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  1. Eureka!!!!!!!!!!!! Our Impot arrived yesterday (22/12/09).I was so panicked to open it. No penalty and no Impot,phew. Will now be in a worry till Social charges arrive and see if there is a penalty on that. To backtrack ...we delivered by hand direct into the Impot the day before deadline day as we always do..when we went to office to query it months ago they shrugged and said its lost!!but were full of smiles and said "dont worry, we will send it now we have your copy, perhaps January".
  2. Thank you very much for the info. Cant quite spot where its specific in regards exit of flue/bounderies adjoining property. Can anyone spot this. Err thats if its applicable but in my original post the one I quoted seemed to refer to this!
  3. Richard.. how do you rate this new info just released , it fixes a few issues!I could be tempted. http://www.chromeplus.org/
  4. Yes Richard its brill used it for ages.The only bummer is that you have dead smilies, some TV progs and certain attributes insist they only work with firefox or Explorer. When that happens a quick switch over to that browser works well.Oh, and I use CCleaner once a week but make sure you un click cookies , if you dont then all your saved passwords go!!!
  5. Thank you (January 2008) clarksinfrance wrote..see below but my question is can someone direct me to the actual French regs site. Friends who live on a terrace are going down the cheap and cheerful route of having diy friends help remove old woodburner and replace with a little bricomarche woodburner,The wall alcove is a party wall, where the burner is going ,they hope to add from below the chimney liner like stacking blocks one on top of another until it gets to top of chimney!!! until they see it in black and white that there are rules especially it being terraced, I worry that it will be dangerous for all..Quote below. There are many regulations concerning the exit of the flue, such as distance to boundaries, roofs, neighbours, height etc,...Thanks. Quote -old post= Firstly it is not always necessary (it certainly isn't law) to have a flexible flue liner. If the chimney is in a sound condition, it will suffice, this must be checked by a competent installer. If you use a flexible flue-liner, make sure it is of the variety for multi-fuel/woodburning fires, not the type for gas. It is necessary to have a solid pipe to connect the woodburner to a flexible liner, this can be stainless steel or enamelled but must be 1mm thick steel. Any joints need female end to point skyward, and male end downwards (no sniggering); this keeps the condensates in the flue. Yes a register plate should be fitted, be it for an open chimney, or flexible flue liner. An access point for easy sweeping should be incorporated to the configuration. If your woodburner has a rear exit (not on top) 150mm is the maximum horizontal run allowed. Never reduce the flue size, (it is against the law/normes/directives/standards and will give an insurance company an easy "out" if any problems arise); it is always preferable to use the same size flue, as hole in the woodburner, its what it has been designed to use. It is permissable to go up in size, providing there is enough draw in the liner. (This depends on dozens of criteria). Flue or chimney must be swept twice a year, once during the burning season. Do not have more than 2 bends in a flue (preferable no more than 22.5 degrees, maximum allowed 45 degrees). There are many regulations concerning the exit of the flue, such as distance to boundaries, roofs, neighbours, height etc, a competent, qualified installer will be able to explain these regs. An installation plate must be fitted near the appliance, with certin info such as how many bends, type of construction, name address of installer and 1 or 2 other things. Room must have adequate ventilation. Metal flue liners are deemed to last 10 years, but a poorly fitted one can last as little as 4, (as someone on a French forum can testify to recently) the condensates are very corrosive.
  6. gardenirl are u there? ..... Maybe sleeping over ? Fingers crossed your getting a good nights sleep. Good morning sweet 17. Are you watching the news, a bit depressing, 'strewth, I suppose only bad news makes the news. MBK
  7. Sounds like your all wired up now with internet....welcome home Frenchie! Hope you feel better in the morning. I went to bed too early had a wonderful deep sleep wide awake now.Just watdhed a good TV The door to door sales man... flitting between the whisperers a black and white film.... I wonder if this would be allowed now.. in the end titles for the Indian doctor he was called the Negro doctor.. seems strange.
  8. Is that it!!!!!!!!! I would choose a funny face but I cant do that either with Chrome !!!.... shucks.. I thought u were the one with geek brains!! For that ... I will make you wake up at precisely 3.30 in the early hrs, it would be funny if you did !!!!!!! do let us know on the insomniacs if its worked the auto suggestion .... 3.30..dont forget!!! oh, happy Christmas and a prosperous new year... am I the first?
  9. OOerrr, I have missing all the same .. I use Google Chrome .... any advice please....I wont budge off Google Chrome though!!!! Its so quick and easy but..... thanks
  10. I caught only the highlights but it seemed to refer to renovations but also I think you are not taxed on the income quite the same? possibly. Surely someone here could enlighten us,it does not effect me but I just like to know about these things. Edited.... this is an old link from when it was first mooted, but explains more than I knew before!!! http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/business/8013022.stm
  11. Does it effect many of you here ? Listening to the news this morning again the UK government are trying to get much needed money, they are proposing that UK self catering tax breaks to owners in UK are to be abolished because (so they say!!) it could be breaking UE rules.MBK
  12. Good to hear Frenchie, great to hear that you had a good sleep GG. If the cafes open I have an urge fora bacon butty...... dont know where that idea came from!!!!!! and a mug of tea please. looks like rain all day with us. MBK
  13. OOp's GG , I thought you were all Zzzzzzzzzzz, thats why I didn't offer Tea all round. I must have been writing the post as yours arrived ahead of me, sorry! Weather here a bit damp and windy,but not cold.
  14. Sounds a good idea (just had a peak at the site), but then for me personally if I slept like a log every night I would lose those extra hrs I have exploring whats out there on the internet and learning how to create websites from scratch ,and etc, etc,etc. In the day time its more "us" doing things but if its raining or late at night its "me" "me" time!!! There are some fab free edit picture progs out there.. at last I can put an embedded decent watermark copyright sign across my pictures on the internet..for free.Another niggle solved .MBK
  15. Sorry,GG but ZZZZzzzzzzz when u wrote. Do hope you are well settled again in your nest. Have u written all your Christmas cards yet? I feel a bit mean but we are cutting down again on cards/ stamps , just too costly. We will email lots out and where we can we will put a few in one envelope to be given out by our friends in UK to our mutual friends. MBK
  16. Hello all, hope you have a good trip home GG. How spooky is that, our daughter from day of arrival needed very little sleep ( hence only one sprog!!) its in the jeans ,err no its in the genes!!! (thanks spell check!). I think a lot of us are in for a windy day looking at the forcast , and not food related- guts!!- what about the figure... is it good sweet17?
  17. We just buy one Euro lottery ticket a week and think....... what if...? First time for a while I didn't drink coffee at about 8pm because our French neighbour wagged her finger banged her heart to try I think to explain it was making me hyper before trying to sleep and guess what.. I slept like a log with not having the coffee.. perhaps. Do check out the new Google translate bit ,, amazing its had a big revamp this last week..it even speaks to you and they hope to extend the speaking bit to incorporate more languages and it translates all French Government sites excellent ...
  18. Hope you enjoy the xmas markets ,why not post some pics here, so we can all see the Xmas markets, especially if they have a Christmas tree up.Sad you are not staying longer but I am sure everyone is hoping you are having a great time whilst here. Off back to bed, with yet another cup of T!!
  19. Anyone for Tea? OOer Frenchie will be wrapped up in her red blanket watching Telly. The Christmas village hall dances will start soon. (Not in French talking mood, sorry)Have any started in your area's yet? Do you go? Well worth going, we always make new French friends, we make sure there is never more than 4 of us, but often just us 2 go, someone always puts us under their wing, its brill.
  20. Good morning Cathy , gardengirl and any one else that up already. I think I have just had an awful realization and that is "we are all twittering". I have been trying to understand this"Twitter" thing and quite honestly can't understand its advantage for someone that lets say has a shop selling cards and prints. Can someone enlighten me or have I got the gist if I say "its a form of general chit chat like what we are all doing now " or is it more . I have gone on the search engies and asked the question but it seems so long winded in their explanation and I dont grasp what I have read. Blog's yes, I understand that especially after following woolybanana's adventures.
  21. Changing the subject dramatically, sorry. We have been watching Morecambe and Wise on U tube especially enjoyed Andre Previn (who was 80 this year, where has the time gone!),http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vP8TUe993uo&feature=related or just search it on google. Watched Tommy Cooper, Bernard Manning etc, wow, hasn't time changed - a bit risky some of the jokes.Enjoy. Thats if you cant sleep.Goodnight
  22. Good morning garden girl, Cathy ,Cluzo,. Ooo Cathy I would like to watch strickly c..d... but Bruce Forsyth makes my teeth itch , fortunetly hubby has same taste!!I am sure its repeated on one of its sister channels at the beeb on the TV mid week. Just popping the kettle on - who wants T? Do hope Frenchie is nearly sorted with her connection to ADSL.
  23. I have been to sleep,surprisingly any one for T the kettles just boiled? Fingers crossed your all sleeping well. French people that were with us last night say "us" English drink far too much Tea and coffee, I think they might be right!
  24. Just said goodbye to folk ... we had a sing song and loads of coffee.... can't even think about sleep , any one for a "proper coffee" and a natter?
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