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  1. Can't sell as family home.  We have a separate apartment which is our home.  We are classed as a chambre d'hote but really a small hotel.  That website www.foreignperspectives.com - very confusing site if ever I saw one! All a bit , well "bitty" .  Not sure why you recommended it -  could not find anything about selling agents or advise? Am I missing something?  



  2. Does being a  new build have relevance?  No it's not!

  3. Thanks for your reply.   £100,000 in tax.  We are near la rochelle.

  4. Can anyone advise?

    Due to circumstances outwith our control we are having to sell our B & B but have discovered we will have to pay an massive amount in tax (we are talking 100,000 grand) because we are selling the business after only owning for 2 years.  If we sell after 5 years we will not have to pay but unfortunately we do have to sell now!

    Can anyone advise us on any way we can avoid paying this tax and can anyone recommend a english speaking agent?


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