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  1. [quote user="Ian Horn"] You can buy 'postage stamp' amende payments in most Tabacs, stick it on the form and send it off.  Seems to work.  [/quote] Yes, that's what I did - I was a bit worried because the fine amount had been altered by hand, and the guy in the Tabac said that the powers that be would never accept the form like that, but I heard nothing back to the contrary......... and I was also told at the time of being stopped that I HAD to change my UK licence for a French one - a very simple procedure. Chris
  2. For what it's worth, there is a lack of GP's in rural areas here in France, as there is in the UK. Here in Manche they offer an incentive scheme during training to entice newly qualified doctors to rural areas. So it would definately be worth your while doing some further research...........but I don't think that GP salaries are on a par with those in the UK!! Chris
  3. [quote user="Cassis"]Blue zones normally indicate free parking for a limited time.  You need a parking disc, which you can buy from supermarkets and bars/tabacs, to indicate the time you arrived.  Here is more info: http://www.expat-stuff.com/driving/parking_time.php? [/quote] .........or you can get them free of charge from Insurance Agents, just pop your head round the door and ask! Chris
  4. OK, so I won't  be trucking off into the wide blue yonder quite yet![:)] Many thanks for the explanation, much appreciated! Regards Chris
  5. Due to being stopped for speeding a couple of weeks ago, I have recently changed to a French Driving Licence.I didn't look very closely at it when it arrived, but showed it as ID to someone yesterday who said that she was very impressed that I had my 'poids lourd'. It appears that every category has been stamped, bar the motorbike one. So I can now drive lorries up to 12 tonnes and coaches pulling trailers (or whatever EC and ED mean) , which I'm sure I wasn't entitled to do with my UK licence!! Strange, eh? Chris
  6. And you should still be able to claim Child Benefit from the UK for your child. Chris
  7. Yes, I agree, but having said that, as I mentioned before - my husband works in the UK during the week, coming home at week-ends, we don't have another house in the UK, and, for the last 3 years, he has been paying UK tax and NI, and filing a French Tax return with nothing else to pay here................The IR know we live here and all correspondance is sent to our French address, and on the French Tax return we put that Tax is collected through Income Tax - this is what we were told to do by both the UK and the Chief Tax collector here. I think you will be a different Tax Office to us, Liane, we are Carentan whereas you will be St Lo, I would imagine. Anyway, I would probably query it again!! But if he is still paying NI contributions, you should still be entitled to UK child Benefit, although with 3 children, you would probably get more from France!!! Regards Chris.  
  8. Hi there, Try the forum on equineonline.net, an excellent source of information for 'horsey' people in France. There is someone on there who markets equestrian properties, plus someone who owns a trecking centre, and quite a few people, all over France, who breed and compete. Good luck!! Chris
  9. Peekaboo As you have had no reply, I'll try and give you what little information I have!! I have just made appointments for my two sons to see an Orthodentist, having been advised to do so by my dentist. I was given the name by a friend, you do not have to be referred, and found the phone number in the Pages Jaunes under 'Dentistes:chirugiens-dentistes qualifiés orthopedie dento-faciale'. She asked me if it was for a first appointment and whether my boys already had braces or not (bagué ou non bagué), so I would assume that you could just say that your daughter already has braces and you would like to continue her treatment in France. Part of the treatment will be covered by your Carte Vitale, and some by a mutuel or 'top-up' insurance, that amount being dependant upon the level of insurance you have. I know my friend has both, but still had to pay in the region of 100€ herself, for her sons treatment. As far as ordinary dental treatment is concerned, my full costs have always been refunded by the Carte Vitale/Mutuel combination. Hope this is of some help, sorry it's a little 'woolly', but hopefully, some info is better than none!! Chris    
  10. Hi there, As far as school supplies are concerned, if you are coming in August, you will still have time to get the stuff on your list - the supermarkets are the cheapest, but, if it's your first time, and you haven't got someone who can come along and help you (it can be quite confusing at first!!), you can always put your list in to the nearest Maison de la Presse or other newsagents, and they will do it for you. It will cost more this way, but will save you lots of hassle!! Regards Chris
  11. Try equineonline.net - there is someone there from Brittany who runs a treking centre - she may be able to give you some information. Regards Chris
  12. Yes, I use the L'Oreal one, they are very effective as you can compensate for 'missed' bits when you use it the following day, the colour builds up gradually..........this is the first year ever that I haven't had blue legs!!! Chris
  13. [quote user="Will "]   . I do not know whether you will still be able to receive UK child benefit, but rather think you should. No doubt somebody else will be able to tell you. [/quote] Yes you will.....you need to contact Newcastle on 0044 191 225 1000 and quote your child benefit number and NI number and they will send you a form to fill in. I have mine paid into a UK bank account. My husband has been commuting from Normandy for nearly 3 years - we fill out a French Tax return each year, but do not pay anymore tax over here, and have Carte Vitales through the E109. HTH Regards Chris  
  14. [quote user="SaligoBay"] Amazing how they keep the shell suits so clean, most impressive.   [/quote] I actually asked the mum of a white 'shell-suited' boy at my son's school how on earth his shell-suit kept so clean.....................apparently she washes it by hand after each wear with a bar of savon de marseilles!!! Chris
  15. Sincere condolences on the loss of your Mother yesterday, Chris. Regards Chris
  16. Likewise!!................this post reminded me of an amusing thing that happened last May 1st. I opened the door to a chap who said that he knew that we had some Muguet in our garden, and could he possibly have some for his children - thinking that he meant for his children to give to their Mum, I said yes - he then proceeded to pick about 40 stems...........It turns out that his kids were going to sell them in the local town for 1.50€ per 3 stems!!! Chris
  17. Sorry to but in on your question to Val2..............I switched to the liquid with Aloe Vera (Skip, I think it is) and all my menfolks 'nasty little irritations' have gone, well not all of them, obviously, it would take a bit more than a bit of non-bio liquid to do that ![:D] Chris
  18. Yes, when I sold my car, my insurance company asked to see the bill of sale, and photocopied it for their records. As regards giving notice, I am just in the process of changing several of my insurances to a different insurer -  what will happen is that the new insurance company will print out standard letters of cancellation which I will sign, these will then go in my file, and 2 months before the renewal date (September), the computer will flag up a reminder and the company will send the pre-signed letters on my behalf.......saves having to remember yourself!!![:)] Chris
  19. I bought this the other day, and would recommend it for your bookshelves!! It is, as the title suggests, along the same lines as the '........for Dummies' books that you can buy in the UK, and covers the history of France from the Ice Age to 2004. It is laid out in a very easy to read format, and the French is pretty straightforward, and quite amusing. There are also highlighted paragraphs giving information about important events/people/battles etc. And at over 800 pages long, if you don't like it, you can use it as a door stop!![:)] Chris  
  20. ................and I'm the 'large' Chrisb, just my luck [:D] Chris
  21. [quote user="Tresco"] viva, I read K kats post as advising chrisb to leave the other forum, not this one???? [/quote] But not this Chrisb.............we are not the same person - how confusing is that! Chris  
  22. Blimey,riley , I hope not...........they're only 11 and 14!!![:)] Oh well, I shall go the whole hog and put my order in for another lie-in on Sunday and at the end of May as well! Chris
  23. How weird, so it is!![*-)] Well, I got a lie-in, breakfast in bed and some flowers..........very strange!![:O] Chris
  24. Sorry Harley, you have missed French Mothers Day - it was in February!! [:D] Chris
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