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  1. 5 hours ago, betise said:

    Not forgetting Paris, Texas!

    Written by Sam Shepard (1984) who also, amongst other things, performed banjo on Patti Smith's cover of Nirvana's song 'Smells Like Teen Spirit album Twelve. 😉

  2. 4 hours ago, DraytonBoy said:

    the country struggles so badly in other areas such as asylum processing

    I have to profess to having no knowledge whatsoever how asylum applications are assessed or processed. It appears to me, however, that someone who enters a country, via a rubber dinghy, having already disposed of their passport, paperwork and cellphone inevitably will suffer extreme, self-inflicted, delays with their application for asylum. Ya pays ya money........

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  3. Ha. It'll take more than an AI bot to have me shift my a.ss from the ramblings of the wonderful people on here.  Although it appears, right now, to be just me and thee. Hang on a minute here. Hold the presses before I post.....I've just had a banner informing me 'anotherbanana' has also replied to you. Now we are three.

    Oh, and not forgetting a shout-out for the tech. dept. for sorting the issue.

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  4. A word of caution. 

    From 2023, the taxe d'habitation on primary residences has been abolished. However, owners still have to pay it on second homes or vacant properties.

    Before July 1st everyone is required to register their property, used for residential purposes, with the tax authorities. The new reporting obligation is to enable the Directorate General of Public Finances to identify which taxpayers are still liable for the housing tax in 2023.

    To register this information, it is necessary to access your personal tax space and select "biens immobiliers". Here you will be able to register the status and the occupation of the property.

    I assume you aren't at present registered for tax purposes and therefore will not yet have your own tax account. If this is the case, then I suggest you make contact with the tax office, a.s.a.p. so as not to incur yourself with any financial penalties.

  5. OK, chemistry (lite) and French lesson coming up.

    Carbohydrates are sugar molecules. However, it was found they do not contain 'hydrates' in a standard chemical form.  With this in mind, unlike English speakers, the French adopted an alternative word:- Glucides.

    Hope that helps.

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  6. Unfortunately, Mihai, there are posters here who tend towards disruptive, self-opinionated and belligerent retorts towards other posters content when it fails to chime with their own. This is likely to be a factor, along with the unsolicited advertising and second rate software, contributing to the overall demise of this 20+ year forum.

    Anyway, good luck in your endeavour to track down and uncover the location and owner of the property.

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  7. On 28/02/2023 at 18:49, ssomon said:

    Idiots like you, who seem to spend their time looking for things to criticise rather than being constructive, are the prime reason for the mass abandonment of this and other forums.

    Me, I've had enough.

    Goodbye to all.

    I see from another thread that you have returned already. So soon?  Correct me if I'm wrong, but I seem to recollect that this is not the first occasion you have stuck one to the forum and done an exit stage left, only to return soon after your announced departure. Welcome back.

    On 28/02/2023 at 18:49, ssomon said:

    If your post was not a complaint, it certainly had every appearance of being one.

    Nobody is blinder than the person who decides they do not want to see.

    Not so long ago, a full width banner appeared at the top of my 'Activity' page headed 'Inappropriate Posts' and the message inside the banner reads.

    We have had a couple of old type jokes concerning different nationalities. After some hesitation and a little reluctantly, I have decided to remove them as they could be considered racist in this modern world. Please avoid posting them in the future.

    In addition, thank you again to those who draw attention to adverts, often hidden in messages. Much appreciated.

    And therein lies the rub. The message states that people are 'drawing attention to adverts, often hidden in messages'. I include myself in that statement.

    In my original post, I made the point that most new members are using this platform to avail themselves to free advertising.  They provide links to their various sites, albeit not specifically in a forum post, but via their forum profile pages. Yet these advertisers still remain and the list of subscribers continues to grow daily.

    Now, if the owners of this site deem it acceptable to advertise 'call-girl services' and fail to remove 'eye – candy' of this nature and allow links to 'gambling' sites, then so be it. It is their playground and therefore their rules.

    I am again suggesting, not to be confused with complaining, that there ought to be consistency, continuity and a move towards the dumping of these rogue advertisers. It would also go a long way towards the tidying up of the Activity page, which quite frankly is presented as a complete illegible shambles. This could be achieved by those involved in the running of the site implementing their directives and removing the membership of the offending people/companies. However, here I must bow to your superior intelligence whether this suggestion would be a viable solution. 😀

  8. On 26/02/2023 at 17:36, ssomon said:

    Correct my grammar

    OK, anything to oblige.😉

    On 26/02/2023 at 17:36, ssomon said:

    .....advertising links as soon a they.....

    The letter 's' needs to be included, within the sentence, after the letter 'a' following the word 'soon'.🙂

    On 26/02/2023 at 17:36, ssomon said:

    .....and that FMG is not responsible for the actions you complain about.

    It wasn't a complaint, but more of an observation regarding inconsistencies. As to forum responsibilities, I would suggest that FMG, a publishing organisation, are ultimately responsible for any post or action that takes place in the bounds of their forum.

  9. I use an ad-blocker, so I'm unaware of any ads. that might pop up unannounced on here. However, pop-ups, if any, don't appear to be the sole method of advertising your product/service within the forum.

    You all will have, those of us who remain, noticed the influx of new people signing up on a daily basis for membership. I guess you will also have noticed that invariably these 'new members' rarely post on their own or other people's topics.The bottom line is that they, or a bot, sign up for purely advertising purposes via their forum profile page.

    Advertising topics range from Cosmetic surgery in New Delhi, On-line professional assignment completion help in the USA, Walk through Metal detectors and X-ray baggage scanners in the UK to Hookers in Lajpat Nagar, New Dehili and Horny anonymous on line reviews.

    This is information is openly available to all members and non-members to view and read on the Complete France forum member's profile page. Click on their name, photo or alphabet character on the 'Activity' page and underneath their 'Achievements' there are two tabs 'Activity' and 'About Me'. Select 'About Me' et voila. Here is what loveleenmalhotra ,who signed up on 23/02, is offering on their profile page

    I broached this topic on the basis that a previously new and prolific poster had an inoffensive, I thought, gag pulled, and yet France Media Group accept and allow unsolicited advertising for any sort of service or product you happen to be peddling.

    Now, I'm no prude or ever offended, but surely consistency and continuity should be a policy when owning and operating a public forum?



  10. 40 minutes ago, NickP said:

    Can someone (woolly maybe) tell me why my post on this subject has disappeared?

    Hazarding a guess here. The mods aim was to delete the obvious scam-spam post, they hit the wrong button and your post was nuke.d. ☢️

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  11. 8 minutes ago, NickP said:

    No you can't 

    Correct. Why would anyone believe it is possible to purchase 2 stroke from a 'games' site?

    From their homepage: (Don't click the link!)☠️

    RobloxDoors inspired by both Spooky's Jump Scare Mansion and nicorocks5555's Rooms, is a multiplayer horror game, ready to play for free now! This horror entertainment will send you on a creepy and fascinating survival mission.................. 

    No mention of 2 stroke purchase there then.

  12. 3 hours ago, anotherbanana said:

    Please would help!

    Good call. The op has apparently been a member since 2004.

    Posts requiring aid and help for themselves.......20

    Posts offering aid and help to others....................0

    I've referred to this quality of member in another post in reference to the dwindling number of posters who still bother.

    The op's posts can be viewed HERE 👎

  13. 8 hours ago, Lehaut said:

    In the Alaska case by cajal, ordinary diesel fuel becomes gel like after a time at -10°C, so you would not be able to start the engine at all if your car is outside with untreated fuel!!

    Way back in the day (60's), I recollect seeing a guy with a Kenworth semi in a rest area with a small fire burning away under his fuel tank. Yes - it was a freezing day.

  14. Oil, fuel and starter motor.

    Oil in cold conditions/climate can be like pancake syrup from a fridge, which makes it more difficult for the engine to spin.

    Fuel is less able to evaporate in cold conditions/climate, making it more difficult to burn.

    Starter motor has less energy to turn because the battery is producing fewer electrons in cold conditions/climate.

    At the moment it is -27°C in Fairbanks Alaska and +24°C in Miami Beach. I'd rather be attempting to start a car in Miami.😉

  15. 18 hours ago, SteveB said:

    a) Will the car automatically fail because the engine light is on, even if the emissions are within the numbers allowed for that car

    Disconnect the engine light for the day of the test🤞?

  16. It refers to the parallelism of the wheel which, accordingly, is out of kilter and requires adjustment. Be careful with whom you select to carry out the work. 'Speedy`made a complete hash off one of mine vehicles, which resulted in a new set of tires having to be fitted. Not by them, I might add.

    Setting tyre alignement, geometry and parallelism ...

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  17. 13 hours ago, menthe said:

    No, no cajal, I never lived in 16.  I was Sweet 17...................

    Oops, of course. I suspect the error was prompted by the influence of modern popular music on my life.😉

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