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  1. Surely their medical dossiers must show health issues related to their incarceration or potential release which means substantial parts of their background including why they are there?
  2. Fair comment Dick; was the doctor in the prison the guy came out of or his generalist ( I think that is GP)? If the latter I guess he tried to deal with a patient as best he could. If the former, then very odd.
  3. Thanks Dick, I read and heard enough of it over the last few days. What surprises me is that noone on this side wants to discuss the matter or Sarkozy's response.
  4. Yes, the song gives a good example of a present continuous as do the old fone calls 'What are you doing now?', rather rendered useless by webcams but that can expand the context a bit. "Hey Charlie, what's that guy in the back there doing? Oh, he's arranging th room for the next class" Imagine the contexts with a camera.
  5. Yes Frenchie, it is mainly the very old, stuck in their ways, has been inspectors who do that. I have had to deal with them before.
  6. Frenchie, that it is in the programme may be the only reason for teaching it in this way, contrasted to the present simple, but believe me, it only stores up trouble for later. But I accept that you are not responsible for the aged f a r t s who design the programme.
  7. Sweet 17, I taught EFL for 35 years, to the sound of gun and whip, in Libya, Iran, Kuwait, Belgium, Hong Kong, UK, France, Belgium etc., plus I have a PGCE in ELT and an MA in ELT. Whosoever told you that the present continuous is of any importance and worth teaching contiguous to the present simple should have had their brain seen to. It is only used 7% of the time whereas the present simple is well over 50%. It has not been taught that way, I hope since Janet and John or whatever it was called;. I won't go on as I feel guilty about not putting this in a pm. By the way, better teach the present continuous as a future, just to finish on a constructive note.
  8. Thank you patf, I was beginning to think that France consisted of crap songs and nothing else. Given the controversy above over Abo for Native Australian and the current attitude of most French to foreigners 'of colour' or different origins, I thought this might have brought out the fighting spirit amongst us liberals (British meaning). Apart from your good self, zilch, except for a love of Appa whomsoever they might be. Or is everyone lying by the pool sipping the grape or the grain with their brains asleep? PS a paedophile raped a kid the other day. he had been given Viagra by his prison doctor. But it was not mentioned I think.
  9. Funny how some seem to have their collars turned up and others don't.
  10. Spelling mistake came from someone else's post above. Trouble with having a  wife and a mistress is that either may kick you out at any moment. I used to think of this forum as both wife and mistress but now I have to spread my talents more widely to get satisfaction.
  11. [quote user="FurryKnickers"] Some members like to provoke the modulators into banning them as they see it as a badge of honour! They brag about it to their peers like schoolkids in the playground! They must lead very sad and empty lives indeed! This forum is still the best in me own opinion, but it is a bit boring these days without Mrs Tresco and Twinkle and Meg and Mog and Her gorgeous dog and the huggable Chris Head, They were great characters and sadly missed, but I suppose some new blood is needed now! and us older lads need to saddle up our owl horses and ride off into the sunset!   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Irl5Nt6ENF4 Sorry Frenchie, but this is better than John Lennon's original! [kiss] [/quote] Without a little spice in the diet it can get awfully bland at times. And remember that what you see of an iceberg is only a tiny part of the whole.
  12. You should be in bed. Tadpole at me feet, Benny opposite. Nite nite.
  13. Well, several years ago it was a bit like the wild west at times when we did awful things like naming and shaming. I'm not sure that it was better then or now, certainly different. Perhaps there are more forums to choose from or perhaps many people have got bored. I think some people post just a few times to get what they want then disappear. Others, and perhaps I include myself, would like a bit more discussion of serious issues, but that necessarily gets edgy, so we have to go elsewhere. Bit like having a wife and a mistress really. As to provoking the modulators, never, never, not meee.
  14. Ehhhhh Chuck, so do I, so do I. But why Leo indeed,? Why not Scorpio or Margerine or Rooster or Ford Fairlane? Why do we choose our names? Good question. Who are we behind these names? Ourselves, our fantasies or just any old thing. Freudians will say we are our fancied selves and that the real us will be outed over time. So, why Leo.......?
  15. I'm sure that serious, intelligent discussion of relevant issues is not discouraged. It is just that some rough trade comes across from unmentionable places below the salt and makes trouble. Which is unfortunate. Perhaps they might learn one day to be model citizens and appreciate a site such as this.
  16. Yo Christine, It was lovely to meet you at last, even if I did check the car for scratches after your dramatic and tight entry!!! Thank you for the banana banana, We are all doing fine and settling in together. Tadpole manages very, very well with Benny whom he bullies all the time. And he eats non-stop. Needs lots of reassurance and affection but learns quickly. He got through the fences but they have now been reinforced. And he sleeps on my feet where he can and is, thank Frith, good in the car. So far so good then. All happy together. Thanks for your concern, Woooooooolybanana, getting ready for winter.
  17. Nobody wants to discuss anything else do they or there would be other threads. Actually I am rather enjoying being reminded of some old favourites and singing along too. What else is there to discuss? Sarkozy, boring, French politics, boring, the forum, boring, plumbers supplies, boring. No, this is good.
  18. Cheques are ok and 3000 is the cash limit. Much to the regret of the system but then the stupid, stupid ministers for Europe just want to make your money accountable and to get their slimy, corrupt hands on it.
  19. I wonder is anyone else noticed the (un)conscious irony of the expressions used in paragrapgs 5 and 6 of this article, given the subject matter. http://www.lemonde.fr/web/article/0,1-0[email protected],[email protected],0.html
  20. How about that there are too many people on line at that time of day?
  21. Any of the big per hypermarkets have them. Or you can buy mine if you are near the Vendée.
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