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    Plus a weasel on Monday
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    Plus postage, at fifty per cent
  3. My dictionary gives "ce qu'on gagne d'un côtes, on le perd de l'autre" or "c'est une situation ou l'on n'a rien a perdre ni a gagner"
  4. Chas


    Near Zeal Monachorum
  5. We have had one for a couple of years now and are very happy with it.  We had some problems with the French website so in the end, having sorted out what we wanted (extras etc including QWERTY) we ordered by phone from the UK. Service was good and fom phone call to delivery took less than a week. [:)]
  6. A lot of lights went out when the forum was revamped in 2004!!
  7. 2000 points short and kicked out at level 6. Try again later!
  8. [quote user="Cat"]Didn't they camp out at Pont Carral for a while Hoddy?  Not that far from either of us.[/quote] There is no mention in "Das Reich" of Pont Carral but this site notes that the bridge at Pont Carral was blown up by the resistance round about the 9/16 June.   http://www.bbc.co.uk/ww2peopleswar/stories/38/a8996638.shtml
  9. [quote user="cassis"]Go to this page and scroll down to the marinaded baby octopus.  Looks the same to me! http://www.valdelsa.com.au/products.html Unfortunately I suspect it's the fungus, though. [:(]  Not so exciting. [/quote] Who's to say that the marinated squid/octopus isn't really the fungus.  Looks a lot like it! The pong might give the game away. 
  10. It looks like a fungus "clathrus archeri" introduced into Europe from southern asia about 40 years ago. This link is one version.  http://www.mykoweb.com/CAF/species/Clathrus_archeri.html
  11. [quote user="robbie"][quote]it would allow the cavity between liner and chimney to fill with smoke.[/quote] it is the cavity which I wonder about and if there is anything I can do. I suppose I could seal the liner at the bottom, but what with and would the liner be adequate for an open fire as it will be a more reduced area than the old chimney, but then as you say, if it is sealed at the top then the only working area anyway is going to be the liner....... I do think it will probably be fine whether I seal at the bottom or not. If there is any leak of smoke from the old chimney, we would soon see/smell it I suppose... [/quote]  My only additional thought is whether you will have sufficient draught for an open fire through the reduced diameter of the liner.  We had a problem with smoke coming into the room initially with our open fire even with the full volume chimney and in the end had to fit a copper canopy at the top of the fireplace.  Anyway good luck with your fire.   
  12. We changed from open fire to woodburner two years ago - great decision!! Our liner is sealed at the top and cemented centrally in the chimney and at the bottom with a heat resistant plate/board. So although your previous owners may have removed the lower sealing  the liner may well be sealed at the top. Not that I know if that would be significant although it would allow the cavity between liner and chimney to fill with smoke.
  13. [quote user="Jane and Danny"][quote user="cooperlola"] It's that bl**din' hairdresser again! http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/main.jhtml?xml=/news/2007/12/15/wexpat115.xml Typical, even though I emphasised the point about 20 times, our healthcare under the state system was still "free" I notice. Humph. Get posting on the feedback, and point out that it isn't, please! [/quote] Am I the only who can't see any mention of "free" health care in the article? Has it been changed? or am I totally blind? Danny [/quote] The article has been updated at 11.42am. This paragraph previously said "free french health care" -- "Whereas expatriates would, under the old system, then automatically be covered by French health care, they will now have to wait a further two-and-a-half years before qualifying."  
  14. [quote user="cooperlola"] Get posting on the feedback, and point out that it isn't, please! [/quote]  Already posted, but there are quite a few of uninformed responses there.
  15. Presumably as with a camping car of similar size you need an emissions check in alternate years.
  16. You and me both. Ever since I had to attend a meeting in Germany many years ago. Our main local supplier is LIDL.
  17. Our lounge is about  30sq.m. and above is a mezzanine about 50sq.m. Height from lounge floor to mezzanine ceiling is about 8 m.  Until last year we had an open fire down stairs which was great for the lounge but struggled a bit with the hot/cold air circulation between lounge and mezzanine.  We had considered a large fan but never got round to it. We now have a Jotul 500 woodburner in the lounge which has a nominal output of 11Kw, to replace the open fire.  Compared to the open fire heat output has gone up dramatically coupled with a significant reduction in wood consumption. Lounge and mezzanine are both comfortably heated - mezzanine helped by the huge storage heater that is the chimney breast, with no problems from cold air anywhere.  The icing on the cake was the tax rebate on installation of the poele. [:)] PS. Should perhaps have said that lounge floor is terracotta tiles, mezzanine is wood . All walls are stone and mezzanine ceiling is insulated.  
  18. [quote user="Bugbear"]Amber means STOP.[/quote] .......unless you cannot do so safely -- Un feu jaune fixe signifie aux conducteurs de véhicules interdiction de franchir la ligne d’effet du signal. Cette interdiction ne joue pas dans le cas où, à l’allumage du feu jaune, le conducteur ne peut plus arrêter son véhicule dans des conditions de sécurité suffisante avant la ligne d’effet du signal.
  19. Chas

    Mince meat

    [quote user="jetlag"] Hi Londoneye Our local Super U had sweet mince for making mince pies on their English section (although since the refit, not seen any English products!!)  Jetlag 17 [/quote] If that was Gemozac it has now been reinstated in one of the main aisles near the checkouts.
  20. Look at J3 at this link - a very useful site for the road user. http://www1.securiteroutiere.gouv.fr/signaux/famille.asp?sFamille=18&sSFamille=0  
  21. [quote user="Cat"] I found it using Google maps.  Whilst trying to find out more about it I came across this http://www.davidrumsey.com/detail?id=1-1-28556-1120444&name=La+Charente. Whatever it is now, in 1827 it was a park. [/quote] Found that as well. Also geoportail.fr gives a more detailed picture - better magnification but no clue to what it is. Looks a bit like one of those rotating arms at a (albeit large) station d'epuration. If on geoportail you overlay the mapon the picture it is marked as "les long sillons" - long furrows?? Sorry Sid didn't catch your post before i burst into print
  22. Our experience with both the builder and carpenter that we used on moving into our house some seven years ago was that far from seeking a deposit it was difficult to get them to come up with a final bill.  Both were local tradesmen and came highly recommended by our neighbour.  We offered a deposit but got a "we have done no work yet, why should you give us money" type of response. Estimates were comprehensive and offered a choice of solutions for some of the work.  It was a while before we were slotted into the programme but once started work progressed until completion, with no undue delays. Our main concern then was that despite our queries it was some months before the bills were presented. Both brought the bill personally and we sat down over a drink to go through it and write the cheque for payment. In the case of the carpenter he also brought us a very nice bottle of St Emilion because he thought we would like it. Perhaps we were lucky, but having heard some horror stories it was for us a great introduction to France and a good experience all round. [:D]
  23. Did you not get a devis before the job?  That is the time to query the price.  If not then you may be in trouble,  although he ought to be able to substantiate the costs.
  24. Here's a dessert that may be of interest!! [:D] http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/main.jhtml?xml=/news/2007/11/09/wdessert109.xml
  25. [quote user="Khazi"] Blimey!  Something for nothing. I'd better get on with it, then. Thanks all. Chris [/quote] Not necessarily.  Most departments charge a fee, in our case in 17 it was €25!
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