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  1. Frenchie , cooie........ are u there? How is it all going ? I had a peak at your house in the other post it looks lovely. Are you happy? Are you sleeping? I was wondering if we could all volunteer a guest list of suitable names for your house warming party "your insomniacs guest list"!!! A rubbish starter perhaps Mr & Mrs Will U Sleep and their son ...??? come on gardengirl,sweet17 or anyone can you think of a funny?????
  2. Proof of the puddin is the eating - try it! We have that info Gondrin as well, but not about the black smoke!!! but tried poplar after we had it under cover for 12 months (well dried) and we found it burned adequately it gave off good heat - burnt a bit on the quick side and noticed nothing different to our usual as regards yuk on the front glass, and if its free - what the heck!!!
  3. Today still no tax or social charges, so went to tax office. I wont bore you with details( see postbag insomniacs post!! trying to bore folk to sleep!!) Simply they say its lost , so gave them copies and they say we will receive all in January . So thank you for everyone's help/ advice.Streuth! Wish we could speak the language could not even think of the word to ask if we will get a find. Does anyone think I should write and explain our visit today ( err get a French friend to write it)?? Advice appreciated.Phew
  4. Sorry that I missed you gardengirl- I had to take a serious sleeping pill cos I was off today to the treasury again (last time we thought all was OK on their computer but another person looked and said yes all was well we were on the system but not for 2008!!- so much for us thinking we had understood) and then to the income tax office with hubby and dictionary!!- so stressed, if only we could speak French .It's so **** frustrating we have always owned up to everything and recently I have come across a number of people living in this area I will use the term "fraudulently" ducking and diving not registered for tax, not declaring unearned income so many deliberate attempts!!! I suppose I am just feeling sorry for us, getting in a pickle. Well, you all might laugh at this but off to tax office we went with a note explaining in French (kindly written by a French friend who speaks some English) that we simply had received nothing after filling declaration and delivering it by hand. Took a copy of all papers that had been declared. sat in office explained all (I actually felt faint !! wimp)he disappeared for a while and returned with a big grin and just enough English to say not to worry it looks lost, he took a copy of all papers and said we will get returns back in January with the Social charges also. I so desperately was trying to find the words to ask will we get a fine, but could not see it in the dictionary, ended up by using words totally inappropriate , when we left it came to me the word I should have used was penalty!! Chatted with a French estate agent friend she was convinced there would be no penalty as my situation was not unusual , she said the problem would be if we had not gone to tax office because the lack of declaration would mean it would not generate another for next year and so on.Some people she said do not tell them and when an incident occurs or a sale it all catches up with you plus penalty.!! We asked the man to write his name at the tax office is there anything else we should do as the fault is with them . He did advise and wrote on a paper -: "declaration d'impot sur le revenue en recommande avec aceuse reception" difficult to read, could some one tell me just what he's wrote please. What a stress, I feel proper poorly!! I am ready for the kettle on now gardengirl!!!
  5. Lacote- this is why I thought it of interest it has just been re issued Oct 2009, is it really a mistake or a deliberate change by the NHS. Like you I thought it was different. It was sent to me as a link- I thought pdf files as such were secure ! and could not be tampered with.
  6. Phew, it looks like we all slept well, thanks Sweet 17- you tired us all out ,thinking!! I wonder how Frenchie is getting on with her move? Frenchie,when is the house warming party????????????? can we all come?!!! Groan, still no Impot!!!!
  7. I hope I have understood that this link is a revised edition it states Oct 2009. I hope it's useful. http://www.dh.gov.uk/prod_consum_dh/groups/dh_digitalassets/documents/digitalasset/dh_107242.pdf Help, I cant get access using this link that I was sent - and I cant find this apparently new pdf on the dhss site. The pdf file is headed and dates Oct2009 Entitlement to Free NHS Hospital Treatment by Non-Resident UK Citizens This leaflet has been compiled to explain the entitlement requirements for free NHS hospital treatment in the UK for Non-Resident UK Citizens. Sorry, hope some one can sort it.!
  8. How about a couple of suitcases by the door with a few clothes in so should they call on speck you say look our cases are packed we are off in 10 mins, if they say they will stay and look after house use the "insurance trick" = "insurers dont allow people to stay unless we are are here, special French policy!!" Sorted!!!!! yes, mumps, especially if they have a lappy and you can send a pic, that is depending if you have a programme where you can stretch or shrink by dragging a point on the body = the mumps glands. Send me a couple of pics and I will do it for you. Having racked brain I might sleep well tonight.!!
  9. Crikey gardengirl you are not sleeping so well.!!!Are you OK? Those Euph.... (forgotten how to spell it!!) need taking regular before they kick in and allows you to "chill out"! Do you sleep in the day to make up your lack of sleep? Do you root and toot on your computer to pass the time - what do you do? Me I try and learn how to get more out of my lappy try searching in google for computeractive and webuser for a start- they have fab free downloads that are safe, anyone got any other good ones - perhaps if you dont like them it will bore you to sleep!! OOP's forgot - do you want porridge this morning or toast-tea?
  10. Krusty, if I registered on line so I could see the Impot for revenue will it default me in to only doing my impot on line next year or will I have a choice.Prefer not to do declaration on line - I'm a wimp!!
  11. Mornin again! yes, slept for4hrs ish, dont think I will try going to sleep after 2 mugs of coffe again, I feel "icky" this morning! but pleased to see the office tidy, But where the heck is our Impot des Revenues!! Our post office lady I spoke with yesterday hasn,t had hers yet and she needs it for the bank!!! who are requesting it as regards her loan. Phew, I felt better when I heard that. Small matter my impot when I hear of u suffering Gardengirl and your back Frenchie, health is soooooo important. Speak tonight, maybe?
  12. Errrr.... mornin all, anyone awake.? I've decided to do the paperwork/filing. Stupidly I made a "proper coffee" with all the decaf , so I am now hyper!!!!!!!! better half is in bed asleep.WoolyB where are you in your travels? I don't know why but I presume you do not sleep a big lot, you seem to be buzzin, yes, no? I could regret saying this!!!!! Edit- Now 3:09 finished sorting all receipts etc etc, off to bed - goodnight!
  13. EDITED -Thanks gardengirl, should ther be a link where u say "here". Frenchie-" feeling chipper" for me means "feeling well," its a bit of an old fashioned way of speech, I think.! The tax thingy is the green paper (No 1534) Impot sur les revenus. We went into the treasury 2 weeks ago and they looked on line and said all was well nothing to pay.But even when we have nothing to pay we usuall get that green form with details des revenus on. We delivered by hand - not done on line.
  14. Mornin all.Frenchie , garden girl and all others that are about. You sound chipper Frenchie hope u are on the mend.Just had the porridge & Tea and took some to bed for better half, that means I should have earned loads of brownie points today!!!!!!!! it was appreciated -errr even though I woke him up. I see in a UK paper its not PC to say Evenin all , maybe "mornin all" not politiaclly correct either. DCR (don't care really!!) Just need the impot to arrive so I can stop taking the Euphytose.!!!!
  15. Oh my gawd!!! no not yet but another English person in our area has just received his on the Friday just gone. So I am still flappin, to say the least but it appears we are not alone.
  16. Wow, slept like a log till 5.30 (I remembered to alter the clocks, thanks Claire) , no hubby in bed!!!!!!! went down stairs to find him watching the motor bike races!! he had stayed up all night so as to put the video on!! but fell asleep and missed the first half !!!! men!, dont you just luv em.So I took breakfast back to bed and managed not to spill the porridge!! .Sorry to have missed the natter this morning. Gardengirl I pm'd u
  17. Scooby, I have just put a bowl of porridge and a mug of Tea on the table for you.Hope you get back off to sleep Frenchie.
  18. Mornin all, missed 2 hits on my homoeopathy pills, so it could be the reason I have not slept much in the night , well, so I tell myself! How exciting Frenchie moving house.Do you feel quite organized? Tea , coffee perhaps porridge this morning Frenchie?anyone else want porridge? Brrr lit the fire for the first time last night so its feeling warm and cosy here this morning, a few embers ticking over.
  19. Panicking!!!!!!!! We still have not had ours yet. Anyone else without still, we handed it in at the Impot into the special box for the Impot at their office so it cant have got lost in the post to them!
  20. Gardengirl,hope all went well yesterday.Do tell other half from me that its a must that you are given loads of TLC.
  21. Maybe this is worth a try? The email adress is now dgfip ( pour direction generale des finances publiques ) and not dgi . [email protected] I found it in an old post. MKB
  22. Mornin Frenchie,what have you been doing to give yourself a bad back? when it goes cold we get dodgy knees. Amazing the weather here in the SW, night before last went to minus one degrees, last night we sat out and had a BBQ till midnight,temp read 18 degrees. Have poked my head outside just now and its raining and feels warm,weird.Hope the back rights itself.MBK OOp's forgot to ask, would you like tea or coffee?
  23. Byee, gardengirl hope you have a good trip. Good morning Frenchie, Anyone for porridge?Brrrr its frosty here this morning.
  24. Gardengirl, good to hear you had a bit more sleep. Again I slept like a log. I am wondering how long to keep taking these pills, until the tub of 120 (1 pill 3 times a day before a meal) is empty? Cant begin to try and understand the instructions!. Only what the doc said and thats in English, our Belge doc speaks English like a native-phew. Frenchie, sorry I could not take you up on the tea, next time ,perhaps.
  25. Yipee- the pills worked !!Slept right through the night. First time in 2 months.Hubby brought me breakfast in bed. Will feel guilty all day! Keep taking the pills gardengirl!
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