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  1. Thanks Rob Roy, thats good to hear. The man that is training me does a lot of work in donkey sanctuaries in Cypress and Portugal so that would be a nice thing for me to get involved with. Im planning a visit at the end of July to look for houses and plan to move permanently in about a year.
  2. I am soon to be a qualified Equine dentist and am planning to move to the Limousin area. Is there much call for dentistry in that and surrounding areas?
  3. jayjaymac

    Home Care

    Thanks Christine...very helpful. I have checked out your site too and we'll be looking for another dog when we come over. We already have a Rottie bitch. She's gorgeous. Regards Jen
  4. jayjaymac

    Home Care

    Apologies if this subject has already been covered, but could anyone tell me if there is such a thing as "Home Care" in France. I have a friend who has an elderly wife and is thinking of moving to France. At the moment he gets some assistance with his wife with dressing etc. Is there such a thing in France, in particular, the Central area??   Jen   
  5. Hi, My husband and I (sounds very regal!!;-) are planning to move to the Limousin area towards the end of the year. We have to sell our house first and so have not come over house-hunting, although I'm continually glued to the net, looking at whats about. I am hoping to bring my gelding over and am wondering what facilities there are available in the Limousin area? Also whether feed and hay are easy to obtain? There is also the question of farriers and vets? Can anyone advise me, even though I don't yet know exactly where we'll be!!
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