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  1. Can anyone give me more information about free french lessons which take place at the college? in fontenay le comte? Someone has mentioned they may take place there - can anyone clarify - when? - levels? Much appreciated.
  2. Hi Can anyone recommend a good (that works in favour of seller re paying tax!) english speaking notaire? We are in department 17  - 30 mins from La Rochelle, 30 mins for Surgeres (depart 79) and 30 mins from Fontenay La Comte (depart 85). Can anyone help?  Much appreciated.
  3. Without calling in the professionals (which I am told will cost ???? as call out charge) can anyone offer advice?  Our pool depth keeps falling to just below the skimmer, any ideas why?
  4. Can anyone recommend the best place for me to sell my "baby bits"!  e.g moses basket, boys clothes etc.  Apart from ebay!  Someone suggested there is a newspaper for each departement which sells stuff.    Thanks
  5. Well we have just done it and been ticked in the box by all the right authorities  - there was confusion as we are right on the border of 2 departments and we had to look into it - it was either gonna be 5 or 6 bedrooms!
  6. Well actually it depends which department you are in - and family rooms consisting of 2 rooms are considered one!  
  7. Hi Rebekah We opened  a B & B near La Rochelle  this time last year after spending  8 months renovating - same sort of numbers  and standard  as you are looking t be and we were lost as to where to buy stuff here.    With regards to bathroom suites we used our plumber (shop around thou, we managed to half the amount sent due to changing plumbers and using almost identical suites).  For towels, linen, crockery etc etc we used Ecotel.  They are a professional catering suppliers.  We got almost everything from them and they gave us a very healthy discount.  If you need any other info  just PM me - if we are close I can point you in the right direction of places to go. Good luck with it all. Alex          
  8. Can anyone help please  - I am looking for someone to update my website - not a massive job - change photos and update text.  Does anyone know anyone?    Thanks
  9. Hi J & T We recently opened a B & B and I emailed a number of B & B's  which were of the same standard as ours - not direct competition to ask their advise!  My husband thought I was being a bit cheeky but they all replied and were more than happy to share their experiences.  Top 3 came out were www.likhom.com, www.visitfrance.co.uk, www.bernezac.com We have had the majority of our bookings from likhom and visitfrance.  Definately worth going with them.   Good luck      
  10. Hi Panda Are they looking for specific area?  
  11. I keep repeating myself on this one.  Yes I am  all up for advice on a forum if what I was posting was "what do you think about taking riding lessons for a 2 year old".  But it was not! It's just plain annoying. Its a bit like posting a thread "can anyone advise on an agent for selling my house I am moving to provence".  And you replying "why would you want to sell your house its looks lovely and why move to provence...... blaa blaa blaa".       I do have to say I have found posting this subject very interesting, the amount of PM messages I have recieved, that have not wished to argue this point with you publicly, think it's hilarious that some people have got time and effort to go on about their points of view when not even asked.  I agree! I now have the answer to my question - tired of this now - over and out!    
  12. No more advice needed please.......AGAIN....I was not asking for advice.  I am an accomplished rider so I can say I know what I am doing! My child is nearly 3 - a tall one at that and believe it or not there are ponys in france! I have since found 3 established schools who take children from the age of 2. Thank you for all PM's giving me names of schools or pointing me in the right direction - much appreciated.        
  13. I can take advice, when asked for it!  Generally advice is given when asked!    I did not post this to ask advice about whether I should  take my child riding or not  but asking where I could! 
  14. I was not asking anyone's opinion on this just asking if the knew anywhere!
  15. Does anyone know any riding schools that will take a 2 year old (3 next month) in department 17 or 85.   thanks
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