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  1. There is a lot of misinformation posted on this thread I am gas registered in France and know what I am talking about The regulations are very complex and difficult to explain without specific detail of the proposed installation The only thing you can install is a single bottle local to the cooker with a flexble hose Anthing else must have a gas certificate Ventilation must comply with the regs Gas type and bottle size must comply with the regs, etc ,etc Get professional advice and be safe Le Plombier
  2. I would suggest you visit your local Chambre de Metiers and make a complaint If he is registered they will contact him regarding his defective work Le Plombier
  3. If it is a new tank as you state then you should go back to the installer and insist they correct the problem Le Plombier
  4. Your boiler replacement must comply with the following to be legal in France The boiler needs the NF mark or a manufacturers certificate of conformity for France The installation requires a certificate of conformity, Modele 2 if in the same location or Modele 4 if installed in a new location All pipework and equipment must comply to the gas regulations You need a Qualigaz registered plumber to issue the certificate or you can purchase the certificate and pay for an audit by Qualigaz themselves If you do not do this and your distributor finds out you have changed the boiler he will shut off your gas supply and call in Qualigaz to inspect Do you realise the gas pressure in the pipe from the storage tank to the Detender de Security, a shut off and pressure reducing valve, is a nominal 1.5bar. The DDS is located by the boiler. The only exception to this is with some meterd supplies where the distributor reduces the pressure to 37mbar at the storage tank adjacent to the meter Compare this to the 20mbar pressure on your UK mains gas supply I am Qualigaz registered and if an amateur asked me to issue a certificate for his installation I would smartly walk away The regulations here are much more complex than the UK and the Qualgaz inspectorate make no allowances The cost to you for a cerificate and inspection by Qualigaz is around 150 euros If your installations fails you will pay the same again for another inspection after you have corrected the faults This assumes you will be able to fill out the form correctly in the first place, if you can't do that they will just post it back to you Gas is dangerous, LPG even more dangerous Le Plombier
  5. Another soul saved from an early death Do not plug off the water connections, leave them open as hot air can expand Best to fill the boiler with sand if you can Le Plombier
  6. Simple answer no because you could be constructing a potential bomb You can connect the boiler but only if you install all the safety equipment required for a sealed solid fuel system Le Plombier
  7. Underfloor heating must be run continuously, you cannot turn it on and off like a radiator circuit as the response time for heating and cooling is very slow Maximum circuit temperature 28C, any hotter and you can damage the floor With tiles, parquet or laminate it should make no difference except the underfloor heating is normally configured and laid to suit the proposed floor finish as the heat output varies due to the materials used I suggest you ask the installer what floor finish he based his calculations on Le Plombier
  8. Strange, possibly more info needed You seem to be describing an air conditioning unit which I would expect to have three pipes, two refrigeration lines from an external condensing unit and a condense drain I would not expect any connection to the heating system But then you would only get water in the condense drain when the unit was running and cooling Are the red and blue pipes PER plastic pipe? If they are can you be sure the unit you describe provides cooling,and is the cooling a cold air supply or cooling of the undefloor circuits Was all of this done as a single installation or separately for the under floor and air cooling? What you describe at the moment makes no sense to me Le Plombier
  9. Generally it is almost impossible to completely drain the water system in any house completely Even if you do the chauffe eau will still be full unless you open the groupe de security to drain this a well All houses in France are direct mains supply with no separate cold water storage Just turn of the water at the main when you leave, summer and winter and any leak will only mean the content of the pipework, a few litres, discharging in to your house Unless you have a huge issue that you have not made clear in your posting you have a typical installation Le Plombier
  10. You either have a hell of a lot of air in the system or you have a leak As professionals I would have thought they would have left the system purged and free of air My opinion you have a leak As water is not compressible you need to loose very little for the pressure to drop If there is no leak and the system has been proerly vented to remove the air the pressure would only fluctuate slightly due to changes in temperature The temperature of the water is a function of the system controls and nothing to do with the pressure loss It is time consuming but relatively simple for the installer to disconnect each underfloor circuit from the manifold and individually pressure test them, this should be done to 4 bar This would indentify a leak in the underfloor heating and identify the individual circuit I suggest you get them to come back and try again Le Plombier
  11. My understanding is that SPANC cannot force you to do the work, it is up to the Mayor Like a lot of you my fosse has been condemned, I was not given any time scale for replacement, but when questioned SPANC said enforcement was at the discretion of the Mayor I went to see the Mayor, he is newly elected and keen to work to the rules, I know this from my application for two new windows His view on the fosse was ' If I insist you change the fosse SPANC may come back in four years and condemn the new one ! ' What do you make of that In the meantime I am doing nothing Le Plombier
  12. As I understand it the claim is up to a maximum value and once you reach the maximum that is it, I do not believe it is an annual claim, just a cumulative value I think it is reduced to 6.4K now and not 8K as last year I am not an expert but this is what I am advised by the Geothermie manufacturer that I deal with, I think they know as they are selling high value equipment where the credit from the Impots makes a big difference in the ultimate cost Le Plombier
  13. Canard Sorry for the delay in reply 220m2 would require 22 to 26 kW dependant upon the construction and insulation details Le Plombier
  14. It is not just a question of changing the jets when installing a cooker or other gas appliance There is a whole host of regulations covering the pipe and fittings, the correct type and position of valves, ventilation ( cooker extract hoods not allowed for ventilation ), chimney if applicable, other gas appliances or ventilation in the same area, test of installation, et al. Just changing the jets does not mean you will have a safe installation Carbon Monoxide kills and the beauty is that you don't even know you are dying and when you are dead it's too late A lot of these installations also require a gas certificate of conformity to be legal But then you Googlers know best don't you Le Plombier
  15. If the back of the cooker terminates in a male thread it is because the required fitting is already installed, look at it closely You can get the fitting at most bricos and professional plumbing and heating merchants Any professional plumber in France would know this and where to get the fitting Le Plombier
  16. Unbelievable ! For clarification, on the back of the cooker there is a 1/2bsp female thread On the end of the gas flexible there is a female union joint and washer To join the two you need a black malleable iron male/male 1/2 hexagon nipple This has taper threads Do not use a brass fitting as it has parallel threads and does not comply with the regulations Jointing tape and jointing compounds used must have the blue ATG stamp Better still use a gas qualified installer to do it for you, test the installation and make sure you are safe Apart from the connection of the gas supply does your installation comply with the regulations in regard to ventilation Jubilee clips and all the other rubbish put forward is not in complaince with the regulations The way you lot go on you might as well use a bike tyre inner tube and two jubilee clips based on the reasoned argument that it will withstand the pressure Get real you lot you are talking about a very dangerous substance Le Plombier
  17. It never ceases to amaze me, the number of gas experts who post on forums Maybe that's why 50+ people in the UK and 300+ people in France die from gas related incidents each year I am gas qualified in France, are you, the other posters qualified to the same standard or just know it all's and Googlers Do it yourself gas expertise is never a problem until you are dead Le Plombier
  18. Just tell them when you place the order it is for LPG and they will supply the conversion kit Get someone qualified to install and run the gas supply Le Plombier
  19. You need a black iron male/male taper nipple It must be this and nothing else as the steel nipples have taper threads and this is required for the connection The person who converted your cooker obviously does not know what he is doing Le Plombier
  20. Sorry I did mean to add that you will probably never completely remove the air from inside a vertical ballon on it's side Le Plombier
  21. Vertical ones will work laid on their side but not as well as a horizontal one In both designs the cold connection is extended internally to the bottom of the ballon, this allows for production and storage of hot water correctly A vertical tank used on its side will introduce cold water in to the middle of the ballon with the result that hot water may be supplied at a lower temperature The electric elements are in different positions in both types but they are positioned in each type for maximum performance Horizontal ones are more expensive but if that is what you need that is what you should buy Le Plombier
  22. I like simple questions Simple answer, pipes too small Le Plombier
  23. UlsterRugby, it was directed at you You know my views on Brico Depot, I would not buy anthing from them unless it was inert such as a brick Once you buy something with moving parts then you potentially have a problem I would not even buy their tubes and fittings, they may be cheap and have the NF mark but they are very inferior quality Most of the power tools they supply are throw away, they last for a period of time and then you put them in the bin as you cannot get them repaired Ask them to prove they can supply parts for your solar system and I bet they can't do it The boilers they sell, together with those from other bricos are generally all out of the same Itilian factory, the same boiler badged as the brico chain define, exactly the same way they operate with Chinese factories for power tools On the subject of Credit de Impots this is applicable to the principle pieces of energy saving equipment, not the whole installation and is only claimable if the supply and installation are carried out by a registered installer The registered installer does not have to be Qualisol registered as stated by another poster, this is simply a peice of paper issued to someone for attending a short course on the subject The only examinable and audited qualification that exists is Qualigaz where a strict regime of audit and control is in place and you can only install gas if you are gas qualified I install geothermie, airothermie, wood burners, solar et al and I don't have a Qualisol, Qualibois or whatever certificate and all my clients still get the cedit from the Impots You could pay the money, do the course and get yourself a Qualisol certificate, it's that easy to do, but don't try for a gas certificate unless you are prepared to sit an exam where you have to get 26 questions correct out of a total of 30 to pass and then you have to do it all again every three years, plus cope with annual audits Bet your Qualisol men don't have to do that Le Plombier
  24. I would admit that my comment and opinion is influenced by the fact that anything I do is subject to guarantee and the dreaded decennal insurance There are plenty of solutions but I tend to stick to the ones I can guarantee as if I was doing the installation myself Le Plombier
  25. I might work to minus 20C but ask them how many kW it will deliver at minus 20C and see what they say to that I will not be 18kW, that's for sure The only aerothermie systems that I have seen that work are in highly insulated new builds, I can show you a few horror stories where they are installed in older buildings With co2 it is possible as you can get water at 65C and performance down to circa minus 28C, R410A will drop off in performance from just below freezing and significantly below minus 7C Le Plombier
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