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  1. I'm sorry that I'm not being politically correct but many people have chosen France as their home and then bang on about how great it is that the U.K have got the Olympics. WHY????  
  2. I live in France and I wish Paris had got it.( Though I think Chirac is a twit!) Where was Blair when manchester tried to get the Olympics (no, I'm not from up North)?  
  3. I live in France and I wish Paris had got it.( Though I think Chirac is a twit!) Where was Blair when manchester tried to get the Olympics (no, I'm not from up North)?  
  4. Thanks for that. I'm not good at electrics ( uk or French) . I have bought U.K lampshades ( from NEXT)   as they seem very expensive / ugly here) Is there any way I can fit them?
  5. We have light sockets that I have never seen before. I'll decribe them as best I can. Thin flat plastic circle on ceiling which has a hook (?) . There is a plastic bulb holder attachment which has a small plastic rectangle 'box' on the side - the bulb holder clips into the thing on ceiling.  I know that the attachment can be quickly transformed by removing it and turning it inside out or something so it can hold a strip light, although it doesn't look strong enough to me. The bulb holder does not unscrew to (securely) hold a lampshade as in the U.K.     Are these designed to have lampshades? Do I need to by any other attachments?  
  6. we had our house built supposedly through a franchise of a reputable company...If only I knew then what I know now!! 1. Check for hidden surprises - assurance D.O, can come as a surprise and its not always obvious who pays for it! 2. Make sure that all subcontractors are contracted by the builder and not yourself ( the builder pays them and you pay the builder- keeps some distance between you) 3. Ask for detailed invoices - know exactly what you are paying for ( our factures were often vague) 4.If any invoice - facture comes in higher than the estimate, then make sure that the builder takes responsibility for the shortfall and not yourself. 5. If at all possible, check the work before you make any staged payment...do not trust your builder / project manager. 6. be a kingsize pain in the ar*se...they will take advantage if you let them!
  7. We have had conflicting advice from the electrician and his mate about which particular socket we should use for the cooker. Is there anyway of knowing? We do have one socket that has two  wires ( two red, two yellow and two blue) wired to the socket unlike the others which has just one red, yellow, blue wire, but it is clearly connected to another socket ( if I move the wires the other wires move!!!)
  8. We used et brokers- you can find them on the internet. You pay them a small fee ( I think it was £10.) and they find a removal company for you. They saved us an absolute fortune and the company that eventually moved our stuff were fantastic. 
  9.   Help! New built house - new electrics etc. Electrician wired the ceramic hotplate directly to a flat plastic thing on the wall ( don't know technical term but similar to U.K) This works fine. The built in oven, (which we are now about to use for the first time) the electrician fitted a plug to the cable. It looks like a solid type of plug - but I can't understand why this is and if it's ok. Also, how can we tell which socket we should use for this plug? will we blow a fuse or several if we get it wrong?
  10. Oooh you had me going then , you little monkey!
  11. I've had a new house built through a franchise of a well known French company, and no one has given me a certificate!  
  12. Purple carrots? What are doing TU, beating them up?
  13. Could it be that its easier to transfer from one countries system to another? Immediately before I left the U.K I was unemployed ( I wasn't entitled to any dosh, because I'd left my job to move to France and therefore had made my self unemployed) but I was told that had I been in receipt of JSA, I would have been supplied with whatever paperwork I needed to claim similar in France.  
  14. I bet she looked as though she had massacred someone by the time she'd finished! BTW I think its brilliant the way these topics digress.
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