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  1. Thanks for the info, i have also been talking to the people we are buying our house from, they also need a lot of paper work at the start with Britline but used them for the first two months and then used a local bank once they had gained some local information from their neighbours
  2. After visiting the Harrogate French exhibition we have now read the information we received on opening a new bank account. Britline seems a good option for someone with basic French, or would the Forum suggest that a local bank in your nearest town a better option.
  3. Good afternoon to all in the forum,                                                      With such a large choice of removal firms offering thier services in FPN, can any one recommend a company in the north of England. Also do you have any idea of the costs of a removal to the south west of France, from a 3 bed house in Yorkshire.  
  4. I have used the Becker Z101  on my trips to France and up to now had no problems. Highly recommended.
  5. Hi all        We are planning a weeks camping holiday in Brittany in August. As we are no longer teenagers we are looking for sites where we do not have to rough it , so must be of high standards and offer a bar/resturant on the site. If anyone can recommend a good site it would be very much appreciated.
  6. One of our local estate agents has just started `house swaps` to allow people to up grade with people who want to down size. The local paper says it is now a thriving part of their business.
  7. thanks for the link,very funny i`am glad its not me getting married, was hoping to surprise them with the gift but it looks like i will have to ask them what they would like.
  8. up date i have been told its a walnut tree, true or false ?
  9. My good wife and i have been ask to be the witness at our very good friends wedding. They are both French and it is going to be a small civil wedding and a meal at night. Could any one please tell me of any French customs that need to be organised and a suggestion for a gift. A friend has suggested a hazel nut tree as this is a French tradition ?. Any help would be very much appreciated.
  10. To all my friends who sent me good luck for 2008,it did **** all. So for 2009 could you send either money,beer or vouchers [but not woolworths]. Happy New Year.
  11. Does anyone know where i can get a replica Catalan dragons rugby league shirt, or a polo shirt with there badge on.Its need urgently for a birthday present or i`am in trouble.[:(]
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