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  1. I concur with Anton! Having done my apprenticeship with Caffyns Ltd (British Leyland/Austin Rover, Jaguar Rover Triumph, Leyland Red and Blueline and Rolls-Royce), I was staggered how many part numbers went right across the various ranges, especially Cambridge/Oxford, Marina, Morris 1000, MG front suspension parts, and many many elsewhere too! Although I know which one I'd rather race!
  2. For fear of ruffling feathers. The design team for the Miata (for which read MX5/Eunos) was headed by an American, who based the whole thing on, and I qoute, "what the Elan should have been, but with a smiley face". I concede, not a light car, but not that lardy! I had no end of fun chucking mine around, but it was no Caterham.....
  3. That's the car I brought to leave at the house in France, in case we flew down! British Racing Green, tan leather, speakers in the headrests, air con, but sold it as it was a Jap' import, and was proving difficult to get registered!
  4. I was "off the road" although not for long, and all I was asked for was a letter from my UK Insurance company, which cost me £6, and there has been no problem since!
  5. Yes, the 2 CV is a lot of fun, bit like the Fiat 500, a hoot to drive. I raced a 2CV (part of a team in a charity endurance race. I was not looking forward to it at all, and to watch, eek, but once in the car, what a total laugh!!!!
  6. For those MG fans. This is me in Goldie Gardner's EX135 record breaker. The lady looking on is Mrs U E Goldie Gardner, the Majors widow. We were trying to get the Heritage collection to allow us to run it again (I was going to drive), but there were no spares. It's more years ago than I care to remember! [IMG]http://i161.photobucket.com/albums/t215/f1steveuk/goldiescar.jpg[/IMG]
  7. Wasn't my Europa! The guy I used to race for, didn't like driving in the UK, so I got to drive him to the circuit, then race his race car, then drive him home! The Europa was, er, compact inside, and I gave 100% effort, but quite impossible! There's something about the Keeble, the badge, the sound, not brilliant to drive though. For driving experience Caterham Seven. I got one around Brands (short circuit) under the time for a then current F3 car, and then drove it home. Now that's a shopping car!  Any petrol head would never be able to pick just one car though, I couldn't. Mind you I was motor museum curator for a while, and got to drive some exotic stuff, and most of the time they were a huge let down to drive, but still looked FANTASTIC!!!!
  8. Absolutley immpossible in a Lotus Europa. If restricted to just one classic car, Gordon Keeble[:-))]
  9. We used to do the trip every three weeks, now every six! Speedferries, Boulounge, then to Rouen, (which you don't have to go "through") Everuex, Dreux, Chatres, Orleans, pick upthe motorway, Limoges, and turn off at Souliac toward Bergerac, and it has always been quicker than the few times we tried through/round Paris, certainly doesn't take two days either! We allow ten hours, but it usually takes eight.
  10. Thinking about it, our doctor, in St Cyprien speaks reasonable English, our dentist (in nearby Siorac) is South African, and the best dentist my other hakf has EVER used (I'm 48 with my own teeth and no fillings, so it doesn't bother me!), but it's fun to try and speak French, and it gives the resident French a laugh!
  11. Sounds good to me! I agree with Bob, but we've met a lot of  "non French", as well as "local" French speakers, and all have made the move (although only part time) nearly seamless, enjoyable and painless, you'll get help, even when you don't need it!
  12. So in summary, SKY's reasoning for my poor reception was just BS! Wonder how it was cured then? This is probably why I directed the pictures, rather than send them......
  13. But you can control the power being used surely, and that would affect the signal, surely? Making the tea! I could be offended by that! But I'm not. I was a director on live broadcast. I only qoute the lady at SKY, and as I said I had to do a double take, but having said that when we uplinked (through a dish) our engineers were boosting something! I don't question your last remark, but when we moved to France and had to get the box "on-line", we obvioulsy couldn't do it over the 'phone line. I gave them a "story" that as we were restoring I couldn't connect the box to the land line, and again was told "that's ok, I can do that without a land line" Just curious!
  14. But they do have control of the signal allocation for each account area at the uplink which in SKY's case is Osterley. I worked for 12 years in the TV coverage of F1, and we could control the uplink frequency strength, so although I am scepticle, it is possible.
  15. The account is indeed through a UK address, but the box and card are in France. If you call SKY from France, you just make sure that your 'phone doesn't allow the recieve to see your call details (e.g cannot see you are calling fom France).
  16. We're in Belves, not far from Sarlat. We had signal problems. I called Sky, who told me they "turn down the power of the signal to see how low we can get away with". I think I knew what she meant! Anyway, she said she'd "boot it up a bit" and it's been fine since.
  17. Chrish Thanks, look forward to hearing from you on it. The other link is very helpful, but only does the pump, not the electrics, but thanks for that too
  18. Hi Chrish It's a Spanish ESPA Silen 100MM SP12 230v 50Hz 10884/esp. On the thermo protection device it has 3MP16301 19F5T. It has much thicker wire than the one I have robbed from the old pump, which is my main concern!
  19. It reference to my "Pump, strang behaviour" post, I have now located the problem, and rather tired looking thermal protection device. Now as I changed the pump less than two years ago, I was a bit miffed that Magiline "don't do electrical, or bits of pumps". They then proceeded to sell me a spare straining basket, o ring, but if I wanted the thermo couple, "that will be a new pump", 400 odd Euros!!! Now as luck would have it, I took the thermo couple off the old pump, and it works, but I would rather replace like for like, but cannot find anything on the web (Maplins, RS components etc) any one know of an electronics company (here or the UK) that may just want to sell a thermo couple?? Ta
  20. Yes your right, a condenser, I looked at it and my mind went back to points and plugs ignition, which had a condenser to prevent burning the points (that shows my age!), got one, and no different! Still cutting out. The thermo/switch was fine, but then I made a dicovery, it has two thermo/switches!! One floating around in the junction box, and another, concealed under the box, and pressed on to the motor casing. Moved it, and Robert is your mother's brother. It's been running for an hour now, so it's a new swtich. Thanks for the input.
  21. Well it was runnng while we were away, on a timer. There is a hissing when switched off, which seems to be coming from the waste pipe (!!), but not from the pump. I don't know if there are any one way valves anywhere, it's all a bit odd really. I've never seen the drain valve closed in all the time we've been here, nor before that. Inside the pump electrical connections box, there's a white cylinder, Facon, which is some sort of relay/switch/cut out, and I'm suspecting that......
  22. This is an odd one! Just returned home after six weeks. Pool level low (just on the return jets) so topped it up.Water clear, but a little brown powder on the bottom (probably rotted leafs), so I switched the pumps to constant, added some shock chlor. Just as I was leaving the pool area, the pumps cut out, then 20 seconds later, back on again. Ran for two minutes, then cut out again!. I returned to the timer, and found it was definetly on "constant", so returned to the pool, and it was still doing it. So I backwashed it, and it cut out after a minute doing that! So I tried vacuming it, no problems at all! Hoovered all the brown stuff out, and of the sides, taking thirty minutes, and the pump ran constantly! So I returned on the settings on the valves, and switched back to filter, and it worked. For a while. Now I tried hoovering, and again the pump ran no problems. I still can't run a backwash. If I stay by the pump house, when I turn the pump off, there is a hiss, like pressure being released. This sounds like it's in the drain pipe. I checked the drain pipe valve, and it is stuck open (but it only drains when you set the the main "valve" to drain. But I am assuming the pump is cutting because of a pressure build up?, or an air lock? Do I need to replace the drain valve, will that cure it, or do I have to bleed the air somehow. It's very frustrating as I am unable to filter the pool, oh yeah, and use it!!
  23. Dick Smith wrote the following post at 28/07/2008 20:59: Atlas. Interesting discussion, I only just found it. Yes, a good thread, and a brilliant forum. I was very wary when I was asked to join, there's a lot of knowledge on there, but I think I'm holding my own! Now the publisher who did my book on Bluebird has sold his company, the rights have reverted to me, so I may do a re-write and include the re-build. I've got one Allen key, where each flat is 1 inch!!! That's the one the missus tried to use as a hammer!
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