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  1. As someone whose first action in the morning is to read papers on-line I too have pondered what I would do in the event of charging. I surmise that I would probably subscribe to one organ if I couldn't find any free ones that suited me. It would all depend on the cost I suppose.
  2. You'll probably have to choose somewhere with scheduled flights - which restricts you to Nice or Marseille areas I think.
  3. plod

    au revoir

    Maybe I've developed a terrible veneer of insensitivity over the years but I struggle to think that anybody could write anything so awful that I would have to give up reading or posting let alone be kept awake at night. In theory, I suppose, Odile won't be reading these posts, but on the off-chance that she is I would say let it wash over you and carry on.
  4. Here in the Tarn it's been a hard season due to extremely hot weather and lack of rain. Our tomatoes are fine, carrots - those that germinmated - so-so, beetroot not bad and the butternut squash rampant. Potatoes were ok. Haricots verts are flowering but very few beans forming. We are going to try another sowing in a few days hoping it will have cooled down a bit. I think we'll be able to supply the entire department with kiwis.
  5. I would have thought this was the total amount. My bill has the figure 100 euros TTC (tous taxes compris - all taxes included). The TVA (VAT) is shown separately.
  6. Worth remembering that in English you can use what appears to be the simple past to describe repeated actions in the past - eg "when I was younger I ate corn flakes every day." This would have to be translated as "je mangeais" in French.
  7. An extraordinary sight yesterday as the storm approached - hundreds (definitely) of swifts filled the air over our house. Today I found a tiny spider which looked a bit like a scorpion with enormous front "pincers".
  8. Ours are well out now but we are further south; has the greenery died back yet? I have heard of the powder but would be reluctant to use it. Have you grown that many that you need a long storage time?
  9. I certainly have met people like that.
  10. Do French sportsmen/women have an idiomatic equivalent of "It's a big ask" and "We're up for it"? And what is the French for a tandem?
  11. You can buy enormous rolls of black polythene from agricultural supply shops but you will need a hand to move it and lay it.
  12. As some have said things may be taken by accident. I packed a hairdryer after an overnight stop in a B & B; luckily my wife noticed and we left it with the rightful owners.
  13. I thought about replying to this when I saw it but then considered that this person, as represented, probably doesn't exist, nobody could be that naive. The fact that they have posted on 19th and not since suggests it is not a genuine post.
  14. A bit of a grumpy old so-and-so but makes a lot of valid points.
  15. As I go towards Toulouse it didn't make much sense to go that way but for Tours I can see it does. Michelin suggests via Rouen for Tours but via Paris for Limoges.
  16. May seem obvious but does somebody watch the tv and somebody twiddle the dish?
  17. Anybody else suffering with picture break-up in the evening, particularly bad on ITV2 and 3?
  18. Like many others, I'm sure, I was not looking forward to crossing Paris on the Calais-SW France run. So much so that I once tried the Rouen way. I've only done it once. The Périphérique is straightforward from Arras - just follow the signs to Bordeaux/Nantes until you get across Paris. I imagine that rush-hour is best avoided but it takes only about three-quarters of an hour to clear the capital. I found the Rouen way very tedious and a lot slower.
  19. I teach English as a volunteer and, although I would not deliberately set out to entertain myself with their attempts at pronunciation we often have a good laugh about it. Conversation is not really just a question of sitting down for a chat unless their level of English is good. I do prepare as much as possible but somebody will always ask a question I can't answer. I have to say it is excellent for the understanding of your own language.
  20. "Downfall" was a terrific film and these little parodies are great also. The actor who played Goebbels has an extraordinary face.
  21. There must be some advantages to living in North Korea at the moment.
  22. All seems pretty simple really except when you remember that the person offering these suggestions isn't ever going to be in the position to need them himself. For instance, the prosecution is entitled to make inferences if you are asked a question and don't answer. All police officers think that if you say "No comment" then you are guilty. If you say you are suicidal you will end up in a paper suit being watched all the time, and possibly get yourself assessed by a doctor, and who knows he may decide to section you.
  23. Saw "Looking for Eric" last night (in France). Very enjoyable and a Ken Loach with a happy, if somewhat contrived ending. One thing is for sure - the French in the audience will have learnt one English word beginning with f!
  24. Every time I go to Rodez I wonder if any of the other passengers is Ron from the Aveyron. I have a mental picture but I suppose Ron could be a lady?
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