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  1. Hi Dave   I was really interested to look at your photos as it looks identical to what we need to do.My OH has already made the steel bracket to support the blocks again very much similiar to yours.So my question is: What inner flue pipe did you use within the blockwork and did you use any insulation within the blockwork?   Thanks in advance Jacqui
  2. Hi For your headlights try this link:   http://www.pieceauto-discount.com/index.php   I found them much cheaper than the ebay store for our Galaxy headlights and they deliver to France or the Uk and the difference was 3 euros dearer to the UK. Good luck   Jacqui      
  3. Hi I have found this the other day, its for residence secondaires and it can be suspended upto 6 times a year,it seems really flexible, and the beauty is that it looks like you can activate it from home before you go by typing in your phone number and then a confidential code, so that it will be all on, for when you arrive.All for 16 euros a month!! http://www.agence.francetelecom.com/mx/?tp=F&ref=3500&IDCible=1&type=3&sv=5-186389_B Regards   Jacqui  
  4. Hi I hired one in the summer and it is une dameuse and we paid 30euros for a full day and 15euros for half a day Jacqui
  5. [B]Cheers for all your advice   Jacqui
  6. Thanks Pierre and Ogleflakes I do need concrete when I re read my post I would have advised self levelling ,we have a 4inch level going down to a 2 inch level to make up so definately concrete. Thanks for the posts guys, now I have to be brave enough to phone around and ask if they supply it!!! Cheers Jacqui
  7. Hi everyone I have been following this thread and I really need ready mix to level a floor- can you please tell me the french term for ready mix concrete. We are in the Haute Vienne by Magnac Laval if anyone has any suppliers I would be most grateful Thanks Jacqui
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