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    Move hanging on the dog

    Hi again. Thanks for all the advice and useful links. On a prospective happy note.  As it's now during opening hours I rang Max's vet to see if they know anything.  Explained that we'd read non-pedigree Staffys (and therefore possibly Staffy X's) are banned breeds.  She said...... "rubbish!"   (also advising, as we already know, about vaccinations, chips etc).  She's suggested we contact the local DEFRA to double check as the laws are constantly changing, but on the whole thinks we won't have any problem.  I'm contacting them and will keep you posted on their conclusions. We're also saving for DNA tests just in case lol.  Won't be happy until he's actually in France.  I think the only way we'll know for sure is to finish getting his passport and try taking him across when we go househunting. As for what he looks like... Not sure if this will work [IMG]http://i2.photobucket.com/albums/y14/harlyquinn/PICT0027.jpg[/IMG]  I can't specify a particular link to where I read the info....there were one or two :(    Hope you all have a good weekend. Take care ~Fig~  
  2. We've got the house up for sale and are at the point of starting to look for a home in France.  Dog is snipped, chipped and very shortly to go for rabies vaccination.  Reading up further on taking pets across we found non-pedigree "staffordshires" are banned, but can't find much more info than this.  Does anyone know the situation with cross breeds?  We know Maxi is staffy x...we don't know what he's mixed with as he is a rescue dog.  He is the baby of the family and has never shown any agression towards humans/animals or even the fish! He's so soft he gets bullied by the local cats and watches as the magpies steal his food.  We can see our plans crumbling as there's no way we'd move without him.  Has anyone here moved with a Staffy cross - did you have any problems getting them in?   Any help/advice appreciated. Thanx ~Fig~
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