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  1. Have seen it in our local SuperU in the English section, quite expensive at €4 for small bottle mind.
  2. I'm a UK resident who spends 4 months in the summer in France,  I have been asked to consider having a stall at a craft fair this year in France, because I make various craft items, I do not normally sell my crafts, as I make them for my own enjoyment and as gifts for friends and relatives.  Am I legally allowed to do this ?  I do not want to say yes and then get into some sort of bother for taking part in one craft fair. Thanks
  3. Have tried a search for this, but not come up with much.   Do the banks in France have change bags as they do in UK, or something similar which we can ask for, we have recently emptied our change jars and have around 68 euros in small change which we need to get changed into something sensible or banked into our French a/c.  In UK, I would either bank it or take it to one of those change machines in the supermarket, but haven't seen anything like that here.
  4. Hi, I know of a couple of English associations in 79, have sent you a PM as I'm not sure if it's ok to post them on here. Good luck Purple Crazy
  5. Purple Crazy


    Have Pm'd you, hope it helps
  6. About 3 or 4 years ago we were on holiday  near Cannes with our caravan, we were on our return journey to UK.  We had a puncture, luckily it happened at a service area,  we had  major problems with the spare wheel carrier being jammed and we ended up staying about 3 hours. We got underway again and pulled into to the next rest area to check everything was fine, only to be surrounded by 4 large white vans and about 20 Douane Officers all pointing either pistols or machine guns at us. Wanted to know why we had stopped so long before and were stopping again so soon, where had we been, where we were going, receipt for campsite, ferry tickets, passports, and were most interested  in what was my mobility scooter for and how it came out of the car. All  very scary at first with all those guns, but once they realised we were innocent tourists and put their guns down they were fine, not an experience we wish to repeat
  7. Hi, Not in your area, but we got ours from a local caravan/motorhome dealer, we've also bought caravan accessories through Narbonne Accessoires (a bit like Towsure in the UK) who have a website with various "batterie auxiliaire" for sale, they have branches throughout France.
  8. Hi Barbara, Welcome to the forum,  I have PM'd you with some info, hope it may be useful.
  9. May be able to help out have PM'd you
  10. Frenchie, My thoughts are with you and your son, have just read your post and am sat here crying now. Yes it so sad and hard to come to terms with, but you can be there and comfort him in his last moments.   Thankfully children are very resiliant and sadly it is all part of growing up. A few years ago when our cat was at the vets and very sick, they told me we could either come and be with her or not, I chose to go and took her favourite blanket with me for her to lay on, and was able hold her when she was injected, it was very peaceful for her.  We took her home and she is buried in our garden with a rose bush as a memorial, we still say good morning to her every day.  My son was only young at the time, and the cat always went to his bed with him until he fell asleep, then she would get back up again, he cried himself to sleep for a period of time, but has taken to new members of the family.  I think we all found it much harder to cope with when another cat got brought back to us after she had been run over, you feel even more helpless as you could not be there for them when they needed you most. Remember all the good times with him and all the pleasure he has given you. ((With a big hug for both of you)) Wendy
  11. Our "baby". When not seemingly velcro'd to her favourite blanket, she loves to play with mice or frogs, she brings them in the house when we are not looking, then lets them loose, we then spend hours of endless fun trying to capture them and release the poor things. [IMG]http://i230.photobucket.com/albums/ee158/wendy1406/sweepy2.jpg[/IMG]
  12. Hi Pads, Thanks, it is one of our treasured photos, we usually visit the area at Christmas time, by taking two weeks holiday from work, we manage to turn it into three weeks away, by using the Christmas holiday in between, the daily sunshine and mild weather keep us going for the rest of the winter, bliss
  13. My first attempt at uploading a photo on here, so hope it works. We took this photo when on holiday on the south coast of France back in December 2003, somewhere between St Tropez and Cannes, after several days of trying to find the right place and be there at the right time [IMG]http://i230.photobucket.com/albums/ee158/wendy1406/sunsetstmaximreduced2.jpg[/IMG]
  14. Hi, We used Maitre Charrier in Moncoutant, who took care of the process in both French and English.  
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