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  1. Albi is a lovely town, quite touristy, and not too far from Toulouse with motorway all the way. We lived nearby. The Tarn can get very hot in summer and very cold in winter, albeit short-lived cold usually. Gaillac is nice, even closer to Toulouse and has a station too. Too much choice!
  2. I have to query your numbers - both the Grauniad and La Depeche say that 90 odd complaints were received but only nine were allowed to proceed.
  3. Don’t build it too big. We made the mistake of having one which was far too grand for our needs. Get a good cover. I can't advise on other matters as I have only the experience of owning one rather than practical knowledge. If you are not permanent residents beware of not being there to get it all going in the spring; green water can be a pain to get rid of. It was lovely having a pool, but they are hard work, and as it got older ours began to get expensive. I eventually found a local man to help look after it; I think if I had known him from the moment we had the pool it would have made our lives a lot simpler.
  4. I have been embarrassed on a number of occasions when I have asked somebody in a supermarket:”Excusez-moi, aves-vous etc” The reply always begins with a rather icy “Bonjour”.
  5. I wish you good luck; I’m not saying don’t tell anybody, but be prepared for those you do tell to ignore you. It has taken us about 18 months to shake off the claims for TdH, or payment for a Carte Bleue without a bank account attached to it.
  6. You obviously don’t know Albi very well. There are plenty of restaurants; I agree with the tenor of the rest in that it is very quiet, especially in the evening.
  7. I am returning permanently to the UK with my car which is at present registered in France. I presume i need to inform the prefecture. Can I do this on-line?
  8. And there was I thinking that Ron in the Aveyron had made a comeback.
  9. Mid-August, but I tried some random dates in April and May. I’ll have another look now.
  10. Looking to next year I examined the Rodez schedule but any dates put in came back “sold out” and all the nearby ones were “no flight”. Anybody have any information about this? Anybody succeeded in booking a flight next spring/summer?
  11. Very true; I heard a Frenchman the other day saying that most villages and small towns used to have bars and cafes but that now they had closed and there were pharmacies in their place!
  12. I suffered the same fate with ITV4 and don’t know how “The Interpreter”ended! I also find I have lost my local BBC (West) but can get BBC 1 on other regions. BBC 2 is also breaking up. I am in the Tarn.
  13. I am indebted to you, Louise and Gary, for your message to me. I had thought the thread had died a death. I have been in touch by e-mail with my local office and they appear to acknowledge my case. I say appear because in their reply they say: "Le principe de l'imposition de vos revenus perçus à l'etranger est correctement appliqué , cependant vous recevrez une imposition corrigée ultérieurement . " Seems to be a sort of "we weren't wrong but we were wrong". I wonder how long "ulterieurement" will be?
  14. There has been no change in my pension receipts. My grumble is that I am paying tax in France now whereas in the past I paid none. There are two conclusions - either I am paying less tax in the UK and therefore paying some in France, or the French governments is taking money from me which it did not in the past. I suppose taxes are rarely seen as fair but there does seem an injustice in this.
  15. It is a government pension. There is a column headed "Credit d'impot sur rev etranger". There is an amount in this column preceded by a minus sign. It appears that this is the amount on which I am paying tax at 0,22 per cent. Am I paying my tax twice?
  16. I suppose they can. In the past, as a British resident obliged by the nature of my employment when I worked in the UK to pay my taxes on my pension there, I declared in France but paid no tax here. This year I find I am paying income tax, not a huge amount but the principle seems wrong viz paying tax in the UK and again over here. I am not referring to the "prelevements sociaux" but impot sur le revenu. This happened to anybody else; has something changed that I missed?
  17. I think MJ has a lot to answer for; he decided that England would play a leaden and plodding style and picked players to suit like Easter and Banahan. He praised Steve Borthwick to the skies for a long time and then dumped him, realising eventually, what we all knew, that he is not an international quality lock. He did the same with Hape, we all knew that as well. He has persisted with Tindall and Cueto who are well past their best, and in four years in charge has not made any progress in building a side. I know he has included players like Ashton and Foden but he needed to go much further. I watched the game with my French neighbour, he must have been wondering why the French were at all worried about this game. I rather fancy Wales as I can't see France raising their game again.
  18. I've never seen snakes as late in the year as this; the other evening at 9pm I nearly trod on one.
  19. I can't advise you on another variety but have patience with the thunderstruck one; same happened to us but it regrew vigorously.
  20. In my local Intermarché a kilo of ginger was cheaper than a kilo of red onions.
  21. I'm not sure I see the point in extending my monicker - "Ploddy". "Plo" doesn't seem to work. I once worked with a couple of blokes called Steve and Ian, and Steve used to call Ian "Ee". So it can be shortened!
  22. As we are off topic has anybody suffered as big a drop in temperature as we did today - at 5 pm 16C colder than yesterday!
  23. If everyone was like me the forum would die a rapid death. Most of the time I feel that posting would be intruding into a conversation by people I don't know, but who seem to "know" each other, even shortening their forum name. (It is clear from some of the responses that some of you have met each other). I don't give advice, but I might say "this is what happened to me". I have occasionally asked for, shall I say, thoughts, on something, but treat any replies with caution. I have to say that I like the heated debates, and get quite upset when the moderators "pull" them. If the profession of which I was once an employee is maligned I usually attempt a defence.
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