit a jubilee clip on the chrome section of the handle just above the spiral lock/unlock mechanism. It will never roll off a flat work surface again.
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