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  1. I don't read the Times;the book bears no relation to Two Lipsticks & Italian Father.Mazan was right!!!
  2. Just finished reading "More France Please;We're British".Excellent book,lots of advice-good and bad,not quite upto date because of Sarkozy but otherwise excellent.
  3. Polarity is not particularly critical if your electrics are upto date(double pole circuit breakers) but downright dangerous on earlier fitments.
  4. Gas bottle in cellar is a time bomb just waiting to go off;butane and propane are heavier than air and will collect at the lowest point.Most UK washing machines/dishwashers have connections for hot & cold supplies because most UK houses have hot water storage tanks."Y" pieces are available to connect to cold water supply only but my washing machine operated quite happily with just the cold water supply connected.
  5. Somewhere close to a ferryport and the service is our local Asda is far superior to our local Champion.
  6. Bought a light in a M.Bricolage and found it did not work,took it back to the same shop and they replaced it but before I left,I plugged it in to one of their sockets-that didn't work either.The cashier got a lad from the stockroom who unpacked all of the ones in their display(about 10) and checked all of them.About 1/2 worked and I was given one of those.
  7. "Tropical moments" can be caused by Diabetes.Don't just take something-get checked out.
  8. I'm glad to see that someone refers to them as CUSTOMERS and not as GUESTS.
  9. Remember that FT offer friends and favourite country at special rates.
  10. Only if you're "STUPID ENOUGH" not to discuss what their fee covers in the first place and then negotiate!!!
  11. You don't have to register-they'll catch up with you-remember the Notaire registers the transaction.but you will need to contact the electricity and water people and possibly telephone.
  12. Fit a French plug-the converters are Ok for shavers but on any higher loading-downright dangerous-tho' they show EC markings most are "Made in China" and have never gone near any European checking authority and will certainly invalidate your insurance.
  13. The policy I had not only paid for the hospital treatment but also arranged a driver to collect our car and drive it back to the UK and also a taxi to airport,flights for myself and wife and car waiting at Gatwick to take us home-excellent.
  14. Usually not but you could probably transfer it to your next car.
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