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  1. [quote user="Stan Streason"]No it doesnt. As well as having 2 cables to the dish you need to be paying the £10 per month additional fee to Sky for the service (and then they will insist on phone line etc)[/quote]

    The phone line is usually so they can attampt to sell you pizzas, and not much else. As the recording hard drive is in the box, I've never seen why they charge an extra tenner, or am I missing something?

  2. If there was power near by, I'd suggest an Optimate, if not, then it would make sense to disconnect the battery and lock the doors with the key. One other point, and slightly more crucial in France than the UK, two months is more than enough time for the petrol to go stale, and it's easy to tell because of the smell. Stale petrol will work, but it needs a hotter spark. I usuallu run anything than is going into storage (car, bike, strimmer, chain saw etc etc) to very low, and then put as much fresh petrol as possible in before trying to start it, along with a freshly charged battry in the case of a car or bike. Most modern vehicles don't have coils these days, but spark genorators, and these don't work well with a low charge, so add that to stale petrol, means a difficult to start car!  French petrol seems more prone to going stale quickly.

  3. Michelle Mouton was a bit handy in a rally car, and my friend Catherine Legge did well in the States as is currently doing DTM.

    In the past many women raced Bugatti's, and there were many woman who raced at Brooklands, indeed Barbara Cartland organised a race solely for women at Brooklands, but that's history currently there are quite a large amount of women racing at all levels, so many in fact, I've never considered it odd!

  4. Indeed, the protest was started by a group that have fairly recently moved to the area.

    I worked in F1 for some years, Spa was a highlight in the year, but I am a little surprised by this, as the major shareholder in the Spa circuit (e.g those bits that aren't public roads) is my old boss, Bernard Charles Ecclestone, so I don't think it will go easily!

    I used to really enjoy driving around what remians of the old, full circuit, through Stavelot etc, much of which remains unchanged.

    Petition signed, and not just once either!!

  5. I have an Espa Silen pool pump ESPA Silen Klixon Poland 3MP 1E


    It's no bigger than your little finger nail, but it's the third pump I have had, and it's always this little switch that goes.

    I've Googled it, and sent e mails to a couple of companies that list it, but none seem to what to even give me a price, let alone sell me some.

    Anyone got any ideas, it has to be cheaper than a new pump, again!
  6. [quote user="cooperlola"]Credit Agricole Pacifica seem reasonable to me.  But what they're like in the event of a claim, I do not know and that is where insurance companies are truly tested, imho.[/quote]

    Well I put in a claim four years ago for a swimming pool repair, and despite monthly calls/e mails, I've still yet to see an "expert".

    To add insult to injury, originally, very very reasonable, this year a reminder was sent, AFTER the deadline to stop it and go else where, with a HUGE increase (nearly double from 399 euros to 710). After a call, and a apology that I was now stuck with it because it was sent out late, but no reason why it's gone up so much. Needless to say, not best impressed.

  7. Sadly don't think I'm that lucky, it appears the foam has rolled up behind the liner, and refilling the pool squeezed the water out, but left the foam rolled up. The first engineer said "part drain, pull down the liner, pull up the foam, and re-install. Insurance said, "650 euros??!! we'll send an expert", three years later, still waiting! (and many many many phone calls and e mails!!)

  8. My liner has a bulge, I think there is a foam sheet behind it, and in a storm, water got in behind, and created this bulge. I've waited an age for the insurance to even send an "expert", but wondered if it can be sorted, or a liner replacment, do you pump the water into a bowser or flexible tank, dump it and refil anew, or ????? Just curious as it's going to have to happen!

  9. I think the biggest gripe over "safety" cameras, is they are rarely somewhere where safety is the main concern, and you do have to wonder when so many speedos are inaccurate, how being "flashed for doing 31, in a 30 is bound to wind anyone up, I tend to drive on my cruise control, set to the speed limit, or below, I have speed warnings on my sat nav (that work very well on French roads as well, and my speedo has been accurately calibrated, yet I was pulled by a man in blue with a laser gun. When ask what speed I was doing I said, with 100% confidence, "39 mph". The response? "Don't be clever mate!". When I pointed out that the peak speed recorded by my sat nav was, 39 mph, the cruise control was set to 40mph, and that the speed indicator on my sat nav was telling me it was a 40 mph area, regardless that there were no signs ( wonder why he picked that particular spot??), and then asked to see his certificate of calibration, he waved me away.  Yes I agree with "if you speed you deserve what you get", but I also think that when signs are two feet from the camera when it goes from national limit to 50, or a camera is hidden in a horse box in an area where there are confusing signs, there IS a cynical side to it as well.

  10. [quote user="Braco"]Just for information most speed cameras in the UK are positioned at the point of at least two previous fatalities.[/quote]

    Most, certainly not all.

    Tony is right, and as an example, one whole county is about to remove over 50% of it's cameras, and the one I mentioned, which curiously is thesingle  highest earning camera in the British Isle, has been moved to a sensible distance after the sign indicating the 20 mph drop in speed. My argument was there should be a sensible distance as it's safer to lift from the throttle, than brake.

  11. Well I can't speak for the French, but camera placement in the UK in a lot of places is more than a tad cynical. One notorious camera on the A3 has been measured to be less than ten feet after the sign that indicates a 20 mph drop. Now to me, on a duel carriage way,a vert busy one at that, it would be safer to simply lift, not brake like bu##ery and create a situation, but of course if you lift, your never going to loose 20mph in less than ten feet! And there are many examples of this, in the UK. I have to say, I have seen what looks like examples of it in France as well.

    I like the Austrian system, full size dummies dressed as police, has the right effect, and there are a couple of places were speed cameras simply turn the next traffic lights red and holds you up.....................

  12. ,

    Most speedos are a tad opptimistic, even the digital ones, and few manufacturers have more than a couple of speedos in the parts bin to compensate for tyre/wheel size etc

    The Passat I have been driving is according to several means, 5 mph opptimistic at 65 mph.

    The cruise control is absolutely spot on, and holds set speeds brilliantly, so U have no problem trusting it to drive through towns etc

  13. I'm pretty puzzled by Alonso in this. The strategy is planned by a raft of lap top pilots, but the driver always, and I mean ALWAYS has a say. He wasn't the first to stop, but he was the first from that far back, and the general rule of thumb is the farther back on the grid, the more you carry. With what he started with he was only likely to move up three, maybe four places, but on a three stop, he'd never have kept them. Curiously, on a  very very light start, such as he had, the model shows he would move up three places, and would need several slow laps to conserve fuel so that a full tank would take him far enough ahead to retain his advantage, which is exactly what happened! Surely any driver would have questioned such a stratergy, because without the safety, it's obvious it wouldn't work...............

  14. Renault are supposed to have signed a deal to supply Williams with engines for next year, although as they have supplied other teams in the past without building cars, I wouldn't be surprised to see them walk away.

    As for cheating, well, all the time I worked in F1, there were many stories circulating, but in connection with this? Which team were caught having taken the filter out of the refueling rig to get more fuel down the hose quicker? Which team were caught taken the spare car (instead of the 'a' car) down to post qauli' scrutineering after a suspiciously quick qauli' time? Which team were caught with embedded software concealed in their ECU? Which team were caught using tyres that were softened with chemicals? Which team were caught with a slightly irregular fuel? And although the team changed names a couple of times, who was in charge of Benetton and Renault (oh what a give away!) at the time. (Italian, initials FB) Me? No I am not surprised, hell, ask yourself who was a Benetton driver for a while with a knack for swerving into championship rivals in Oz in 1994...........

    Of course now Flav' can go off and play with his other toy (because he certainly didn't understand F1 at all), Queens Park Rangers, but what happens if a QPR player scores an own goal!!!!!!!?????

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