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  1. 3 hours ago, menthe said:

    Rather, such individuals should be thought of as ‘suffering from Frenchness’ and deserve our compassion and prayers.”

    I wonder why a self-proclaimed ex-Muslim atheist (Sarah Haider that is, not menthe.) is suggesting prayers as a possible solution to those supposedly suffering from Frenchness?

  2. 6 hours ago, mazandcol said:

    I always try to buy from French suppliers first


    If what I require is not available or the seller is based in the UK I google the product with the prefix of either Germany, Italy, or Ireland.

    I recently bought a Humax Freesat box for Mrs c's office.  As Humax and Freesat had parted company in 2019 I looked at Amazon fr and ebay fr for refurbs. They both had a good selection, but unfortunately they were all being shipped from the UK. Not to be defeated, I googled Humax UK Freesat Ireland. Success.

    I ultimately bought one from a company which is actually based in N. Ireland. No import or duty charges.👍

  3. 5 hours ago, Hectorsdad said:

    Is this a permanent move or just for a holiday?

    Don't be suckered by the query.

    Right-click left-hand drive car. From the drop-down menu that appears, select Inspect Accessibility Properties.  In the small window on the right of your screen, scroll down to 'properties' and you will find that the text is a cover for their full site address, which is sell lefthand drive dot com.  If you do wish to visit that site, I suggest you copy and paste or type the address into a new browser window.

  4. Only last week, I dropped into Weldom for six lengths of pipe insulation tube, priced at 0.70c a length. The receipt read 6 x 0.85c.  I had also purchased another article and the total bill had come to €9.95. I pointed out this error to the assistant at the customer services desk, who went and checked the displayed price and on return agreed that the price displayed was 0.70. and promptly refunded €4.20 to my card. I forgot to point out that they had ended up only charging me 0.15c  a length for the tubes.

    We always take a receipt in Intermarche to enable us to take a punt on their slot machine barcode checker. So far we have won a perfectly acceptable backpack. 👍

  5. 4 hours ago, Riggers said:

    Well done Ken,that’s a whole bunch of people put off going to the dentist.Excellent

    What an utter bizarre statement and thought process you appear to possess.

    If people are so swayed by a forum post to forgo a short term discomfort for a long term health benefit, well there would appear to be no hope for them.

    On a positive note, people who deny themselves healthcare by spurious logic enable others with more sense to move up the appointment procedure more quickly, enabling them to return to better health faster.

    Keep up your good work. 🤣


  6. 8 hours ago, DaveLister said:

    Before normal service is resumed, can I just have a shout out for the Princess Royal. IMHO all the royal family have behaved impeccably over the last week during what must have been a most surreal time in their lives but Princess Anne has stood head and shoulders above them all. Her stamina during the trip down from Scotland was frankly amazing.

    I totally agree. To continue the shout-outs, I'd like to give a holler for Prince George and Princess Charlotte.

    I am not a fan of kids attending formal events.  However, these two young people impeccably attired and exemplary behaved, during the whole procedure, which must have seemed like half a lifetime to two so young. All praise must be levelled with their parents in bringing up two children who are a credit to both of them, the royal family and the people of GB given the global interest in this funeral


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  7. 3 hours ago, Riggers said:

    Sorry I’ve been misreading, I thought this thread was about QUEEN Elizabeth not PM Liz

    The diversionary tactic is known as socialist agenda manipulation. I believe it can be studied at most education establishments and is available up to degree graduation level.

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  8. On 12/09/2022 at 10:05, DraytonBoy said:

    Not quite what Truss said, her exact words on being asked whether Macron was a friend or foe were 'the jury's still out'.

    Anyone with a grasp on reality will realise that the question reveals far more about the interviewer than the interviewee.

  9. 3 minutes ago, anotherbanana said:

    As. Privy Counsellor wasn’t Mr Corbyn summoned to attend, an obligation therefore?

    You are right. Although he does have a history of not attending Privy Council sessions and there are 650 of them, including Diane Abbott, which would have been somewhat of a stretch to accommodate them all yesterday.

  10. It is unfortunate that it takes a sorrowful event of this nature for the Brits to display their unique historical skill and professionalism of pomp and ceremony to the rest of the world and, show how it should be done.

    On a sour note, the hypocrisy of 'ginge and cringe' along with that of the SNP appears to hold no bounds. Jeremy Corbyn, for all his faults, didn't seek the limelight and at least had the common decency and courtesy to decline an invitation to attend King Charles 111's proclamation event.  Others with similar beliefs should have also done the same on other occasions yesterday.

  11. 7 hours ago, anotherbanana said:

    There are plenty of Lidls around here, some quite posh and big. By and large they seem a cut above Aldi in terms of range and quality.


    Are preference is for Lidl.  Aldi can be hit-and-miss.

    The story goes that two brothers inherited the business from their mother on her demise. One wanted to sell cigarettes, the other didn't, and a falling out ensued following this disagreement and in the early 60s the company split into two, Nord and Sud. 

    Nord operates out of eight northern European countries and as Trader Joe's in the United States.  Sud incorporates six south-eastern European countries, China, Australia, United Kingdom and United States (as Aldi). 

    It doesn't therefore take a lot of working out which of the two companies is the more business minded and efficiently operated. Unfortunately, France falls under the Nord label and for at least ten years they had no presence in our locale.

  12. We were in Lidl's this afternoon and two of their boxes of 250g packs of Eviva butter were adorned with the orange 30% reduction stickers. Snagged 8 packs at €1.60 each for the freezer.

    At the bagging area, on the way out, there were 4 large boxes of their 'reduced price' mixed fruit and veg. I chose one which contained 6 boxes of 4 Pink lady apples, a cucumber, one of their lettuces with the roots still intact style, a 5kg bag of regular potatoes and a 2kg bag of oven baking potatoes. I've no idea of the total price of these goods, but I do know the apples retail for €2.99 a box, so that alone will be just shy of €18. The price Lidl's want for the whole box selection?  €1. None of it will go to waste, which is something I just can't tolerate.

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