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  1. i thought id give my euros worth here.  As a registered artisan in France i would like to emphasie how difficult it is those work in the trades i france, under what is nothing less than a very cumbersum and expensive administrative system.  I came to France at the age of 20years old, have trained here as a compagnon and now work for myself, there is noting easy about the life of an artisan, especially if he wants to work well and do a good job.  You are obliged to charge 250 - 300e a day, if not you sink.  Also, we have to keep clients waiting, as we are obliged to juggle jobs, one from the other in order to have a continual stream of work and not end up with lost days...which i may add we always have to pay for....the state takes its share no matter what, even if im at home with a broken leg, thats my tough luck. 

    Another point i may add, there is so much talk about black work...personally i will never work black again.  You open yourself up to precarity.  How many clients did i have (all brits namely) that tried to renegotie the price once the job was finished!!!  They got it cheap, no TVA and often for 200e a day, but still wanted to shave off some euros via some cheap scape, half baked plan such as B&D parts...or saying that i did not work 8hrs a day...my advice is to not work black unless you really have to...and even then, dont work for friends and family, they expect it for free....


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