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  1. A good 20 years at least! Any offers welcome, why sell a house when I can sell him! Lol
  2. Thanks for the info....Betty, I could throw in my husband if anyone wants him! Lol
  3. Why would it be an April fool thread, I am asking for people's opinions and advice ... I know people may have problems selling their house in the UK and might be wanting to buy in our area...so it seemed a good idea to do a swop as it's a win win situation and cuts out the agency fees! It's a 6 year old bungalow, it's in a beautiful village, I honestly can't think of any negative and if we didn't have to sell we wouldn't consider it, but life changes and needs must! I have done some research and it looks like the properties in France are not selling very quickly at the moment...just wondered if it was just as well to try selling privately ior through an agency ...if people are looking to buy, where would they look? Thanks .
  4. We are wanting to sell our beautiful 6 year old bungalow in Lesterps, near Confolons, our tenants are moving out, does anyone know how long houses are taking to sell at the moment and also is there any web sites that may do house swop? I would consider swopping our house in France for one in England
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  6. hello We are looking for someone who can come and look after our 3 dogs for almost 3 months, starting on the 18th October until January 2011. , We live between Hyere and Toulon in a small town with twice weekly local market. Only 15 min drive to the beach, 5 minute walk to the vineyards with beautiful mountain views. Only genuine enquiries please and references required. Must be dog friendly and willing to walk them twice a day and give them lots of cuddles at night.
  7. Hi Looking for a house/apartment for a long term rental from January 09, for 2 adults and 2 small dogs, must be within an hour of Heyres, Hubby starts his new job in January so must find somewhere to live, any help gratefully received. We are moving from the Charante and will have to find someone to rent our house.
  8. Hi all, hope you can help me, I want to go to French classes but can't find anywhere advertised,( I have searched- but probably not in the right places)  though there must be some local to me, I live 10 mins from Confolens.  I don't want private lessons ( tried that) would like to be in a class with others to learn, can anyone point me in the right direction?? I don't mind travelling a reasonable distance.
  9. thank you for all your responses, just thought there might be someone else out there that had bought one for visitors and would be happy to sell/lend me one.  I have been to the carrefour and they were 40 euros,  they also have the mattresses there for 8 euros to fit in a travel cot which I will buy so as to have a new mattress.  My grandson will probably not be over again after this visit until next summer, that was why I thought a second hand one would be better for us. 
  10. Hi We are needing a travel cot for our grandson from 5th Sepember for 10 days, has anyone got one for sale or one that we could maybe borrow?? Dept 16 area Thanks
  11. Hi Does anyone offer a dog/house sitting service out there, we would like someone to come and look after our dogs in our house when we go away. We are in Dept 16 10 minutes from Confolens. We have 2 small friendly dogs who love people and cuddles and playing. We used this service in the UK but can't find anyone on the house/dog sitting site for France.
  12. Hi Has anyone been to the pool at St Junien? I have been trying to get info on this by googling, but not having any success, I hear they do aqua aerobics and would love to go, I suppose I could always pop in for info, but thought I would see if anyone has used it.
  13. sometimes people just react to a situation without thinking, we probably all have done something in the past and thought why did we do that!  we hopefully live and learn, this poor couple can't do that, how sad for them and their family.  But if it makes us stop and think then we have learned something from it....
  14. Yep definately paint we need, the neighbours are all painted a brown colour (not wood stain) we have to go with what the mairie tells us we can have .
  15. Hi All I am having problems understanding which shutter paint to buy....we are only allowed 3 choices of colour in my village, so I am sticking to white...but when I go to the local bricomarche it is so expensive and as I have lots of new shutters to paint, I would like to buy a huge tub not the small ones on sale there...can anyone point me in the right direction for big tubs of paint, and does it need to have a special undercoat - if so what is that called? Thanks in advance for any help on this.
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