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  1. Thanks for all the recommendations. After a bit of research, I've narrowed it down to the following itinerary: Fly into Paris- immediately rent car and drive down to Loire. Stay in Amboise for 3 nights (at http://www.manoirlesminimes.com). Then off to Beaune for another 3 nights at Hotel le Cep Finally, up to Paris for 3 nights. Of course, we'll drop the car off at the airport once we get into Paris and then be car-free for those last 3 nights  (Hotel Mansart: esprit-de-france.com).   Now I just need to figure out car rentals. I cannot wait to go to france, although I'm trying not to think TOO much about it since I don't want to rush away my summer. But I can't help it! August 29th is not far off!
  2. Thanks for the advice. I figured it may be too much-and that's fine. We can save Normandy for another trip. At this time, we're more interested in the Burgundy area. Perhaps we could do Paris/Burgundy/Loire this trip! I think we may have FINALLY narrowed it down! It was so difficult to choose where to go since we've never been to France before. There are just too many choices.   thanks for your help, Denise
  3. My husband and I are planning to visit France for the first time in September. Our neccessities in this trip are: good food, good wine, beautiful architecture (chateaux, churches) and just plain beautiful countryside/landscape. We figure we'd fly into Paris, stay about 3 nights (i realize it's not nearly enough...for the Louvre itself!), and then travel to Normandy for a couple of nights to see the beaches and experice the villages, and then down to Burgundy for the food and wine. I'm not sure of the travel times in between the 3 areas. Is it do-able in a 10 day span? Knowing what we want, do you have other suggestions? We were looking at the Dordogne region in lieu of Burgundy, but felt it may be too far south. Any advice and suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Denise  
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