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  1. All our information before we moved was that it was not possible to register a UK motorhome in France - mainly because the "caravan" door was on the wrong side.  We sold before we moved and have subsequently bought a replacement over here. However a couple of years ago, in the old forum, someone managed to register with no problems. Perhaps they will pick up on your post and give more info. It is certainly worth checking at your local prefecture before selling. 
  2. Try this link and get digging! http://www.petanque.org/building/340.shtml Chas
  3. "Le Monde du Camping Car" is a very informative camping car magazine. The camping cars at the smaller end of the market are called fourgons in France. Here are a few links which you may find useful:- http://www.campereve.net http://www.used-motorhome.com http://www.niort-camping-car.com http://www.destinea.com We sold our English camper before moving in 2000 and bought second hand in France last year.  We found plenty of choice and prices are reasonable. Performance and running costs will of course depend on the model you settle on - like anything else you get what you pay for. Unlike cars camping cars require a control technique every year. They are classed as camions and the alternate year check is for exhaust emissions. Good luck with your search   Chas  
  4. [quote]It would appear that in the Vienne everyone who has just paid taxe foncieres is now being asked to visit the Hotel des Impots and discuss their tax situation generally if they are not already paying i...[/quote] Similar thing happened to us in 17. We had a very pleasant meeting with a lady at hotel des impots as a result of which we had to fill in two forms. They were, I think,  basic 2043 and the 2047 for income earned abroad - pensions in our case.  We have just received notice that no additional tax is due Chas   
  5. Chas

    Hedging plants

    Around us, in 17, most garden centres and larger supermarkets seem to have them in at this time of year. We have just bought 80 1 metre tall Laurier @ €2.30, in pots, from Carrefour. They have been planted for about two weeks now and are doing fine.  Chas
  6. Hope you will forgive me for being slightly off the original question. Our property is not let and we are permanent residents. At the beginning of the year we opted for a cover as our pool security system and are pleased with it. However it has to go back to the pool supplier to have a manufacturing defect rectified and they have offered us an aquapremium pool alarm to remain within the law.  Although an alarm is permitted as a stand alone system my understanding is that it should be possible to respond to the alarm within three minutes. In which case what happens if the house is unoccupied - say for a visit to the shops etc?  Has anyone who has an alarm as the sole source of security any views on this? Chas 
  7. Our Mairie certainly has them available but we had an extract showing our plots (with full dimensions) and the neighbouring plots attached to all the papers we got from the notaire on completion
  8. Couldn't reach them Friday and still no success today. Sorry no helpful information. If I find anything I'll post it Chas
  9. Large, ex military airport - big enough to do a series of trials with airbus 300's earlier this year. 
  10. [quote]New exercise routine if you are over 40 you might want to take it easy at first then do it faster as you become more proficient. It may be too strenuous for some. Always consult a Doctor before starti...[/quote] Ouch! Sprained my scrolling finger, must be too old.  I shall resort to plan B. When You feel the urge to exercise just sit quietly in a darkened room and watch an old Rosemary Conley video until the feeling goes away
  11. [quote]Can anyone put me straight as to when the cheap rate electricity kicks in? And any advice on how to get the best value out of these on-the-wall heating jobbies through the winter?[/quote] Our "heures creuses" hours are shown on the bottom of the electricity bill - 0230-0730 and 1330-1630
  12. Ours came off the market when we signed the compromis - which was actually the day we made our second (is this really for us) visit. We went back to the immobiliere and he did the compromis that evening and we signed. The next day he got the vendors signatures and we took copies back with us to UK. There was almost nothing left when we moved in, just a very nice wooden cupboard and large chiming clock in the kitchen. The seller said they were left only because they were plastered in to the wall, and if we ever decided we didn't want them could she have first refusal. Buying french plugs and changing them is the only real answer. However in the short term three or four UK extension leads which will get you going by changing only one plug per lead is what we did. Having said that we are now four years on and I still have some power tools which have three pin plugs on them. Good luck with the purchase and the move. Chas
  13. You must have missed the Welsh weekend in Mortagne last August. It was to celebrate the unveiling, by a member of the Welsh Assembly (Minister of Culture I think), of a memorial to Owain Lawgoch - Owain of the Red Hand. He was the last prince of the Royal House of Gwynedd and was assassinated by an English spy in 1378 whilst leading his band of mercenaries to help the French retake Mortagne from the English. There were a large number of Welsh visitors including singers and dancers who were put up by local residents - English as well as French. The weekend was reported in local and UK press and was considered an outstanding success. The only failure was that the lorry containing the Welsh beer did not arrive having been impounded by French customs. The weekend is to be repeated on a smaller scale on 7 & 8 August this year. There is some historical information at http://www.cambriamagazine.com/prince.htm Chas (Anglais and Mortagnais)
  14. Thanks for the offer. Emailed today 3 July
  15. www.meteo123.com gives a regularly updated ten day forecast Chas
  16. Have you tried searching on line in pages blanches Chas
  17. Chas

    Vets on Saturdays

    LAST EDITED ON 15-May-04 AT 07:31 AM (BST) Not sure if they are open on Saturday but a couple of phone numbers which you can try are: Drs Gobert and Lebon in Cozes - 05 46 90 81 01. They are next to the roundabout at the entrance to the village on the Royan road, and both speak English. We use them and have been happy with the service. Dr Agasse is listed in the pages jaune in Gemozac - O5 46 94 63 61. I will check opening times next time we are passing, probably this afternoon for Gemozac. Chas just discovered that if you forget the space between : and D you get a smiley!
  18. Hi There Topside is "Tende de Tranche". It has been one of our more succesful ventures into local cuts of beef. Happy roasting Chas
  19. Link should read "securite" but once you get there the info is good Chas
  20. > >Interviews will take place at >the rate of one a >month, starting in May. > >And probably finishing in June! Glad to see you take an optimistic view! Chas
  21. Hi There Yes they are available. I use them and am told that they definitely help. Both Carrefour and Leclerc in Saintes sell the French version. I can't remember the brand name but the item is "bandalettes nasales". Also the parapharmacie in Leclerc (Saintes) sells the UK version under the "Breathe Right" brand name. The parapharmacie also sells a throat spray called "Solurone" which helps. Sleep quiet Chas
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