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  1. I hope to spend a night here in early July but I am having terrible trouble in 1) finding hotel/b & b accommodation and 2) information about the towns or villages.  Therefore I am not sure where to base myself, I would like to visit one side of the island on the first day and the other side the second day.  Can anybody point me in the direction of where to look for accommodation or recommend anywhere and also if anyone could tell me what areas, etc are good. Thanks a lot.
  2. I wonder if somebody could tell me which number bus is best to get from St Georges to Royan about 9.15/30 on a weekday morning.  I want to catch an onward connection to La Rochelle, coming back I will then get the last bus to Royan and walk back to St Georges as I know they don't run too late. I'd be sooo grateful if they could also tell me where to catch it Allee des Coquelicots just of Rue de Saujon. Thanks.
  3. [quote user="DavyH"]Can't resist saying that 0.5km will be the same distance by car or walking!  just the walking will take longer![/quote] I guess what I really meant was how long will .5km take me to walk?[:$] I have now booked an Etap in Rouen at Le Petit Quevilly just off the Rapide Sud III, not sure if it was a good move though.  I stopped in Rouen city centre once and it took us ages to find the hotel, lets hope that this is different! Anybody stopped at this place before and got any experience re finding it, etc. Thanks
  4. Thank you both for your reply.  I wanted to stop just before Rouen,  I have seen an Etap in Isneauville but am worried that we may have to drive to eat in evening.  It looks by itself although on the Etap site for that hotel it says a restaurant is .50 km away so not sure if that is driving or walking distance.  Has anyone ever stayed there or got experiences of an Etap? Thanks.
  5. I am driving to south west france on a Saturday in June and I arrive in Calais  approx 5.20 local time.  I want somewhere to stop as cheap as possible after Abbeville, but before Rouen by the A28.  I also want to be within walking distance to a restaurant or such for an evening meal.  I then intend to drive the next part of my journey in one so want to obviously take off as much time as possible on the might before.
  6. Many thanks for the information.  The auberge sounds good and reckon we we shall probably fill up at the Hyper U or Carrefour it is cheaper.
  7. I didn't want to go to the hassle of doing that, just wanted to grab something from a cafe or such like and hit the road after.
  8. Its nice to hear other people's experiences - reckon its going to be a Formule 1 then .... we just need to find somewhere to eat for breakfast the other side of Rouen as we are going to west of France - any ideas please??
  9. [quote user="woolybanana"]I see we've all stayed there!  [/quote] Oh dear, does that mean that everyone has had bad experiences of the Formule 1 there.  Its my first time there & I'm still undecided .........
  10. Thanks Sunday Driver & Sweet 17 for both those suggestions, I assume they are both within walking distance but will check them out anyway. It seems we won't starve then as I had visions of everywhere being closed!
  11. I will be staying at the Formule 1 in Abbeville for one night on Sunday 27 June and want to eat that evening.  Will be arriving at 7.30ish and want somewhere within walking distance preferably or very short driving distance as will have spent most of the day driving! Thank you.
  12. Thank you for your replies - this is usually a part of the country which I pass through; will look out for the speed cameras though! I don't really want to go anywhere further than half an hours drive - it looks as if it may be boulogne as I don't want too spend to much, will have to see if there's anywhere nice there.  
  13. I was going to take break either in Wissant or Wimereux, but all hotels in Wimereux seem expensive. Was thinking of Wissant but not sure if there would be enough to do there for 3 days or should I go somewhere like Boulogne? Any suggestions as to hotels or places ?
  14. I shall be staying on the coast  in June has anyone got any ideas as to what I could do around that area inland, or even around the coast area for that matter? Thank you for your help in advance.
  15. leo

    Pedal Cycle

    People living in the Charente Maritime/Royan area of France what is the cheapest price you can pick up a bike for, or if anyone knows of a place that sells bikes second hand or new that would be even better. Thanks
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