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  1. Hello, I have just happened across the above discussion and thought I might add to it. I am a Chartered Physiotherapist who trained in Cambridge 27 years ago and am qualified to work in the UK, USA and France. There are differences between the training and methods used in all three countries although in all countries physiotherapists make use of physical means to promote healing and for rehabilitation. French kines ( apologies for lack of accents) tend to use a lot of massage and prescription of exercise and can either work 'conventionne' or 'non-conventionne'. The former is within the 'health service' where part of the government-set fee can be reclaimed by the patient and the latter is outside the french equivalent of the NHS where the physiotherapist can charge a fee set by themselves - just like private physiotherapists, osteopaths and chiropractors in the UK. French kines are not generally taught to manipulate although this is may change as there is a move towards this. In England I do manipulate and perform acupuncture (another modality not undertaken by French kines). According to the government dept who gave me my Adeli number, I am the first English physio in Charente- Maritime! It took huge perserverence with the various dossiers and you definitely need to be able to speak and write in French to succeed. The electrotherapy used by french kines may be TENS but it may be something else as they do use a fair amount of electrotherapy- which is interesting as many other countries ( including the UK) have moved further away from it towards more manual treatments. In my practice in England we have Ultrasound, Interferential and Tens but there is definitely more of an emphasis on manual treatments ( not massage so much, but more like a gentle form of manipulation staying within the joint's physiological range of movement). I hope the lady who started this discussion with her question about the treatment she can expect has a good experience and that it proves to be a success and I would definitely reiterate what was said about changing the physio if you are not happy. ( I personally would never treat more than one patient at a time but I can understand why the french kines do it as the 'conventionnes' are paid quite a low fixed rate and this is the only way they can increase their income.) Bon Courage! Debi
  2. Thank you all for your replies. I actually don't need any diagnoses as British trained physiotherapists are trained in a very different way to French kines. We are trained to diagnose and treat  as we see fit and don't need referral from GPs or their equivalent. The service I would provide would be very different to a french physio as they are trained to do mainly just exercise prescription and massage whereas we do ergonomic advice, manipulation,acupuncture and many other modalities. I take your point about the fact that you can receive treatment free - why would you pay, but my view is that I have run a 6 physio private practice in England for the last 20 years and have had plenty of experience of patients wanting to pay for a very different service ( when they could access the NHS free if they so chose). The reason I asked the question and was interested in people's views is that every time I go to France, which is about 8 times a year - I get asked to treat patients and the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy will cover me for professional liability if I register locally as long as my stay in France is temporary. Thank you again for your replies - I will bear it all in mind!
  3. Hello, I am a Cambridge-trained Chartered Physiotherapist who is in the process of having my qualifications recognised in France ( ie to become a registered 'kine') so that when we come to France to visit our home near Cognac I can treat patients - mainly to improve my french but I will be able to treat ex-pats as well. I was just wondering if forum members thought there would be much of a need for an English-speaking Physiotherapist. I would be working as a non-conventionne which would mean that the patients would not be able to claim back from the 'caisse'. In England I am the Principal Physiotherapist in a 6 physio private practice and have 20 years of experience in the private sector so am used to working independently. Any thoughts would be welcome! Thank you.
  4. Hi sue, Thank you so much for your reply. I will have to have a good read through it all! Apparently the on/off contract changed 2 weeks before we signed it and they wanted about 26 euros a month and then wouldn't let us turn it on and off. Thanks again. Debi
  5. Hello, Having been told we could have an 'on/off' arrangement for the internet by calling up each time we arrived in France and then calling again when we leave ( which is not true) we find ourselves with an unneeded Livebox. We don't know quite where would be the best place to try and sell it. Any ideas, please? Thank you. Debi Post edited by moderators
  6. Hello, Just to add to the previous comments. My husband has raced in the Circuit De Remparts 2 years ago and then we did the touristique run around the countryside last year and the weather was wonderful on both occasions. The race day was packed from very early on and some people didn't get there early enough to get their paddock passes as they sold out about midday. Howver, the bars are all open and you can get a good view from just about anywhere on the circuit. Parking can be a problem for the spectators due to the thousands attending. Even us as competitors have to park our backup vehicles some way out of town.We have taken part in many French rallies and this is certainly one of the most exciting and even better we have a house 45 mins away so don't have to pay for a hotel! We would thoroughly recommend the whole weekend. Debi
  7. Hello, We too are flying to Angouleme on the 31st March and I received an email informing us of the flight time change 10 days ago. I rang Hertz on their English number (02070260077) as I too found the Ryanair website very confusing and to be honest I didn't trust it when it came to changing my car hire booking. I spoke to someone who was very helpful who changed my booking to the new ( midday) times without any problems. The price though, was, as you say, about £147 but strangely it was £3 cheaper with the new timings! It does seem very expensive and I had previously spent ages trawling the net looking for cheaper deals, but to no avail. Would love to hear if you come up with something! Debi
  8. Could anyone tell me whether they have used this web site to advertise with please? I searched the forum and could not find them mentioned and I would be interested to hear about anyone's experience. Thank you.
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