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  1. I've got a friend looking to move to the limousin around april next year. He has been an upholsterer since leaving school and would like to continue in this trade. is there much of a call for this kind of work oe will he need to be looking at alternate ideas? many thanks, sharpy
  2. hi, best of luck with your mini-digger hire. i went to hire one in the correze last week, and was quoted a price of 1206 euros for seven day hire!!!
  3. sharpy

    Soil Wanted

    hi, we're in treignac in 19, not too sure how far from you. but we have in the region of 400 tons to get rid of. if its not too far you're more than welcome to 'help yourself' (or anybody else for that matter)! cheers, sharpy.
  4. hi, hopefully this will take you to the treignac website. look at accommodation and find 'la plage' a nice site about 4ks out of town. another nicer site is about 7km further on, between treignac and bugeat called lac viam. a lovely area hope this helps,   dave.
  5. hi jo,  not 100% sure but it sounds like 'brownings' (i think that's the right name)!
  6. hi,  i've seen reference on the velux site that for a room to receive adequate light it requires a window that is at least 15% of the floor size of the room in question ie, if the room is 20m2 then the window should be 3m2. you could also try this link? http://windows.lbl.gov/daylighting/designguide/section3.pdf hope this helps. sharpy.
  7. hi mary jane, the correze is in our opinion a beautiful area, in fact we are signing for our own property next week [:D]  house prices do seem to have gone up a fair bit in the last eighteen months or so, but in the last six the biggest factor has been the terrible rate of exchange. we transferred a deposit on our last property (which fell through at the eleventh hour) last september and got a rate of  euro 1.47 to £1. yesterday we transferred a fairly hefty sum for another property and only got euro 1.27!!! still worth it though! cheers, dave.
  8. hi, we were advised to use the following calculation: length in metres x width in metres x height in metres divided by either 25 (good level of insulation), 15 (average insulation) or 10(poor insulation). eg.  l= 5m, w=4m, h=2.4m  = 48m2, divided by 15 (room with average level of insulation) = 3.2kw. so by this method your stove should certainly cope [:)]
  9. we stayed at the kensington close hotel in wrights lane. literally a ten minute walk to the train/tube at earls court and  five minute walk to kensinton tube station. also its directly off kensington high street which will lead you on to just about all the touristy bits..... plus its very well priced.
  10. can anyone tell me what map datum i would use if i were using an 'ordnance survey' style map in france ie; in the uk, i would buy an ordnance survey landranger map and my gps would show for example sy2234 3456. what would the french equivalent be; i could just use lat/long but really i am looking for something more 'local'. many thanks,                     sharpy.
  11. many thanks to everybody who replied via the forum or by pm. now i've got plenty of choice!! cheers.
  12. we are due to do the final signing on our barn in december, and are on the understanding that we will require building insurance in place on this date. we have done a 'google' and searched on this and other forums and are unable to find what we are after:- can anyone recommend an insurer who will insure an old stone barn in the limousin. the biggest problem we are getting is that we only have a general postcode not a full address ie 27, new road, newtown etc. many thanks for any help/ideas.  
  13. i also meant to add!!![Www] our paperwork arrived with the vendors signature via registered post, it was also returned registered. we paid our deposit three days after the date WE signed. this was to ensure the money was inplace when it was required, as the bank told us it could take 3 days for the money to be received the other end especially as there was a weekend involved. this happened in early sept and the date for the final signing has now been set for the middle of dec.[:D]
  14. we recently signed our 'cdv' and were told the cooling off period starts from the date we enter on the forms when signing.
  15. thanks, it took quite a while to find what we really wanted and a LOT longer to build up the courage to do it!!!
  16. [IMG]http://i239.photobucket.com/albums/ff35/sharpy878/p1010015.jpg[/IMG] i hope that works!!! cheer people for your help. anyway, this will eventually be our new home. we've been chasing this property since april and we are finally due to complete in nov, with any luck we will be moving over on a permanent basis sometime around easter.
  17. hi, there's some lovely properties here and i'd like to add a picture of ours, only i don't know how to. any helpers?? cheers.
  18. in some rural parts of the uk, a common trick for scum, is to chuck an old shoe (or such) on the driveway of a proposed 'target'. if the next time they pass and the shoe is gone, they know someone is either living there, ie. not a holiday/weekend retreat, or that the property is not as deserted as they first thought. as you've said that there has already been a breakin near-by, maybe the plastic bag is a similar scam?? if it were me i'd be leaving some pretty clear signs of permanent residence.
  19. hi, two months ago we put an offer for the full asking price, on an old barn and cow-shed and about 5 acres. at the time the vendor had been approached by another buyer to purchase 'our' barn and land plus around another 20 hectares. it appeared the other buyer was having some difficulty in getting finance, whereas we were offering an immediate cash sale. last week the vendor got tired of waiting for the other buyer and told us he would sell to us, at which point the other buyer 'upped' his offer so now the vendor is re-considering the other offer. the agency we are dealing with are at a loss as the vendor doesn't seem to be communicating with them. we really don't want to lose this property but how long should we wait before 'knocking it on the head'.? if anyone else has experienced a similar occurrance we  would be interested to hear of the final outcome, good or bad! as a post-script, the cow-shed is currently sub-let to a tennant farmer who is seeking financial recompense for the vendor breaking his contract. cheers for any comments/advice,  sharpy.
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