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  1. when do they post out tax habitation , i got my tax foncere last month
  2. what is an avis d impot   and  avis d imposition 
  3. if i declare my self bankrupt in the uk  will the uk banks reposes my house in france
  4. on the bill theres payment a slip to tear of and sign and date, but do i have to fill out the t.i.p numbers in the top right corner,i  cannot remember if i filled this out or not last time
  5. when i had my extension built and filled H1 form out my taxes went up, when i told the neighbours about it they said i should have keep quiet,who was going to know, its a hamlet of 5 houses in the middle of nowhere,so apart from the post women theres not many visitors, but would the tax people have found out when the builder paid the tva on the money, do the builders have to give the address of the house they are working on
  6. so if i get my tax fonc and tax dhab bills sent to my french house instead of the uk then will it be classed as my main resedence then i can sell my barn without paying CGT, i wonder if it will work
  7. does anyone know of a english speaking notaire in the area of secondiny or labsie if not then the town of partheny
  8. how do the authorities know if the property is your main resedence  or maison  secondaire, i work in the uk but my holiday home  is in france
  9.   so if you sell a barn to someone within 5 years of buying it you pay 16.39 tva on the amount you sell it for and what about if it is over 5 years do you pay the 29 tva because thats what i was told or am i getting confused with  CGT on the sale of a barn
  10. does this law mean that i will pay less tax foncere and dahabitation or will i receive a cheque from the bank, can someone simplify this sarkozy law for me please
  11. whats the best nightclubs in la rochelle and are they only open at weekends, ive seen  one called the mayflower
  12. does anybody know the web address of internet french property  also known as IFP
  13. how comes tony from dordogne is posting on south west france region if you are from dordogne, shouldnt you be posting on the western france region because dordogne is in the charente area
  14.  theres alot of flooding in england now in the southwest and the midlands and southeast, i think its global warming. whats it like in france
  15. tax relief on mortgage payers, ive got a mortgage, does this mean i will pay less tax foncere, tax dabitation because i pay to much at the moment with the morgage payments and tax to pay each year
  16. you will probably have to pay tax on profits from renting property out, but you will pay no tax foncere and tax habitation because you are registared as a student which will save you alot of money 
  17. your better of going to fontenay le comte  theres more tourists there and theres a small theme park in the vouvant and mervent forest but theres loads of tourist there aswell, also  la roche sur yon  is abig city with a big shopping mall where you can get all the latest fashion but theres alot of wealthy people there so its a bit more pricey for the propertys
  18. where is chef du boutonne ive looked on google maps and cannot find it, we live in deux sevres  near labsie near parthenay town, theres a few english in deux sevres but theres alot more in the dordonge because its a more modern area
  19. i know there are vipers where we are in deux sevres, they like to live under plastic and metal sheets  in the garden when its hot, i havent seen any scorpions yet, where are they seen in the charente
  20. does anyone know if theres a local website for deux sevre area or the charente 
  21. H1 is the form for details of a property but what is a H2 form  
  22. whats does affilie mean , is it something to do with the goverment
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