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  1. Thank you very much - this obviously answers my questions, presumably if I just get one of these external modems I should be able to connect up with no problem - well hopefully anyway. Thanks again
  2. Hi, thanks for the info, sorry to be so long in replying but I've been away.

    The laptop is an HP P520 Turion II - hope you can help with this

  3. ps

    I have tried to enter the password etc as I have all these details but without success
  4. Hi

    The main problem I have is that there is not a good broadband connection in our village so the computer was dial up - I assumer there will be an internal modem in

    my laptop but I am not that well up on these things. Should it still work if the phone is connected ?

  5. Hi

    I had an old computer in france which has now given up the ghost and have bought a laptop. Unfortunately my wandoo disc will not load onto this new laptop as it does not recognise the running system. I tried to contact what was Wanadoo which now appears to be Orange and also tried France Telecom without success. Please can anyone help me

  6. Hi

    I am trying to find a new oil drizzler and would really like a provencal type ceramic one but cannot find one online to purchase I just wondered if anyone knows of a website shop that supplies them ?  Many thanks

  7. Hi

    We are looking for a supplier of a winter pool cover.  Our house is on the border of the Vendee and Deux Sevres so someone in that area would be good if anyone could help, we would be very grateful.

  8. Hello

    I hope someone can help, I have left my recipe for pain perdu in France and would like to make one here in England, all I can remember is that its really nice, probably just the same as bread and butter pudding but I can't remember all the ingredients.

    Many thanks


  9. I'm sure it will have been asked before, but please can someone tell me which is the equivalent of double cream in french - I need to be able to whip some for a recipe.  Many thanks
  10. Hi

    I really hope someone can help me,  I have received a letter from France Telecom informing me that I have not paid my last bill.  I have not received any bill and am desperately trying to get in touch with them to tell them but am fighting a loosing battle !   I have tried umpteen times to ring the English line which is always busy and the usual lines do not work from England.  In the end I sent a cheque with the letter but it has not been cashed and now I have received another letter.  This morning I did manage to ring a different line to a french speaking lady which I coped with for a while but then she totally lost me !  I am sure when we had the phone installed there was an english speaking person's email address to keep contact with for the installation of the phone but now when I need it it doesn't seem to be there - help !!  Annie

  11. Hi

    Not too sure which category this query comes into but we need to send some furniture (just 3 pieces) which are quite bulky to our house in the Vendee. Does anyone know the best and cheapest way of doing this ? 

  12. Hi

    Can anyone give me any idea of the cheapest car hire from Nantes Airport, it seems to be a bit of a minefield there are so many

    Many thanks

  13. Hi

    We are in the process of installing a swimming pool and wondered if anyone could let us have any information on the best place to buy the round edged pavers to surround the pool, the pool is curved which is going to make it difficult to do unless we can find pavers in various angles.  We are based in the Vendee on the Deux Sevres border.

    Many thanks

  14. Just realised what I'd put ! Yes I need an English TV to work in our home in France, the other thought I've had is, will we need a new aerial ?


  15. Please can anyone tell me if it is possible to receive French television through an English TV, someone told us it was if you had the right make of TV but I don't know which make !  Is there any type of  modern gadget that can make this possible - Please can anyone help ? Many thanks 

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